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Great hike!! Definitely prepare to sweat but was well worth the views!

3 days ago

If you like a physical challenge, you'll enjoy the Grouse Grind Trail. If you like to appreciate the scenery while you're hiking, you may not. Hiking the trail is as strenuous as advertised, the footing is tricky enough that you have to watch where you're walking nearly the entire time, and the trail is narrow enough and busy enough that it's not always easy to just stop and look around. The nearby BCMC trail provides an easier, if slightly longer, hike up the side of Grouse Mountain.

All of that said, this is one of the most fun hikes I've done in a while. Having a cold Molson (or other adult beverage) at the top of the mountain while taking in the views of Vancouver is a nice bonus, too!

4 days ago

Went down after going up the grind. Hard on the joints but well worth it.

4 days ago

It's a rite of passage for anyone who likes hiking, took us 2 hours with lots of stops. Beautiful trail though. Very busy

Yes I recorded about 8.2 (round trip) miles from the parking lot .

The grouse grind redefines swamp ass. It’s just you against yourself in this race against your own heart beat and heavy breathing....and sweat drenched attire. Enjoy!

Did it! A little longer than it took me 5 years ago. But I did it.

Amazing view, and great workout! but bring bug spray and lots of water.

on BCMC Trail

10 days ago

Excellent, completed in early evening wasn’t busy and not as hot as during day

One of the best hikes!!!

Did the grind then this trail. Had difficulty finding the ridge trail after the summit but the summit was beautiful. Great view! On the trail, bugs we're only bad if you stopped. None at the summit.

13 days ago

Great and hard workout. Perfect view from the top!

Beautiful at the top with 360 degree views. Correctly categorized as hard. This hike is definitely longer than the description says, for what it’s worth, my Garmin watch says 14k from the parking lot.

15 days ago

Moderately difficult hike. Steep with some easy scrambling required near the top. Going up is easier than coming down due to the many loose rocks, especially in the first third of the trail. Took under an hour and half to hike up to top but a little over an hour and half to descend because concentration on foot placement is needed to avoid slipping. Good workout and doesn’t take too long. Started around 8am on a Sunday morning. No one at the top except myself. Quite a few people going up as I was descending but not as many as you would find on the more popular hikes.

16 days ago

Went on a weekday and it wasn't very crowded. Really likes the woods and the view from the top. Went at a slow pace and didn't find it hard.

16 days ago

I loved this trail. If u are looking for a challenging hike and peaceful. This is good for you!

17 days ago

This hike will defiently test your cardiovascular system. its steep and rugged terrain of which your constantly gaining elevation. Only 1 good viewpoint which is the lookout. However when I went Vancouver was covered in haze. I did this hike as a prep for golden ears. I would defiently do it again to keep my lungs in check. Took me 2 hrs 20 min up and 1 hr 10 min down.

trail running
17 days ago

Perfect for workout at the end of the day ! Best is to cycle to go up there

18 days ago

Hardest 1.9 miles I've ever done.

Great workout!!! It was pretty hard for me!
But still fun!

21 days ago

completed this twice in a day. great hike

Steep trail. Great workout and amazing views at the top. Tons of bugs especially horse flies half way through the hike. The hike itself wasn’t too exciting. Trail was easy to follow. Same views of the forest until you get to the very top.

I love this trail, very good work out and the most amazing and rewarding view when you get to the top. Huge thank you to whoever marked this trail! I like to hike it 2-3 times a week I enjoy it so much!

23 days ago

Great workout! Did it yesterday.

Do it for the workout, not the views. This trail cannot be called 'hard' unless you try to get a good time. I'm not in great hiking condition at the moment and I did it in less than an hour.

A workout wonderful! A great reward, a great view!

27 days ago

Was a good workout but bring bug spray. Great views at the top.

28 days ago

18km round trip to/from parking lot to peak
23.7% grade for 80% of the hike
Close to 1000 m of elevation.
6.5 hours (4 up 2.5 down)

The trail itself is a little boring. Not as pretty as IE Spirit Caves. It is mostly debris on the forest floor, ferns and huckleberry. Near the top it got much nicer with alpine blueberries, wild azalea, heather, orchids, rock moss and some sedums. Some bugs along the trail, loud horse flies and lots of butterflies at the top.

The view from the top was stunning though and well worth the climbing. Lots of room to spread out. Shared the peak with only 4 other people.

Coming down was just as hard as going up. Very rooty, lots of lose ground cover, and coming down the ropes backward at the cliff made me uneasy.

This hike had a lot of great views of trees. It was pretty much straight up with a lot of steps. I wouldn’t do it if you don’t consistently exercise as you can just pay to go up the gondola. I would recommend going/leaving early (I went up at 9:00) and it was pretty empty but the trail filled quickly. The trail is very busy but it’s part of the adventure.

29 days ago

A lot of elevation and scrambling after the junction with the lower Norvan Falls Trail, with incredible panoramic views at the summit. My recording was 25 km and 1339 m elevation gain. Plan for 10 hours if you want to enjoy the views and visit the lake. Bring more water and food than you think you need and while I normally don’t use them I found hiking poles useful for steep areas.

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