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Pretty nice trail for being in the middle of city. Explore all Tom Sawyer. There are many trails.

13 days ago

Enjoyed this hike. Lots of beauty walking along the creek, waterfalls around and fun things to look at and enjoy. Not a hard hike - a bit of a climb at times but not bad.

Nice little loop trail. Fairly easy hike. Perfect distance for a quick hike in the woods.

Great outing for the family (kids ages 6 - 14). Pretty waterfall with knee deep pool for kids to play in.

18 days ago

Indiana continues to surprise me! Great easy hike with lots of little ups and downs and arounds and windy-ness. Felt quick and very pleasant. Definitely 5.1 not 5.8 miles. “Rugged” is a good word to describe, and my boyfriend kept gushing about how great of a mountain biking trail it would have been, & well up-kept.

Good trail with the kids and dog, very muddy but we went the day after a heavy rain. Easy enough for the kids to manage but interesting enough to keep their attention. Multiple water crossings were great. Did 2.2 miles for Blue and Orange trails.

22 days ago

I love this place. I can see more progress markers throughout all trails but still a peaceful and happy place.

There is a detour due to some stairs that collapsed. To detour around from the lodge take trail 3. Go down the hill past the amphitheater and follow the trail to the parking lot for the horse track. At that point you will see metal signposts pointing to the left for trail 2 while trail 3 goes right.

Enjoyed it. Was more easy than moderate with exception of the big hill on backside (orange trail). Couldn’t get to he waterfall because it was across the creek and it was 30 degrees outside but could see it from a distance and hear it. Will be back in summer.

Beautiful trail with a little bit of everything. we will definitely be back when things are in bloom.

We went after it had snowed so things were a little slick but if it was a pretty day this trail would’ve been a piece of cake. The arch and creation falls did not disappoint!

Nice hike. I dont leave but 20 mins away and decided to give this one a try with my mother based on the reviews and the lake, as I love water hikes. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of trails and the decent views.

One of the best hikes you’ll ever take. we did about seven miles one day and 6 miles the next.

A great hike -- you get both a really cool arch (a true "bridge") and a waterfall in one hike!

Watch out this trail is under construction so hard to complete the loop right now.
Don’t know how but my garmin GPS recorded 2.8 miles not as advertised, other than that awesome views.

2 months ago

Nice trail overall. Other than the long uphill stairs and one other short section, the trail was not too difficult and mostly flat or slight inclines/declines. My wife and I started from Ogle Parking Lot and hiked in a counterclockwise direction. We were about 1 week past prime fall colors, but still beautiful as the Beech Trees and occasional Maple were beautiful. The trail map provided at the gates are not drawn to scale or at least not that great to rely on in regard to how close you are to a road, etc. The rail actually goes right next to Hesitation Point and the main road whereas on the trail map provided, it is not that close. Trail markings were mostly good. Also, it appears unless you hike out and back to the West Overlook, the trail is closer to 3.2 miles than 3.5 miles. We will hike again in the future.

nice view and good hike for afternoon with the family. It's a good little hike

2 months ago

We took part of our scout troop on a hike from the youth tent area. the worst part is having to walk the road a ways from the campground to catch a trail. The trails are all in good shape and easy to follow. We took parts of trails 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and didn't find any to be terribly difficult. one step climb up a hill and a whole bunch of stairs near Donaldson Cave were the worst parts.

Lots to do at SMSP. Take your time and enjoy it all.

Nice little trail, great for the pup. Not really moderate, more like an easy moderate.

It’s a good, basic trail. Not terribly demanding for a stretch of the legs. If you’re a beginner or alittle out of condition it’s a great starting point.

trail running
3 months ago

Best views in Indiana. Nice rolling hills great for a day hike or to venture out with the family.

3 months ago

nice area . paddle boating, hiking.

3 months ago

I hiked this trail on a Saturday and it may have been better on a weekday. The trail was pleasant but it crossed roads several times, and only briefly did we ever get away from the sound of traffic. We did not get a peaceful, quiet trail experience in nature today. It's rated "rugged" but it was easy hiking. I would've rated the trail higher if it didn't have the traffic noise.

My absolute favorite trail! I didn’t notice any litter on my hike, as others have stated. It’s just the right elevation to get your heart pumping but the waterfall is perfect. My dogs and I enjoyed cooling off. Steps can be slippery when wet but this is one I would do over and over if time allowed.

3 months ago

beautiful scenery. Lots of colorful fungi. rocks and lots of acorns made it rugged. The best marked trail.

3 months ago

love the trails. rugged due to lots of rocks and twice turns. beautiful scenery.

Excellent in all categories, except heavily trafficked. Litter along the trail is inevitable, so carry a trash bag.

Nice trails, there's enough to explore for a good hike or a light one. The lake is peaceful, it's convenient.

Too confusing.


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