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really like climbing to the top of the boulder and relaxing.

One of the best in Rhode Island. Can be challenging at times but amazing view of Providence at the summit!

I began the trail at dawn and did not see a soul until near completion of the loop. Some areas of the track are boggy or under water/ice but generally the trail is in good condition and well maintained, and the hike is still thoroughly enjoyable even this late in the year.

A nice walk! Wear orange vests and hats!

1 month ago

it is good for kids very poorly marked in section

Lots of trails here. The listed trail here is a good loop and connects with many trails. Lots of connecting trails. Well maintained. Great views.

2 months ago

Very good walking path especially when leaves are falling it’s pretty

2 months ago

Nice easy walk with water views. Great place for small children. Great for a family day for all to be outside.

This was a great trail. Pretty easy terrain (rocks, roots, bridges). Well marked, went after several days of rain and no major muddy spots. Went with kids and dog and we all enjoyed. Took about an hour with exploring and stopping.

This loop was more of an Easy Hike than Moderate personally, lots of VERY easy terrain, there were no gains or descents that required even paying attention to footing, the grade transitions were all smooth and easily navigated with not even an adjustment in walking speed required. Yes the terrain can be rocky and there are a number of roots to contend with, but neither of these were problematic at all. Rocks and roots were all less than maybe 6 inches tall at max for the most part, no scrambling, didn't even need trekking poles. We got lapped by a trailrunner a few times, and we saw children, elderly and clearly novice hikers having zero issues with the terrain itself.

Trail markings at some of the junctions and diversions were a little lacking and did require consultuing the map, but in 4.4+ miles, the 4 or 5 times this was required wasn't that much of a big deal.

All main / mapped trails were open. Only a very small handful of offshoot and unnamed trail loops were closed for habitat recovery as of 09/23/2018.

Would have been a 5 star "Easy" hike if it weren't for the few issues with trail markers not being placed at all the junctions/diversions.

4 months ago

The only thing that was not closed for restoration was the WWII memorial but it was very nice. Trails are well marked, though we did get turned around a few times. The terrain gets to be very rocky with lots of tree roots which can start to get annoying but otherwise, it’s decent.

The loop they show is 1.4 miles but there are many more routes you can take. If you start at the horse stables at boat ramp you can add on another 1.8. I went point to point and two loops around route shown and then some. Landed up with a nice 8 mile hike. Beautifully shaded - great place.

By far the most poorly organized trail out there. The map at the beginning did not coordinate well with the actual trail/markings.

4 months ago

Beautiful! So much to explore here!!!

5 months ago

Please read Lauren’s review-spot on. My parents live in EG, when I’m home, I work out here a lot. Ideal for dogs, children, picnics (grills provided, and parking), beaching, running on cement, trail running, walking, horse back riding, mountain biking (not terribly extreme), reading a book under a shady tree, kayak launching....bathrooms located around park. Safe for solo people, lots of shade to walk and run, mainly bug free (mornings rough in woods on trails in July, stick to cement...very few cars). The loop I normally do from equine center along water and down to carousel and loop back around is probably 4....
Farmers mkt Friday’s from 9-12.
I swim in July here laps as beach as a guard, and is buoyed off. Easy and shallow to lap swim. Check for closings. Rare but happens with torrential rain.

Love the woman who bequeathed this park. There are so many happy people here daily!!!

Trail is very badly marked in several places. The area near the golf course is one of them. Got lost and had to ask some golfers for directions but still a very nice trail overall.

Nice trails, great for hiking or mtn biking.

5 months ago

Great trail. Nice ocean views. Completed a 4 mile route.

The WWII Memorial trail was closed for environmental restoration as of July 26 2018

Beautiful peaceful hike. Trail was pretty easy, lots of roots and rocks to be aware of but we loved it.

Lots of parking. Lots of trail options.

amazing trails, I come here regularly. I love Lake Rico.

This is a nice set of trails. Unlike many previous reviews, I did not have a difficult time navigating the blazes. They are inconsistently spaced, but clear. The sights involve high voltage power lines, and some of the trails are very gravelly paths that follow the power lines. Not my favorite. The wooded areas are lovely, but you will need bug spray! Even with my bug spray on, I had a constant swarm around my head and left with several bites.

Excellent trail and beautiful views , the green trail has some advanced hiking points.

My Fiancé and I gave this trail a go today and we really enjoyed it! The water views were great and it was a great walk through the wild life! Our only complaint is that finding markers on the way back were more difficult and confusing. They did leave maps however, which helped us greatly! We would definitely do this hike again!

7 months ago

Completed with 5 and 8 year olds. Enjoyable hike.

Nice trail and some really cool huge rocks. Got lost though :(. Also it has some hills which is a good workout when running. The hills r very small.

7 months ago

Laaaav it. I can’t believe this park is dog friendly, it is so clean! I went on an overcast & rainy morning during the week, so there was barely anyone around. The trail is all mostly flat and very well groomed, I did this in flip flops. Extremely easy, small children would have a blast. Short trails off the main lead to sand banks and down to the beach. I let my dog swim. Cute place for a picnic. The horses I saw looked happy and healthy. People complain about the horse poop, but you’d have to be really not paying attention to step in it. Trails are wide and airy. The trees are gorgeous. This park is beautiful, well loved and properly maintained, can’t believe I’ve never spent time here.

8 months ago

Decent hike but nothing really special. The trails aren’t the best of marked. I could see it being easy for someone without experience or just out for a leisurely walk could get off course. Nice hike for a warm up for the summer season.

kids enjoyed it alot

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