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We take our dog down there all the time since it’s in our neighborhood. My sister took her senior pictures there too. Easy walk, would not recommend biking. Fun to play in the falls

I love it back there. Never see anyone hiking or wants to hike

Been going to Frankfort Mineral Springs since I was a kid. My Mom and Dad got married on the original bridge in front of the waterfall in 1990. I was sad to see that they are building a new bridge there now.

9 days ago

Beautiful trail that my husband and I enjoy. Our dog was attacked here a few months ago by an off leash dog. No matter how much you trust your dog, PLEASE keep them on leash for everyone's protection!!!

Loved this trail. Too bad I didn't go earlier in the day. My 4 year old daughter and I went on a whim at around 8 pm. We almost got lost on an off trail and it was getting dark. I will definitely hike this trail again but I'll go in the morning.

A bit muddy in spots after its rained a couple days

Lovely waterfall that I would love to see in the daytime.

Great for families

At first, we were reluctant of this trail, because it took forever to get to from our car and the hiking path was difficult to find as we were taken through the main parking lot across a road, through cabins, etc. I recommend doing the loop in the other direction than we did it, starting at the Hemlock Trail which begins near the bridge.

The water features on this hike are definitely a highlight. We also enjoyed the hemlock old growth forest. We had no idea this existed.

Loved this short easy trail! We went a day after it rained so obviously it was muddy but that didn't stop us!

Nice trail down by the water, but overall, wasn’t much to look at. There were several smaller trails that branched off which made it a bit confusing to know which way to go. Very easy hike

Easy hike leading to a secluded natural spring. The park is a nice day trip about 40 min outside of the city

Good, easy trail with a nice waterfall at the end. Gets a little muddy, but would be great if you have small kids or a very very old dog. Not the hike for you if you want a challenge, but a relaxing little walk n falls.

Really easy hike. I took my mom with me, and she had no problem. The small waterfall is nice .

My daughter and I hike this in all weather. We love this trail. Nice and simple with a natural spring filtered through the rocks

2 months ago

Very enjoyable. Picked up other people’s trash and carried out to very visible trash can in parking lot. Nice trail and wildlife.

2 months ago

A beautiful trail with a nice babbling creek running through the middle. A joy in every season to help you forget that you are in the city.

Park by Frew Mill Rd bridge and cross guiderail. There are no blazes to follow and no maintenance on this trail otherwise I’d give it a 5. Beautiful specimens of glacial action along the slippery rock creek.

2 months ago

Beautiful, well marked hike. Thoroughly enjoyed the Hemlock Trail portion the best.

Very well kept and wonderful for even the youngest child! My children love balancing on the logs lining the trail and playing in the creek.

This trail is a favorite and has been for past three years.
It’s a great way to kick off spring. My grandson Marco (age 13) requested we hike today so we set out around 2:00pm and finished around 4:00pm. He loves everything about the two mile hike other than the litter and graffiti that a few (disrespectful) people create. Today we walked the trail and cleaned up what we could because we only had one trash bag with us.

The recent trail revamp is great. They did a LOT of work rebuilding the bridges and securing water-side paths. A quick hike and great for jogging. Perfect for exploring families.

3 months ago

Great little hike! Extremely beautiful especially today since it was a rainy day the water was really flowing. Was very very muddy though. So many cute little waterfall areas! The big waterfall is pretty big and was flowing! Very pretty! Love it!

Tons of wild flowers in the spring along the creek and in the woods on the hill above. I love this trail and hike it frequently throughout the year. Not too difficult. Easy to follow trail.

3 months ago

Great, little hike! It can be crowded, especially on a nice day. It can also get a little muddy after a rain or snow. It was beautiful, though, and we had a lot of fun! I wish it was longer!

Easy trail. Nice walk with some water features.

4 months ago

Bridges are all renovated and fixed. Muddy but great for kids. Little crowded at points but overall a good hike and close to Pittsburgh.

A great hike. Very muddy today with all the rain, be sure to wear waterproof boots with your hike. Scenic hike along a stream! Very relaxing and easy loop!

4 months ago

Great hike in the winter not long but when the waterfall is frozen it’s beautiful.

5 months ago

gets very muddy and slick after any rain. very yuppie trafficked.

Great trail and history. Old site of a mineral spring resort from late 1800s and early 1900s. Ppl believed the water had healing powers and came from all over to drink and bath in them.

Excellent trail! I would say easy, personally. Very few challenges and the blazes are easy to see and follow.

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