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Hiked it with two friends this morning. I've been wanting to hike this Trail for a long time and it was absolutely beautiful! The only Wildlife that we saw were many many birds and a snake in the water. so much diversity in the landscape. we hiked it counterclockwise like a previous reviewer suggested. there was no real flooding but definitely some water spots on the trail but they were easy enough to walk around. Just don't wear your best shoes.

Hiked 5 + miles here today. It was absolutely beautiful. We were there at about 8:30 am and saw a small water snake and tons of birds. The Apoxee trail had a sign at either end saying something like it was closed due to weather damage. We walked on it anyways and can't figure out why it was closed. There was no real flooding, just some large puddles in some areas. A beautiful hike. We picked up a bit of garbage along the way as I always have a bag with me.

This is really some of the best hiking you’re going to do in South Florida. Of course, that is not saying much. That is to say, there really is very little preserved nature in this area. Just a tip, your feet might get wet during high tide as some of the trails will flood during the high tide. I walk my dogs there twice a week, she loves it because it is very quiet on the trails.

27 days ago

Walked 5miles to get there and went walking on the Trails for a bit it’s Really Cool Not Much Wildlife But There are Bluejays, I Seen Rabbits, Iguanas I had a great time and I definitely will be back soon.

Favorite place to hike. 10/15/2018 not flooded but some construction on Owahee portion. So much wildlife to see! Boars, snakes, turtles, gators, frogs, toads, birds, etc.

Great boardwalk trail. lots of scenery and wildlife!

1 month ago

Well maintained boardwalk- very easy to walk. Excellent spot for birding, saw several alligators and turtles.

This place is the best in west palm beach

It was a good trail!

Loved this place... need to remember to pick up a map next time but other than that it was very enjoyable!

It says no pets right on the front even tho it says dogs on leash on here. Why the heck.

This was a really nice bike ride. Very ritzy area. The trail is gorgeous and perfectly maintained. Saw lots of walkers, cruiser bikes, roller skates and runners.

The best I’ve went to so far.Many trails to chose from and saw at least 8 deers.Very huge and surrounded by nature and wildlife.A nice challenge!

mountain biking
3 months ago

Relaxing peaceful ride with some amazing views of wildlife and nature.

Very relaxing you can definitely hear the birds around late afternoon.Nice houses surrounding the trail,cabbage palm trail was awesome.The more you explore the better.Not too long of a trail and not too short.

To correct the tag, dogs are definitely allowed and welcome.

Saw beautiful trails, fish, and bodies of water. Will be back to canoe/kayak!

nature trips
3 months ago

Was an awesome experience. This particular trial is located at the Nature Center. There’s ponds, wetlands, seen a couple of Gopher Tortoise, there’s a deer observatory (I didn’t see any deers on this visit), many plants and informative signs about the native plants. I will definitely return. Had no clue an area like this existed in our city. There’s some paved and off-road areas so wear approach shoes. There’s benches throughout as well to rest, and they lend binoculars for free. I absolutely loved the walk on this trial.

a good amount of shaded trail. saw wildlife! not a lot of people but not completely empty either. good for a first time hiker

mountain biking
3 months ago

Stupidly we went mid day. My bad. Likely 100 degrees and couldn’t hydrate enough. Went through two liters of water just starting rise back. It is a great trail for families, kids, friends or by yourself. Post first 4 miles trail becomes narrow and it runs parallel to commercial and condos/apts there is a lot of tree and limbs debris. It is fine unless someone is coming opposite way. No place to go.
The only big negative for me and always personnel safety aware. There is a small portion maybe a block long under bridge area. It is so dark even at 1:00pm. I don’t see myself doing that position by myself. If someone was hiding there you wouldn’t know it or see them.
Tons of beautiful turtles, huge colorful lizards, birds etc.
recommend this trail for sure. Be carful when crossing streets as not one person stopped even when we pushed the caution riders button
I will go back for sure

I can't give this more than one star, because we only got about 50 feet in before we were met with a flooded trail. Planning on going back in the dryer months and updating this rating.

It was a nice trail, but flooded for most of the hike. Planning on visiting again in the dryer months and actually completing it!

We went hiking, but we saw a few bikers, who were respectful of us, which helped make for a great experience.

I wish I could give this a higher rating, but we only made it about halfway through.

Absolutley beautiful and historic area!

love the trail. Great for hiking or biking. Lots of wildlife

4 months ago

Awesome trail. Great for running and biking.. Tons of iguanas.

4 months ago

I had such a blast hiking this trail with my two dogs! There was lots to see and lots of tinier trails off of the main trail. Due to excess rain, some parts of the trail have 6”+ of water so I would recommend wearing higher shoes/ socks if possible!

4 months ago

Nice trail. Hint: pick up the trail guide at the entrance. You can choose to stay on the paved ‘blue’ trail or wander off to more natural trails. We opted for the first cut off to the yellow trail. It goes out & comes back to the blue trail just a few few from where u left it. If. You want to do the yellow trail, watch for the trail marker (post w yellow dot) after you cross the bridge and the sandy unmarked trail. I can’t say how long it is but I just about finished a bottle of water. So we headed back to the car. Next time we’ll take a different route.

Another reviewer on here stated that it's a 2 mile loop, but I want to clairfy the loop is 2.8 miles, but the dead end stretch at the end is 1.1 miles out and then back again, making the trail over 5 miles. Had a great time nonetheless.

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