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Great waterfall hike

Started counter clockwise and ended up doing a figure 8. Best to start out early, as it warmed up pretty quickly (and parking filled up by the time I left). Some parts were a bit on the steep and rocky side. All in all an excellent trail.

Awesome lake. You can swim in it all of summer. Sometimes there is a waterfall depending on rainfall. Overall great place to trail run, walk, or hike. Good camping too!

Steep hills and an awesome view on top of the mountain.

Such a beautiful hike! My favorite hike in the area! So much to see on this trail! Heard bullfrogs, tons of birds, saw beautiful wild flowers, and wild turkey. The rushing of the water sounds on your right is amazing. Passing through watery paths were pleasantly unexpected. Bring good shoes or hiking bits because of the water and mud. You will not be bored!

Longer than 6 miles, but didn’t track exactly. (Watch died mid-hike.) We went counter-clockwise. Beautiful views; definitely challenging. 1800 ft elevation gain. Our 7-year-olds made it, but frankly I’m surprised. I wouldn’t have made them go so far if I had known it was on the tough side. Took over 4 hours with a short lunch break. Pack lots of water!

Amazing trail with waterfalls, creeks, spectacular views. Started at Regency trailhead, Donner Canyon Road, Fall Trail, Middle Trail, and Back Creek Trail, 7.1 Miles, elevation gain 1,555 feet, moderate hike. Lot of shades and wildflowers.

Amazing trail with waterfalls, creeks, spectacular views. Started at Regency trailhead, Donner Canyon Road, Fall Trail, Middle Trail, and Back Creek Trail, 7.1 Miles, elevation gain 1,555 feet, moderate hike. Lot of shades and wildflowers.

I was mid trail just as the sun was setting. The mountains and the lighting made me feel like I was in Hawaii.

Nice, safe hike. Rattlesnakes present, one crossed right in front of us on the gravel path. Mostly a gravel road through but there’s a path through the grass from the cows. Lots of cows & equestrian use. Little shade on sunny days definitely bring lots of water. $3 Permit required. Views at the overlook are very beautiful. Small creek & waterfalls. We didn’t go the whole route but instead logged 8.5 miles. Couple of steep hills, mostly rolling hills.

Beautiful in the Spring time, wildflowers and awesome views of the lake below. Going clockwise was a really hard start due to the steeper incline, the backside of the path was much more gradual. Hikers preference. We had trouble trying to find the start of the backside trail again in the meadow at the top. If your starting clockwise, take the trail toward the left of the meadow all the way to the end (we had a beautiful picnic here), you'll see a fence and a little wooden bench with great views over either side of the hilltop. When you turn back, stay to the left and the trail will eventually go down the backside. The trails are overgrown in the spring, but it's easy to find your way back down the front side if need-be. Highly recommend.

8 days ago

Backpacking Day 3 of 3 Mt. Diablo Range. Morgan Backpack Camp (Morgan Territory) to Round Valley Equestrian Center (Marsh Creek).

Beautiful trail especially after rain

Beautiful trail during spring and specially after rain storm to see so many of these small waterfalls along this hike.

The wildflowers and views are spectacular. We went up clockwise so the first mile was brutal. However, the rest is easy after that. It can be a bit slippery going down because of the sand, but I really enjoyed it and will be going back again.

This is not a difficult trail it’s about 9 Miles from the campground to complete the loop. Some areas you’ll have to walk on the street others past the campgrounds and picnic areas. The waterfall is gushing this year. If you have 3-4 hours to spare this is a nice hike with great views of the lake.

Nice trail, hit it early! Gets pretty hot in the afternoon.

12 days ago

Best place to hike in winter, spring and fall. Too hot in summer

Great spring hike! Was longer than the posted distance, closer to 7 miles. Would probably rate it moderate instead of “hard”. We did it counterclockwise as other reviews suggested and enjoyed it. Waterfalls and wildflowers. Go early for good parking and less people.

Beautiful, well kept trails. No bathroom or water facilities so be prepared!

Fantastic, lots of wildflowers, waterfalls, and soooo green.

It took a bit to find the trails that actually lead you to the waterfalls, you have to look for the signs that take you the falls trail. The views and waterfalls were amazing. Wear good shoes that have good grips.

Gorgeous trail! The waterfalls were so beautiful and there are some spots where the views of the rolling hills are amazing. Highly recommend this.

Wow! Definitely a great hike! The waterfalls were awesome...a lot more water than I expected. Overall, great workout! It got pretty hot towards the end. Early morning start would’ve been much better.

Great hike, keep an eye on the map, because it's easy to switch on a another trail without noticing it! But really nice one, super green right now! Warm and sunny!

Went March 31, 2018. Beautiful hike, even without waterfalls, but glad they were there! Spring seems like it might be the best time to go. It’s not hot yet, the waterfalls are going (if we have rain), and there’s a ton of wild flowers! Saw some turkeys, butterflies and heard frogs. Great spring hike. Everything was green. Great views of city below too!

Great scenic trail and a good workout! It was a moderate hike with beautiful views on a warm sunny day. Due to recent rain, waterfalls are flowing nicely, but they are small waterfalls. The area is very green with some wildflowers on the trail. I saw some California Poppies today, but there weren't many so I'm not sure if I' too early or in the wrong area at Mt. Diablo...

23 days ago

Gorgeous wild flowers right now.

Loved this hike
Super fun

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