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I climb it today April 21 I absolutely love the trail 100%

Hiked this on 9/13. Very wet and rainy day and lots of deep puddles on the trail. The route was pretty well marked and there were 4 foot bridges over the streams (which looked like raging rivers because it was raining so hard). We decided to take the Heartbreak Ridge to the top and ran into snow that covered the rocks on the scramble. We got almost to the “pole” on HB Ridge and scrambled back down...definitely steep and challenging! We clocked 17.75 Miles on my iwatch...

One of the best hikes that I’ve been on but make sure to wear the proper shoes.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! I would definitely do it again, but in the summer. My car could only make it within 2 miles of the trailhead, so we walked up the road to get there. We had to stamp through the snow the entire time, which made for an adventure! However, I definitely recommend snowshoes if you hike in the winter months. The views from the top were stunning and made the trudging worth it in the end.

Hiked this trail a number of times, and it is one that is relatively easy at most points but has a few rough spots if you're not careful. Great view of the Gorge.

One of my favorite hikes! Done it many times and it's good in any season! Amazing views of Mt St Helen's, Mt Rainier, Mt Adam's, Mt Hood and Mt Bachelor from the top!!

Fun trail. Hiked on 1/20/18. Needed snow shoes to get to the top.

This is definitely more in the 16 mile range. Started about 8:30 AM and returned to the trailhead just after 5 PM. Moved pretty swiftly with a few stops for layering and about a half hour for lunch. Trail is in great condition. Don't underestimate the final 1.5 - 2 miles on the way up (and down for that matter). Steep and tricky footing, very time consuming. Absolutely worth the hike!!

This was my first more serious day hike, my only downfall was being the first person up there in the morning... So many cobwebs to walk through....

Not a hiking trail. Bring your mountain bike. Also, I was there for about 5 minutes and got a parking ticket. Someone HAD to have followed me up there. Super creepy.

4 months ago

Couldn’t make it to the TH due to the terrible condition of the road. We bailed halfway to the “parking lot”. Too many potholes, ridges, and ditches for a standard passenger car. You will need AWD and a high clearance vehicle to make it all the way up! There was also snow in the higher elevations. Would try again with a better car in better weather.

Absolutely stunning views from the top on a clear day!

The parking lot at the bottom has limited spots, but you can also park along the road if the lot is full. I chose to do this hike later in the day in the middle of July so I could get some shade along the way. It's uphill pretty much the whole way, with some climbing required over these gnarly rocks. Lots of room along the path at the top for people to sit down, picnic, and just enjoy the view.

I'm so glad I toughed it out and did this hike before the Eagle Creek wildfire happened. I don't know who much the fire took away from the view. But the viewpoint at the top provides a beautiful vantage point of the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side. Honestly, you could get a view that's just as breathtaking by driving to Vista House at Crown Point. But the view is so much more rewarding when you have to work for it.

Headed out early on a Saturday morning in hopes for a sunrise summit; unfortunately mother nature had other intentions. The hike started wet and ended frozen, with snow and slush for a good portion of the hike.
The fall colors were in full bloom and by having snow on the ground we were able to identify animal tracks (cougar, bear, dear).
My only real complaint is that hunters were in the area which left me unsettled while hiking but all in all it was a great hike with lots of uphill and what I'm assuming would be spectacular views on a clear day. Total mileage was 6.7

I tried to do the Loop option about a week ago and was really looking forward to the scramble. Signs warned me that logging companies were at work, but also stated they'd be finished by September 30th (I hiked on October 6th). I naively assumed that they "must" be finished then, and attempted the Loop, but near Sturgeon Rock trees around me started collapsing. The company was still working and clearly didn't see me, so after 2 and a half miles, I had to turn around. I was really bummed but when I got back to the trailhead, I hiked to the mountain anyway. I'm glad I did because even though the Loop was unsuccessful, the out-and-back was stunning enough.

Loved this so much!!

This goes without saying, but don't do this hike in December like I did. It's a lot of work for a foggy view!

GPS on my phone says this was 10 miles. Loved the views from the top!

This is a mountain bike only area! 99% of the trails in Oregon are for hiking only because of hatred and bigotry by a select few hikers towards families bicycling on trails. Yet hikers want to walk on steep downhill directional trails built and maintained by mountain bikers????
Walking dogs on the trail really!???

Forrest fires made the view less impressive and it was a bit windy at the top but a lovely hike all together

It was straight up right from the start. It was hot in the afternoon sun on one other the hottest days of the summer, but the view at the top made it all worth it. There were not many people on the trail, so it was peaceful on the way back down.

the loop took my brother and I 6 hours, but we took a wrong turn and took our time with the views. Awesome waterfalls and seeing the spring was super cool after seeing the waterfall that it forms. It'll take you some time, so bring water and food!

long walk in the woods with rocks. closer to 14miles though. summit was beautiful. don't be mad when you get to the top and discover after all the sweating and pushing through the last couple miles to the top that there is a darn parking lot you could have driven to

Four stars for the wildflowers and views! We did get lost as we tried to follow a loop that showed up on our map, but eventually managed to make our way back to the main trail. Safer to do an out and back since the loop seems to not be followed and I'm guessing the trail has been grown over. The straight up elevation gain from the parking lot is a butt-kicker, but once you're at the top it is an easy trail.

Excellent day hike with secluded waterfalls and trails.

awesome hike with spectacular views. fun ride up but definitely bring the 4x4!

beautiful views on a nice day and if you want some extra excitement check out eds trail

Second time I've done this trail up to the Angel's Rest and back which typically takes me (a steady paced hiker, but not super fast) around 2 hours total. A great way to get the heart beat up and enjoy the shade. There's still some water in the creek (Coopey Creek) and you pass over a small bridge at one point. It is super popular to just go to the rest and back, and we saw around 100 people today (Saturday, starting around 10am). Parking can be pretty full, but you can park on the sides of the street. This loop trail incorporates a loop on Devil's Rest Trail that is a lot farther than what most people do.

Hiked up Heartbreak Ridge and returned on West Table Mountain Loop via PCT on 08/24/17.

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