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Parts of the trails were misleading. But overall it has beautiful scenery with some wildlife added to the trip. The hike is for sure over 6.7 miles. Also you need to be aware of some rock climbing involved. Overall I would recommend nice trail.

Lovely trail with beautiful spots to swim!
Remember to bring lots of water.

4 days ago

Smoke shortened the hike and ruined the views, but was great otherwise. Be careful - very easy to get messed up with many unmarked trails crossing.

Was rather smokey when we started, but got better later in the morning. Challenging, but the worth the trek. Great view from the top!

Even in late summer with little flowing water the pools and vistas make the hike more than worthwhile!

Awesome hike and very scenic!

California Conservation Corps help rebuild this trail and rock steps !! ⚒

First time hiking in Pinecrest and I absolutely loved Cleos bath trail. It's not too clearly marked in some areas, you can lose the trail. Some people are nice enough to spray paint arrows but they are fading. The swimming hole at the top is the best part of the hike!

16 days ago

I grew up in the area and never knew about this trail til recently. There's a good sized parking lot at the trailhead and a very established trail loop to the top. I went clock-wise on the loop and enjoyed the quick ascent (maybe 30 minutes to the top or so). Not much shade up top, and I went on a hot day, so be sure to have plenty of water if you go in the summer. Overall, a great little hike with some nice views of Melones reservoir.

17 days ago

We actually went on this trail two days in a row, and parked at the Valley View drive parking lot both times. The first day we intended to reach Cougar Rock and Top of the World. However, we took a left on the ART instead of a right, so instead we got some beautiful forest. The next day, we took a right on the ART and got to those destinations.

Top of the world is not clearly marked but it should be evident once you get to the top of a hill after climbing switchbacks with little blocking foliage.

There were a fair number of insects—most harmless flies, but some mosquitoes as well. I highly recommend insect repellent

Well marked trails and well maintained, lots of points of entry.

Quick and fun hike with a clear trail. Great views from the top, and a doable hike for a wide range of ages.

Great summer hike! Rough at times but the swimming hole in the end made it very rewarding.

One of the best I’ve done yet. The reward at the end is awesome. Trail needs a improvement in some areas. Almost lost the trail in certain areas but over all is a great trail.

Best trail in the area of the 6 I've done in the last few days. But that's not saying much... Not much to offer in the flats. The back corner that you do out and back had a closed sign on it but I was the only one on the trail so I went on it until I hit more signs. There were a lot of quail in the back corner. And lots of wild grape vines in some of the trees.

Definitely got lost coming back down and went to the left instead of staying to the right and ended up on a very scary ledge. Just make sure you stay to the RIGHT when you head back down and look for the stacking stones. Fun hike and very rewarding at the top. Highly recommend this hike but be careful.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, especially after you pass the the water flow area following the first climb out. There were surprises every turn. Lots of wild flowers blooming everywhere.

trail running
1 month ago

Went running here and it was great. Nice views and nice forests.

Nice trail and puppy friendly. Only downfall was the difficulty in finding the entry to trail.

it was awesome! 4 hard spots especially with my dog

Definitely Not Year Round trail!! Who's managing this site. it's Snowed in in the winter.

Great trail and very rewarding swimming hole at the end of the trail

Really fun hike the last 15 min is climbing up rocks

1 month ago

Nice and safe trail. Well marked and beautiful. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours on a gorgous day.

My family and I liked this trail felt safe and peaceful. Will come back to reach the top, we arrived a bit late.

Not going to lie.. thankful to the hikers that made the stone trail markers climb up was hard but doable.. you’ll feel proud after! Beautiful waterfalls and areas to soak your feet and relax

Good quick hike.

Great quick hike. The last part is steep but the view is so worth it. Most parts of the trail are easy. There are some turns where it is not a 100% clear which direction to follow. Doesn't matter that much, most of them get you to the top. Download the map to be safe.

2 months ago

We got lost on a few turns and had to use th app to check if we were on the right path. So more signs would be nice out there. It was a great combo of shade and sun. Closer to the top we took one way and saw other people take another way up, that was a bit confusing. The views at the top are spectacular. Made want to really go into the lake we were above.

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