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Trail is lightly used and in great condition. There were a couple of places where there were trees down across the trail. Pretty views of the river and cedar swamp. Very nice thrush songs while we were hiking.

Good little trail. The parking lot is right on route 126 and can be easily missed. It’s more of a dirt pull off site. One of the trees to the left of where the trail starts has a sign. I hiked this after work on 7/23. It had been raining for a few days and on that night it was drizzling. First 1/4 Mile, after kiosk climbs steadily. It does level out after that. The rock slabs can be very slick when wet. The red Trail blazes were faint, keep an eye out for them as the trail tends to split into different directions. When you get to the junction where the link sign points left, look right. The trail continues up and past the stone wall. If you are not watching for the red blazes you could walk right past the turn for the summit. I used the app map on here to double check I was staying on the right trail as it was getting dark and as I said, the blazes are faint. No summit view for me due to weather, but I may venture back there again sometime.

It was cool to see all the bunkers but the bugs were literally out of control. I would recommend going when some bugs have died for the season...

Great view from the top. Narrow at some points but well blazed. The view up top offers a different perspective of the pillsbury state park area.

Well... The views were not as amazing as major or blue job but it was not as easy I thought. We got off trail 6 times.

trail running
1 month ago

beautiful trail! nice that there are tons of turn offs so you can customize any length you want to be out there, but like everyone has said ~ keep your map app open! there are lots of constructed walkways over the wet parts, which are always fun and good frog spotting :) I only saw 3 people in 6.5 miles on a weekday, nice and secluded!

Hiked this with my kids. My 3 year did great but I ended up carrying her the last 1/2 mile. First 1/2 mile or so is most strenuous, smooth sailing after that. We saw only one group while we were there. It had great views. I thought the red markers were easy to find.

Good for exercise, not the most challenging trail riding, rocks and roots on trails that are a bit wider than single track, mostly just a really bumpy ride

Always fun to get on the bike though

Only giving this four stars for now, I had to turn around half way because I was eaten alive by bugs. Wear a LOT of bug repellent for this trail!!!! Also a lot of rock and roots so proper foot wear is a must as well. Very easy nature walk though besides that with little to no incline and very quiet and peaceful. I'll be back to finish it soon.

The actual swamp preserve trail is marked no dogs, so i walked the other trail.
Theres a nice waterfall at the start of the trail, other than that its simply a walk in the woods with lots of dragonflies about.
Not great. Not terrible.
Next time, long pants and no dogs.

Absolutely awesome for mountain biking. It's definitely not for the novice and I would classify it tougher than moderate.

Great terrain clear path well maintained and gradual climb. There is a view but not a bald peak. We hiked up in 1 hour 10 minutes and down in less than 1 hour. Really good for dogs and a quick hike to keep your cardiovascular and muscles on par.

nice trail put very easy to get lost

First 1/4 mile will get your heart rate up for sure. After that a nice short hike. Trail to the summit not well marked near the wind break/foundation. Could be the blazes were just under the snow. Be sure to continue past the summit cairn for the best views.

just did in april all snow but cant wait to trail run this one !!

Incline at the beginning but levels out and is a great hike! Nice view of Bow lake at the end...
Only reason why it’s 4 stars instead of 5 is because a few times I lost my way on the trail. You really have to be paying attention to the markings... some are just red lines on rocks or trees, then they have cans spray painted with red on trees; if you’re not paying attention you could find yourself a little lost. Wasn’t hard to find my way back on the trail though so that’s a plus! Went on a Thursday afternoon and there was only another couple out there so it was nice and secluded.

Nice walk in the woods. Trail marked well. Not much in the way of views but peaceful with babbling brook and rushing river. Winding path with some rolling terrain, challenging enough to be a workout when cutting the trail with snowshoes.

There's much more than 3.7 miles of trails here (I regularly do 4.5-8 mile loops here) AND you can connect with other nearby trail systems. Great place for short or long easy hikes/walks, bird watching, bike rides, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hunting, fishing, and looking for tracks. Most trails are either flat dirt trails, partially paved old roads, or you can just walk the sidewalk if you have strollers or unsteady-when-standing individuals with you.

ARNWR was once a part of Fort Devens/Maynard ordinance depot and the historic ammo bunkers are still standing. The visitor center is open from 10a-4pm on weekends and is a great place to check out (especially with kids)!

Fair warnings:
This is a great find for locals & new hikers/outdoor enthusiasts BUT if you're looking for a physical challenge, you won't find it here.

The refuge boasts a large wetland and while this is ideal for wildlife viewing, during the summer it can get VERY buggy on the trails.

Dogs are not allowed on the refuge.

Th is is a great trail! It is well designed and interesting. There are some good views on the way up and especially on top. It is a steady, moderate climb. Be careful at the bottom before you turn and head up as this section of the trail is also used by 4x4 vehicles.

Good but rough going down

We loved this, great visitor center (where we starred)!beautiful lake, interesting military structures, we extended our walk and went to the river and loved what we saw- the rail trail, pretty bridge over the river and some side marshes. The last half of the walk was nondescript but wrapped up a great 3 hour walk

Great hike. One steep section about 1/2 mile long. Great view of Bow Lake. Trail well marked. Not many people even on a Saturday.

To be honest trails are flat and fairly boring . The main trail is paved . I think would be a better biking trail than hiking trail . Several old ammo bunkers on trails . Putter Pond is nice but mainly uninteresting.

Thank goodness for the trail map. Got off trail 5 times. Pay close attention to the trail markings or you’ll get off track.

nice short hike, if you are in the area I recommend. Not the best view though.

9 months ago

The view from the end is amazing. The trail is pretty poorly marked and we ended up off trail twice but it was worth it for the view!!

If the trail wasn’t marked so well, it would be easy to get lost. The trail itself is just walking through woods. Tree trunks and rocks everywhere. Trail markers are everywhere so you don’t get lost. I took the white trail to the orange trail then back again. I only saw a handful of people and they all had dogs and only one of those dogs were on a leash.

Great trails, beautiful foliage views. Several raptors, waterfowl, warblers.

Great walk. flat and shaded

Great fall hike!

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