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Fun easy trails with so many different directions/ paths to choose from. Bribe the kids with the cool playground afterwards

First time going to this park and the trail was a lot of fun to run!!!!

nice hike except the part I couldn't take due to it being closed.

Part of the trail is still closed from storm damage but the overlook is still open and offers a scenic view of the river.

I hiked this today and I was very happy with the trip. It takes a leisurely couple hours and expect some 60% gradients and a lot of stairs. Well worth it though!

One of the beautiful places to see the fall colors. It was an easy hike and pet friendly. Usually takes 2-3 hrs from car to car.

Window and hidden falls are beautiful just not a whole lot once you get to them! The travel to hanging rock is amazing with a little challenge to it! Definitely will be going back.

3 months ago

We enjoyed our hike today but unfortunately Raven Rock Trail was close but we at least reach to the overlook and it’s a pretty cool view over the Cape Fear River. This State Park is well maintain with helpful & friend staff who make sure we are on the right trail.

I moved from Fayetteville 10 years ago and pleasantly surprised when I visited this year at the improvements, beautiful welcome/learning center. I took my niece and had an incredible time! We went off the path, which allowed me to see parts I had not previously explored. I cannot wait for my next trip! This is family and pet friendly, lots of shade.

A great hike with several options to lengthen it if wanted. Hanging Rock Trail makes it all worth it.

Love the short strenuous like hike to a beautiful overlook!! The dog did really well too! Bring water!

I'm a novice but this trail was tough but it taught me how to tough it out and finish even though the elevation and steps were a little tough. can't wait to tackle another one.

loved this trail. there is an elaborate narrow wood stair case to take you down to the river, where you get a good view of the rocks. saw a copperhead, deer, frogs, fish, and owls. Take all the small extra out-and-backs (to see overlooks and the fish traps). the fish traps are igneous rocks in the river used by native Americans to trap fish. it's very humid in the summer, but shaded almost the whole time. there is a lot of Creek and river water to drink along the way if you have a filter bottle.

The trail is very well maintained. I didn't see a single person, but I saw lots of wildlife including frogs, squirrels, and deer. I did this hike at dawn and saw about a dozen deer that let me walk within 15 meters of them. The entire trail is shaded with benches and garbage cans along the way for breaks. The views are okay, but not spectacular. To me this was a difficulty level and type of nature walk/day hike for a family with young kids. Also, signs have been posted NO mountain biking.

7 months ago

This has everything you need for a great day / hike. Plenty of canopy cover, wide paths, good elevation for cardio, streams for your pet to drink, awesome scenery and the sound of birds and water. I highly recommend this for family outings although going alone is great too.

Water was up for the falls. The rock was crowded. It is a moderate hike.

9 months ago

Lovely rocks!

did this with my friends and we really enjoyed it. not too hard, perfect hike for those who aren’t necessarily extremely athletic.

10 months ago

Beautiful! Easy trail a bit harder for younger kids but works out because at the end there is a place to jump into the river. If you are looking for some fitness and fun for the summer time this is perfect and if you are just looking to get some good cardio in or nature appreciation then this is perfect.

Great trail and view!

Great day hike and good to start conditioning. It’s just a little out in the middle of no where.

trail running
11 months ago

Great place for a run alone or in a group. Beautiful area and fun for any hiker.

11 months ago

I took my 6 year old son with me to do this trail and we had an absolute blast. There was still snow on the ground so it wasn't crowded like usual and made for a very peaceful hike.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Very clean and nice park. Well maintained and friendly park rangers.

Friday, December 01, 2017

we love it here!! VERY BEAUTIFUL!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Good trail, just a ton of people. In our experience, If you want to “take it easy” you feel rush or pushed by a group constantly coming up behind you. Not super great when you kids that stop every 5 ft to look at a rock.
Raven Rock was great and the overlook was great, just s lot of people constantly.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Love this trail, however there can be a lot of people there on weekends. A lot of joggers frequent it. Lots of slopes and stairs down to the river bed that will wear you out on your way back up. The scenery is beautiful. I love going past the end of the trail and exploring under the rocks at the river bed.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The trails are absolutely gorgeous and easy to follow. 10/10

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Don't miss this one!! I hiked this amazing trail at the peak of fall colors and was awestruck! Finding solitude was a challenge, but don't let that discourage you; the variety of scenery was breathtaking!! Even with the climb back up the stairs from Raven Rock, this trail was fairly easy and well worth revisiting!

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