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I cannot stress enough how much I loved this hike, it was spectacular! I would recommend going around the map counter clockwise, climbing to the Women’s Federation Monument on top of the cliffs, and then going back down the way you came along the Shore Trail (white). The Long Path trail is right next to the parkway and you can’t really see the river through the trees anyway. But the Shore Trail was amazing, and the view at the top of the cliffs was incredible. I will definitely be coming back, and recommending this hike to everyone I know!

Great forest walk with nice view of the Hudson River

the view was amazing

Pleasant river walk. Eat at the Upper Nyack Grill after, great bbq, cole slaw and m&c.

Hiked this trail on Sat Oct 6th and it was 4.3 miles according to my GPS. I wouldn’t rate this trail as difficult at all, maybe a little tricky in a few spots (giant stairs) but moderate is a better rating. Beautiful views and we did the trail clockwise so we hit the waterfall first which is always a highlight of any hike. There is a nice area to relax by the waterfall and near the shore once you get down by the water. The giant stairs, rock scramble was so much fun and you have to be careful but that’s what a fun hike is all about! After the rock scramble and a few flat areas you head back up to the road, cross it and back to the parking area. If you live in the Tri-State area and haven’t done this trail I highly recommend it!!

Not a bad hike and not bad views. Ive seen better and worse but for under 2.5 miles its a good climb with some decent views. Interstate 87 is below and road noise is expected but its a nice quick loop. Too bad the weather didn't hold out the way it was originally planned as the views would have been even better. Worth the hike to do it again.

I definitely wasn’t prepared for how difficult this trail is but it was manageable! I had my dog with me who is very confidant and sure-footed but even he had some second thoughts at times. I know they say to keep your dog on a leash but I for sure would’ve had a broken ankle from the pull of the leash had I had it on him. So ONLY bring your dog if they 1. Are super skilled at rough terrain 2. Have great stamina 3. Are friendly and easygoing when it comes to other people and dogs. Might go back someday!

amazing views and challenging rocky path

29 days ago

Wear good shoes!!! This hike was very well-marked and fun. The rock scramble was intense, as it went across rather than up. I went in mid-Sept.

Awesome trail! Definitely drink plenty of water and watch your footing. All the rock scrambles you’ll end up climbing/hiking through get difficult and very exhausting but climbing through them is so much fun. You’ll feel accomplished when you’re finished!

To find trail head- park across the street from the State Police station. Often Info on where the exact trail is, is not provided. When you are looking at the building the trail head is on the far left of employee parking lot - you will see a sign. As mentioned in another comment below, unless you are looking for strenuous uphill cardio take the trail clockwise by taking this entrance. Use All Trails carefully there are a few tricky turns but very well worth it. Hike starts out flat, and yes parkway noise but you soon head away and down. Beautiful trail w a few waterfalls and pretty well maintained.

Well marked and is difficult after the first 2 miles. Be prepared for scambling and steps. I did this after the rain and the scrambling was very hard and slippery. Beautiful views.

not hard but tricky. finished the loop with 3 other people, 1 who has never hiked before. enjoyed it immensely though. Calves were a little achy the day after climbing the grand staircase and the boulders. but nothing insane if you have some level of fitness.

on Kakiat Trail

1 month ago

Good short-ish hike with decent views and very well signed. Recommend going counterclockwise on the white trail as there were steep inclines interspersed with flat sections that allowed you to catch your breath. The descent was mostly steep downhill. We had the trail to ourselves for majority of the hike.

1 month ago

My daughter and I decided to do a small hike with the dog... it was pleasant and very easy to use, since the trail is well kept... Our dog quickly made friends at the dog park, and dog owners were very nice. I would definitely do this walk again..

1 month ago

Nice waterfall, scenic view at the top of the climb. Came across an eastern box turtle!
Only complaint is that you can hear the sounds of traffic the whole time.

Also- TICKS to the max

I’m a little confused by the different Palisades trails - we definitely did this one but our trackers said 5.5 miles, not the 3.7 indicated. It was tough. A day later my thighs are still burning. The rocks were fun and challenging but the ascents (multiple) were very hard.

This was much harder than I expected. Being a novice and somewhat out of shape, it needed a lot of exertion and a degree of balance.

The first part going north from the visitor center / cafe (fully stocked), you go down the cliff with moderate exertion and get to a beautiful waterfall emptying into the Hudson. At this point, I advise the beginner hiker to turn around and go back up. Because the next part, south along the Hudson, is hard. And it’s not really that technically demanding but you are taken over rock pile after rock pile, think what’s left after a rock slide and it seems ENDLESS. I was asking a higher power to please stop and turn back up the cliff.

When that part ended, it was a very pleasant stroll along a packed earth path next to the river and a steep but manageable climb back up the cliff.

Total time of 3.5 hours including a snack break.

1 month ago

Very easy walk (hardly a hike). Beautiful views of the two lakes. Kayakers out and about. Easy for kids (playground at one of the two parking lots) and all ages.

This was a very hard trail! But thoroughly enjoyed it and feel accomplished! The boulder scramble was the toughest. But it feels amazing to have completed the trail.

all I got to say is "Drink water". Awesome hike. just remember what's goes down must come up.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Very easy once you pass the picnic grounds...children run into the path...

There is no parking at the trail head. Best to. Park in downtown Piermont and walk. About 8 minutes. Nice trails that are not the well marked. I plan to return in the winter as the green trees blocked much of the water views. A little More difficult than easy but not really a moderate hike.

Palisades Long Trail Shore Trail Loop was amazing!! Boulders to climb and scenic views atop. Try to get there before eight and you have the trail all to yourself! Lots of water breaks and leave the pets and small kids behind.

The GPS does not take you to a parking lot. Once you get there, it is a gravel wide path. It goes about a mile and then dead ends. Not at all what All Trails maps it out to be. It is completely unremarkable. Too lush for any views. However, When you first get in, you will see a trail off to the right (green marker). It is a well planned completely UP trail to a nice view. There is a parking lot up there so it must also be a turn out for a look out.

2 months ago

At .8 mile crossed over to the left side of the creek. As the right side is a two lane rocky path the left side is unattended. Marks at the beginning and that is it for about .5 miles. It a rock scrabble. It was hard. AllTrails was a great help. This was s beautiful hike. Mostly shade.

2 months ago

great local hike especially if you live in NYC (and have a car). great workout, lovely views and lots of seating areas on flats boulders. I initially missed the stairs on right that take you into the Giant Stairs area (through a fence) so keep an eye out as there are trails that lead elsewhere. very well blazed. not scary or too technical at all and good sneakers were sufficient on a sunny day. took 3.5 hours with a half hour lunch break.

pretty trail. I'd say moderate to easy. some of the inclines are ragged so bring ankle tough boots. if you're interested in seeing the falls take the "blue" side as opposed to the "white" side as its much closer. if facing the mountain, street to your back, take the trail entrance to your far left. I took the one on the right and falls wasnt until the end of my hike. falls are quaint, not spectacular. just very pretty

A really nice trail with a lot of variety: a woodsy walk along the creek that opens up to a lovely lake (lots of people swimming, though they're not supposed to), then a slightly more strenuous hike up Diamond Mountain, where you quickly get enough elevation to have really nice views. Warning, though: the Blue Trail down is steep, sometimes challenging (I had a 9-year-old with me), requires good footwear, and it's not always clearly marked.

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