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Gorgeous hike on a gorgeous day. Spikes were essential up to the Loch, and poles were helpful after the trail splits to Hiyaha. Wind was brisk at the Loch but calm enough to break for a snack. We’d made good time and decided to try for Sky Pond. Definitely a good decision, but snowshoes would have been helpful. Wind was pretty calm at Sky Pond, and the views were fantastic. Definitely recommend doing the full hike in the winter if you haven’t!

Many trails shown in the map are closed which makes me detour around for more than one mile. In general a good but tiring trail.

I loved it it was difficult but I managed to do it with my 2 year old daughter on my back! Be careful you could get lost

Great hike. Tough elevation gains but great views to reward you. A hike we will go back to for sure. Not too many people, trail was mostly dry with a little bit of mud and snow (no traction required). Don’t forget this is a Colorado state park and requires a day pass.

Gorgeous hike. Not too crowded. The trees aren’t too dense, so you get nice views along the way. Definitely worth the push to get to the peak, as the view is breathtaking. Took quite a long time to do the entire hike due to altitude gains.

Hiked 4/14. Trail was mostly snow pack all the way to the Loch, after that snowshoes are a must unless you like postholing every step all the way to timberline falls. We had only poles and crampons but made the extra work easier. Otherwise trail was clear for the most part and views were awesome, with all the lakes well frozen.

5 days ago

Great hike and it is difficult. Our feet and legs are killing us afterward, LOL! Pretty scenery and areas to cross water. Our dog got plenty of exercise needless to say.

8 days ago

Really fun hike. Scaling the rock at the end is tough but well worth it

8 days ago

April 7th: Loved this hike! An inch or two of snow the night before made for beautiful sights. The sun busted out through the fog and melted all the snow for the hike back down. Like others have mentioned bring extra water, you will need it to stay hydrated. Also like others have mentioned it is tricky to stay on the trail towards the top.

Certainly a challenging hike that makes you want to hit up the Mish or Vern's afterward for a refuel. I was sore for three days after making it to the summit and back. (Round trip took 5 hours but at least an hour was spent at the top soaking up the sun and views.)

11 days ago

I missed out on Greyrock last year before our group started hiking 14ers so I wanted to get it in early this season. Beautiful Colorado day including the gale force winds we get this time of year. If you have a fear of dead trees falling on you don’t do this hike on a windy day. Lots of dead trees in the burned out areas. Was a little spooky! Friends had recommended taking the summit trail up and coming back on the meadow trail which is what I did. I have mixed feelings about the meadow trail. About a third of it is climbing which is discouraging when you take it back after summiting but the views are unique and of course there’s the meadow. If I do it again I will take the summit trail back. The climb to the summit is quite a challenge! Lots of scrambling and some rock climbing. This trail is rated difficult and it is all of that! Go for it! Enjoy!

17 days ago

Fantastic, scenic hike in fresh, late March snow. Physically pretty demanding on the way up but technically not too difficult on the way down. Did the loop clockwise.

My first hike in the Rockies 45 years ago, and still one of my favorites in the world. I prefer the early fall, after the crowds but before the snow.

It is better to have snowshoes after Loch lake. The trail was clear most of the way but not close to the Timberline Falls.

Hiked 3/24 with spikes and poles. Beautiful hike, well worth the effort !

I'm a little late getting my review up. I went on 3/20/18, and it was great. A few snowy patches leading up to the canyon, but once I got into the canyon there was still snow on everything but it had snowed the day before so I was expecting it, even with the snow the trail was relatively easy to follow. There was only 2 other sets of footprints in front of me so I followed those till one got off trail, thankfully she found her way back and we made it to the top together. I'm glad she was there, from the saddle up was 6in.+ of untouched snow so we plowed through that doing our best to follow the blazes, i only wish i brought my gaiters, i brought micro spikes hoping to use them but my boots had enough tread i didn't need them. Made it like 10ft from the highest rocks on South Boulder Peak and started hearing thunder, got to the top and looked west to see some pretty ominous clouds, took some pictures then high tailed it outta there.
If the other woman wasn't there I wouldn't have made it all the way, she ended up saying the same thing as we were headed down. Proud of us. hah
It was a great hike, I just wish I could've spent more time enjoying the summit.

Family hiked to Sky Pond today in snowy conditions. It was challenging, but gorgeous. Well worth the effort. Looks easier after Loch on topo maps than it is. The scramble alongside Timberline Falls is challenging in the middle due to ice, and that is where the black strap is located and very helpful. Use winter path to Loch. Spikes were fine to Loch today, but snow shoes highly recommended from there today and after today's snow until path gets worn again.

(Hiked 3/24 in the AM) Not sure what everyone is talking about with the strap around the waterfall. Must have missed it. The trail was not broken after The Loch so I had to break it myself without snowshoes. Brought only micro spikes based on these trail reports. Forgot that it snowed in the park this past week so wish I had brought snowshoes. Broke trail (post holing the whole way) up to Sky Pond. Used my ice ax for some stability going up the frozen waterfall. Exhausting breaking the trail but absolutely beautiful at Lake of Glass and Sky Pond. Bring snowshoes if snow was in the forecast just to be safe, otherwise microspikes are fine.

3/24/18 - Only made it to the lower lake but a beautiful hike! The forest of pines in the beginning is scenic and the view from the lake is awesome.

Wore only mircospikes and we post holes the last half mile - Would heavily recommend snow shoes.

great hike , Good combination of gradual elevation and steps , great view at the summit , would recommend for all !!

Hiked on 3/25/18. Made it up and down without micro spikes but there were some slick moments, especially on the decent. Always a good Boulder go-to but you will see a ton of folks on this one.

I love this trail, it’s intense and long which makes it a great training trail, if you’re working up to higher and or longer climbs. That being said, I’ve also seen kids at the top, so you can take your time and go at any pace you like.
If you do the loop you add on an extra mile, you can also just follow the trail back down. Since its steep this can prove challenging, hiking stocks are a plus but not necessary.

3-24. Great trek, need poles and micro-spikes. Last obstacle, challenging, need upper body strength, a black strap has been affixed to the right side to help you over the top.

26 days ago

Fun trail.

27 days ago

This was my first real hike, let alone solo. I went on a 50ish degree Tuesday. I took the longer trail on the way up, and didn't see anyone until I got to the summit trail almost 3 hours later. There is a beautiful secluded meadow towards the end of that trail. It was hard to follow the trail on the summit, but it would become obvious fairly quickly if you wandered off the path. The extreme wind led to a scary moment at the summit itself, but I talked to someone who said it is usually not nearly that bad. Really, really enjoyed this hike!

Hiked Green Mountain today as our first hike of the season and really enjoyed it. It was dry and snow free for the most part but the closer we got to the summit the more packed snow and icy spots we encountered. We hiked up Gregory Canyon and didn’t use our spikes at all but on the way down I was really glad to have them. As usual we saw a lot of people in sneakers that made it up and down as well so you can do without I guess. All in all great hike but a bit too crowded for my taste but that’s what you get when you hike in Boulder.

(3/22/18) I hiked this trail today. Probably my favorite hike to date in RMNP. It was an absolute blast. Lots of snow the entire trail but it was packed. My wife and I only used spikes. Never needed the snowshoes we brought. After the Loch it does become quite a bit more challenging but definitely doable. The last obstacle was difficult today. Very slick and not much to grab but was able to do it using poles. Several other people in front and behind us stopped right before the obstacle. Would highly recommend at least spikes and poles. We saw several other people not using them but would be much more difficult. AWESOME TRAIL.

Hiked 3/14. Made it all the way up with boots and poles. Poles were a must or at least spikes as it's steep and slippery. The last mile I was sinking in the snow quite a bit so I actually put snowshoes on to get back down to the river bottom. Awesome winter hike!

1 month ago

Loved it! Stair steppers Heaven! Recommend counter clock rotation of the loop. If you go clock wise you may find that you might want to skip the summit cause you're too tired. The left side off loop is more difficult and longer. When you get close to summit, trail gets harder to distinguish. Look for pyramid rock stacks and few trail markers. Creek runs along the right side of loop, you can treat to drink. But no water on the left side of loop. Enjoy!

Hiked on 3/14. One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done! The views are well worth the steepness battle after Loch Lake. Did it only using microspikes, and like someone before me I did not use the strap on the icy steep part, but instead crawled with my hands around the left side of the boulder that's there. Wind is pretty brutal at all of the lakes and the steepness after Loch is no joke, but well worth the efforts! Would highly recommend!

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