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1 day ago

Drove up to hike for a day trip from the Phx area. This was a beautiful hike, full of switchbacks & some beautiful views. Lots of small lizards along the way & variety of trees. The area is still recovering (and will be for a long time) from the 1977 Radio Fire - but don't let this deter you, the hike is so beautiful.

Parking was free at the base, about 25-30 spaces. I arrived around 8/8:15 a.m. and it was about half full on a Friday. Hiked the Fatman's loop to the Elden Lookout trailhead. Some areas are steep and I would agree with the 'hard' rating.

Views at the top are great, climb the radio tower if it's open (worth it!). Shared a few photos for views on the way up/ down. I would recommend hiking shoes/ tennies if you have them, on the way down there were a few loose rocks (but nothing you can't handle!).

Gorgeous and the water is a welcome cool off. Be prepared for crowds though.

Great and easy walk. Recommend getting there early. Great views and people watching. People, please don't try to do this thing barefoot, I saw 4 people at the start trying to walk barefoot in the river... They probably didn't make it far. Buy some sandals or watershoes. Also, in general at zion don't bother with camping in the park, it stays so hot there in the summer months. Ask one of the park employees for dispersed camp zones. Stayed in one surrounding a lake and it was beautiful

Good family hike. Trail was open when we arrived.

A little less fat now. Big rocks, little lizards, great times.

This is just so fun. Make sure you have good shoes (that you're ok getting wet) the water is cold pretty much no matter when you go and the rocks in combo with the cold water will kill your feet.

Love this trail. Nice easy hike into Walnut Canyon. My dog's favorite trail to hang with other dog friends.

6 days ago

5 starts might seem a bit overboard, but this trail absolutely rocked. Such beautiful scenery with massive Ponderosa pines and random car-sized boulders, and peaceful to boot - blue skies, birds of prey circling the cliffs and the smell of evergreens in the air. We took a brief detour to the Pit rock climbing area first (take the right fork after leaving the campground trailhead), which added some great scenery and elevation, then followed Sandys to the AZ trail before returning, giving us a 3.7 mile RT route.

This just seemed to be pulled from a postcard. Incredible. Easy, yes, But awesome nonetheless.

A easy hiking to the river, with the mode of expectation of hiking in the river!

Very cool experience hiking up the river. Would have been a little easier if the water wasn't so muddy. Definitely get there early morning to avoid the crowds. We were headed back out around 12:30 and the amount of people just entering was mind blowing, especially since all the flash flood warning suggest being out of the narrows by early afternoon. Way too many people for my liking.

Beautiful trail taking you through parts of Picture Canyon Preserve. Various scenic areas like the hieroglyphs but somehow bypassed the waterfall. Gives me another reason to come back again. Easy hike with no real notable elevation change. It didn't take long to leave the industrial area.

There were some areas of the trail that were not well marked and at one point found myself walking in a circle because there was no markings but plenty of old jeep trails so it got confusing.

More trails to explore but I will definitely come back to do this one again.

Amazing hike! Would suggest to go as early as possible as the crowds for the first few kms take away from the hike a little bit.

Great experience yesterday did this hike since Angels landing trail is still close but Planning of going back soon definitely a must do hike thru the river a little cold but so worth it !

Great hike, get out early to beat the crowds

10 days ago

perfect trail to get started on. there are some awesome views along the way!

The trail’s as packed as the splash mountain line at Disneyland, and for good reason—this place is beautiful and accessible.

Nice hike to get the blood flowing and give a decent workout! Lots of pretty trees and good views.

Excellent incline! Many great photo ops - great beginner hike! Take about an hour a moderate pace!

13 days ago

I love this trail even though for me it's more of a difficult hike because of all the tricky footing, bad ankles. It's nice and cool all year round, bring plenty of flashlights and sturdy boots, the rocks are sharp and with that in mind I would discourage bringing your pups with you. Last time I went, I had a really nice pair of boots but the upper part was swede leather and some of the rocks tore right through it when I stumbled, not some place I would expose my dogs' paws to, also it tends to get noisy due to all of the echoing so I'd worry about their sensitive ears and if it's worrying to them.

An interesting and unique experience. Trekking poles were useful, particularly in the rocky areas. Headed in around 5:30 pm and it was relatively empty. About 20 degrees cooler which was great on this 100 degree day! Highly recommend.

15 days ago

Great trail that is very well maintained. Winds through a few different tree types! Awesome views for a payoff. Pretty steep but nothing crazy.

the app says it is 2.4 miles. the stats on my alltrails app after we finished said 5.6 miles. we did go off the trail where it was not well defined...got back on in 15 minutes. not a good hike for any with breathing problems or altitude sickness. the views and trials were very scenic.

We explored this trail while out from Michigan...WOW! Elevation was a surprise and it is a challenging and technical hike with rocks and roots (at least for us!) but worth every step, grab, and grunt! Coming back down easier of course but technical in a different way with some loose stone. We did the Overlook once and Fatman’s twice...a don’t miss set of trails and plenty more we didn’t get to all right there! Thanks Arizona!!

This is a great quick hike to get the blood flowing! Amazing views of flagstaff at the top with some boulders to climb. I ate lunch on top of a boulder at the tip of the loop and the view was fantastic.

Great hike along and in the Virgin River

We took the advice and went left to start and ended at the waterfall. It was a very pleasant and easy trail with a lot of geocaches along the way. If it wasn’t from the smell from the Purina plant I would have given it more stars. The smell took a long time to dissipate.

Beautiful hike and with climbing 2600 ft in 2 miles it’s a good effort. It is difficult but not as challenging as Camelback nor as technical as Flat Iron (both in the valley)! Don’t let some of the reviews scare you away!!

Awsome hike but too packed when we got there around 10. I would sugest getting on the 1st shuttle for this one. Got a little past the 1st fork, far less crowded up there.

Pretty difficult, you have to watch every step. Bring flashlights, wear sturdy shoes, possibly gloves. it's cold down in there. Very tricky footing.

on Fatmans Loop Trail

23 days ago

Great trails. Pretty steep and lots of opportunities to slip on loose gravel. Kids complained the entire walk. It’s pretty good gain in elevation. Many people we met on the trail seemed surprised by the trail’s difficulty.

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