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We brought our own waders to go in the river, and we had no issues with the cold water. However, our feet were a bit sore when we were done. Would have been nice to have the water hiking shoes like the ones they rent out. Beautiful views, and when we started as the sun was rising there was no one else on the trail yet.

Rent the gear!!!! It is well worth the money if you want to get past 2 steps in the river. The views are spectacular and so different than other hikes. Be prepared for extremely slippery rocks underneath you that you can’t see. Start early!!!! Beat the crowds. We went in march and took the first 7:00am shuttle.

loved it!!! perfect family hike.

5 days ago

This time we didn’t go in the water we just did the riverside and there were so many squirrels ❤️

8 days ago

Great hike! Pretty rocky so definitely a moderate level. Get some great views of Flagstaff throughout the hike. Good mix of incline and decline throughout.

Incredible. Completed in October and only wore wading boots (they were my Orvis fly fishing boots) and was comfortable. Feet got a little chilly, but warmed up on the walk back to the Grotto station. One of the coolest things I’ve ever done, hands down.

13 days ago

It was beautiful and not too strenuous of a hike the only thing that made it rough was the altitude since we’re not used to it. We went early March and the trail was pretty muddy with snow scattered around but the temperature was great since it was cool but the sun was shining. There weren’t any wildflowers but the views were still nice mixed in with the snow.

This was a blast.

Hiked 02/17/18. Beautiful views. Really simple hike. This was the first hike my boyfriend and I did on our first day (we were both exhausted but still wanted to explore). Got a little chilly when you're forced to walk in some shaded areas so bring a jacket just in case you go during this time :) Can take some fun pretty pictures on the rocks near the virgin river.

A truly unique hiking experience with 95% of the hike in water for feet wet fun. A good pair of water shoes is important for support against twisting an ankle on the river stones. Whether you hike a short distance or further up the slot canyon this is a bucket list trail.

Very interesting hike! I'd suggest renting the gear at this time of year. We were very warm no issues with it. Great views. Not too strenuous

We rented the gear and went up to Floating Rock until the water began to rise higher than our hips. My husband and I hike quite a bit and the Narrows has to be one of my top five hikes. It was such a beautiful, albeit challenging, hike. We are so happy to have done this!

was a lot of fun in the snow. :)

Awesome easy trail, took me a little over an hour to complete the loop. Trail is really well marked, running water and there is rock art. Only complaint is there is the constant smell from the Purina factory.

You park in the middle of a forest, walk a bit and BAM! You’re standing over a half-million year old Lava tube- it’s pretty crazy to think about! Anyway, the hike itself can be slippery and since it’s dark & cold down there, make sure you bring a headlamp and some layers. Well worth it, a must-do hike in Flagstaff.

Took it up into Orderville Canyon until the little waterfall.

Absolutely great hike, not too difficult, beautiful breath taking views.

1 month ago

Very easy trail, was a lot of fun. It’s mostly flat, coming back up from the canyon there’s a slight incline but nothing too bad. The sights aren’t spectacular but it’s February and things are very dry. I’d love to come back during spring or summer, when I bet it’s gorgeous and green. It would probably be worthwhile to hike Sandys Canyon all the way to Walnut Canyon but we started late in the day.

Nice and easy

first time on trail and it was awesome

Amazing scenery. Loved
It. Next time will turn right and go up.

Nice and close to town. Would walk starting left and go clockwise around so the waterfall was at the end of the trail next time.

Pristine scenery. Never seen anything like it.

1 month ago

I really should click the mountaineering option lol. The walk in is lots of huge rocks. So foot placement Is important!
BRING A HEADLAMP. You'd rather have your hands to balance yourself.
It was extremely beautiful and I'm so flavored went! It's .75miles one way under the tunnel according to the legend. I timed my way back out and with a few picture stops, it took 48min out...
there are some sections you have to duck to avoid hitting your head.

NOT dog friendly. Some lady tried bringing her dog in and when I heard it crying and whimpering because he didn't want to go in because it's so dark and lots of rock climbing down into the cave, I asked "did you see if this is dog friendly?" She responded "were from Colorado he's done worse" she didn't even go in and then later as I'm in the cave I see her behind me... no dog. Don't make your baby suffer

1 month ago

one of my favorite hikes. it's in town which makes it perfect for before/after work hikes in the summer when days are longer. definitely harder than mt. humphrys in my opinion. short and steep--it's like climbing stairs but skipping every other step. highly recommend for a good work out to take it fast, or a good slow challenge!

1 month ago

Nice quiet trail. I did this in January so there’s a bit of snow and it’s pretty muddy in spots. But well maintained. Cute little box Canyon at the end. Nice short and easy trail.

The hike on the paved trail is beautiful and very relaxing. Hiking past the paved trail in the water was just amazing! Didn't bring the insulated shoes, but did have watershoes to put on when getting to that section of the hike. Didn't get as far as I'd have liked, but loved every second of what I did experience. Even the numb, cold and wet feet! :-)

1 month ago

Did this hike in January with quite a bit of ice and snow on the trail. Good workout with the modest elevation gain. Good option if you are on a tight schedule.

nice walk very beautiful had a great time

1 month ago

Went out in snow today, had a great hike. Walked to it and got on wrong trail, so had to cross country back to it. At the top of the loop the wind and snow picked up, so came back down instead of continuing. Could not see Flagstaff, could imagine was all alone in the wilderness was a blast.

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