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Lost lake is absolutely beautiful with the mountains in the background! Highly recommend this hike for the views. Did this hike on 1/5/19 and arrived at 8:30am. Ran into about 5 groups of people on the way to the lake and 5 groups on the way back. Arrived back at the car around 10am and it was PACKED! So many people & dogs about to start the hike. So definitely recommend getting there early to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the trail. The snow is very packed down all the way to the lake, Snowshoes aren’t necessary but I would recommend yaktrax/spikes for traction. If you pass the lake and continue to the end of the trail snowshoes would be helpful (but not absolutely necessary) as the snow gets very deep! Note: the area to park is slightly before where AllTrails directs you too. You will walk about 0.4 miles on top of a partially frozen creek. There is a very thin and hidden path off to the side to avoid walking on the ice!

Super beautiful in the snow. The lake was frozen solid on new year's day!

Beautiful with the fresh snowfall!

There was a lot of icy packed snow on 2/3 of the trail. I would suggest a little extra traction for your shoes. The trail has a great pay off at the end of the trail in the form of a beautiful view over Lost Lake.

Got to the trail at 8:30 on Sunday and there was plenty of parking. People were fighting for spots when I left around 11:30. Easy hike with good payoff. Be sure to walk all the way around the lake once you get there. Microspikes are a must for the climb to the lake.

very beautiful hike not so hard. there is several other lakes to hike as well.
parking was ok however it was in fall not summer. the road to the trail is not rough

Loved the lake! There was limited parking at the trail head with a dirt road to the trail head. I should have used snow boots/shoes. I went 10/16/18 and it was slushy with the top of the trail all snow and lake was frozen.

2 months ago

*** (October 20th) 4th of July Road is very slippery right now and snow/ice covered in spots. Recommended to have good winter or A/T tires and 4wd ***

One of my favorite hikes in the front range. Amazing views the entire way and best of all it’s dog friendly! If you’re going in late September or later I’d recommend some sort of traction device on your feet for the icy spots in the shade near the beginning.

Went on this hike back in 4/2017. It had a ton of snow which make it slippery and difficult but well worth it. The lake was frozen and beautiful! I highly suggest either going with no snow or wearing appropriate footwear! Would love to check it out again in the summer.

Good hike, did it with my 3 kids (10/8/6). Some great waterfalls to check out on the trail up to Lost Lake. Would recommend parking at the shuttle lot as parking is limited at the trail head. Trail to Lost Lake gets a little steep but nothing too bad. Had lunch up at the lake before heading back down.

overall this hike was very pretty, aspens were bright and the streams/lakes were great! the trail is all rocks, most smooth and loose so sometimes footing was sketchy (esp with excited dogs pulling!) but it was fine. It's kinda steep in spots, but took my time and did fine. My dachshund however did not appreciate steep rocky parts, but he was a trooper. It was extremely windy and chilly but it is definitely worth going all the way to the lake. Beautiful! not very crowded except for a few groups of people but mostly all to myself.
The best part of this hike was the descent! Almost walked past a moose and her calf next to the trail, they were so quiet. It was amazing!

Great trail, lovely lake. If you are planning to camp, beware of the bear! Resident bear is GREAT at ripping your bear hang out of the trees. Bring a bear can for your food. The night I camped out, every site lost their food as the bear visited us one at a time. Shy enough to leave campers alone, but took out the entire branch our food was hanging off of and ate everything.

on Arapaho Pass Trail

4 months ago

Believe all the reviews here and on the Arapaho Pass Trail to Dorothy Lake.
The road to get to the trailhead is much more comfortably done in an SUV with high ground clearance. It's very much off-roading. Also note, you'll see cars parked along the road throughout. It's worth gambling to see if you can get a spot right by the trailhead, especially if you're not hiking during peak hours. We arrived around 10am and found a spot by the trailhead easily.
The hike itself is absolutely stunning. It's not very hard, but does steeply incline throughout. There weren't any areas that were of concern for us with our three dogs. It was very crowded. We passed people along the way, but never felt like we were in a line of people or crowded.
The base of the hike will be warm (we hiked in September), but as you go up, make sure to have plenty of layers. I'm not a naturally cold person and I ended up with a sweatshirt and windproof shell at the top. I would also recommend you bring plenty of water for you and your pup. Even though you're not climbing too high in altitude, it will still wear on you.
The view is definitely worth it, but be prepared for intense wind at the top. Being prepared will make taking in those views a little bit more comfortable.

Short and sweet AMAZING hike! (This is a reverse version of Lost Lake via Hessie Trail.. lol) A lot of people, parking wars. You have a choice of taking the shuttle too but not sure exactly where the shuttle station is. No fee to get in, short but rough hike, so no flip flops, folks! You can walk around the lake, swim, or some people had a tent out. Amazing view, must go trail!! 80% shade by the way.

4 months ago

So gorgeous the whole way! Decently challenging footing ranging from red dirt to loose rock with creeks passing over the trail. Mostly an incline the entire way but nothing too steep. The parking lot is 4x4 access only at the moment (looks like rain came through and rutted the drive but there is some limited parking for other cars along the road in parallel spots.

I really enjoyed this hike. Lots of places to explore off the trail, plenty of water sources along the way to cool yourself and your dogs off. I love a trail/hike that has water so I think thats why I dug this one so much.

The only downfall is the parking situation-- we got to the trailhead around 10am, and there was zero parking. We had to park about a mile away from the trailhead, and we weren't sure how to access the shuttle so we ended up walking to the trailhead. I recommend googling the free shuttle and figuring that out beforehand :)

We took this trail on a Saturday. The parking near the trailhead was already full by 9:30, so we took the free shuttle from Nederland. We followed the creek up to the top of the waterfalls. It was beautiful! A thunder storm blew in and it poured for about 15 minutes. Then the weather cleared, and we continued hiking. The trail was not difficult, the water features were fabulous, and there was plenty of shade. Take lots of water, light rain gear if storms are likely, and a snack.

Beautiful hike, good shade, great views. The trail has a good amount of loose rock so be careful. Got to the parking around 830 and was pretty full so Id recommend getting there early.

This is my favorite trail so far. Love the wooded areas and multiple waterfalls!

Relatively short hike that is only a bit strenuous due to all of the loose rock on the trail. The lake has designated campsites surrounding it and plenty of places to sit and have lunch. Lots of bear warnings at the trailhead and limited roadside parking—follow the parking signs or take the shuttle from Ned.

Wonderful hike. I try to do it once a year. Summer conditions aside from a few snow patches that are totally passable. Still wet and muddy, but nothing hiking boots can't handle. Do beware that the road up is rough - saw several sedans turn back on my way down, so 4x4 is the best way to go!

7 months ago

Did this hike on a beautiful Saturday! Took about two hours to get to the top of the pass with an active pace and minimal stoppage time. There were numerous snow field crossings along the way, nothing longer than a few hundred feet usually. Most of the crossings have a tamped down path you can follow to avoid post holing, although this still happened to me at a few points on the way down. I brought microspikes but only used them once as it was more effort put them on and take them off than it was to walk across the snow without them. I would recommend boots though as the trail became really muddy in parts as the day warmed up. Also there are several stream/water crossing. Nothing serious at all and all passable, but much easier to cross when you aren't concerned with getting your foot wear wet. I had shorts and gaitors with a quarterzip midlayer and was a great temp. Very glad I had the gaitors too for when i did post hole/kick up water. It was quite windy at the top of the pass (I was reading a steady 15-20MPH), and I was glad to have another layer then. There are also a few rock windblocks built along the ridge which can shield you from the wind. Also remember sunscreen, much of this hike is exposed, with the last mile or so being at or past the treeline. Anything I forgot to apply sunscreen to got burned pretty badly. Way down took me about two hours as I took my time and stopped places I passed by on the way up because I wanted to get up. Could probably make it down in 1.5 hrs or less if you wanted. Road was fine and both the Arapahoe Lake and Caribou lake trail seemed passable albeit exposed. Gorgeous hike!

Great hike. Decent amount of snow on upper section. 6-1-18 amazing views the whole hike and especially at the top.

Love this trail! It’s an easy hike with lots of instant gratification via waterfalls, rushing waters, and a nice lake at the end. Did this on 5/18/18. Some snow and a little drizzle but so worth it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My husband and I took our pup up to Lost Lake Jan 13th. We used our Yack-Tracks which worked perfectly. People were also hiking the trail in plain hiking boots and some had snowshoes. A fairly easy winter hike with very rewarding views at the lake.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

seriously beautiful trail. went up the 1st October with 6in to 1ft snow so dress warm and get out the take tracks.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Beautiful views and easy trail to navigate. Definitely recommend bringing layers as well!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Had some great aspens starting to turn yellow, will be really pretty by October.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Loved it, made it to 11,525(switched over to the glacier trail at the end), bring some layers.


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