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1 day ago

Nice way to stretch legs while touring TN on a Saturday afternoon.

Nice beginner hike, took my dog with me, very wide trail. Beautiful views of the hidden lake. Would recommend to any beginner, also very well marked trail

Beaman Park may really be the crown jewel of Nashville's park system as the scenery is just as beautiful as Edwin Warner Park but without all the people and road noise. The creek on the left at the beginning affords many stunning views. The series of switchbacks up the steep hill are easy to navigate as a single-track footpath, and when you get to the top, there are lovely views of the deep ravines below. The last half of the trail descending down the steep hills actually took me slightly longer than climbing them!

From the Harris Street Bridge parking area, I hiked the trails leading from the trailhead to the historic water tunnel with great views of the river on the right and huge rocky bluffs on the left, and followed it back to a junction for the main path to ascend the steep staircase to the overlook. The views from the bluff make this trail one of the most scenic trails near Nashville. This was a moderate hike for a beginner like me with the steep climbs totaling about 1.8 miles and took me roughly an hour to complete.

For a new hiker like me, this trail was moderately difficult with rich rewards in scenery. If the quarry wasn't pretty enough, the higher elevated views of the lake are even better. My favorite part of this hike was scrambling over the beautiful rock formations. The remnants of buildings left over from the old resort from the 1920s hints at the history of the area. The Bluebird Loop at the beginning and end of this loop have plenty of butterflies and wildflowers that are fragrant on a warm day. This hike is a lovely way to pass an hour.

Trail is nice. Love the incline at the beginning, but the last time I went was a few years ago and my car was broken into, window shattered, purse was taken (it was hidden), and everything they didn't want to keep was strewn across the road near the park

great little hike for something quick. There wasn't anything amazing to look at but the trail was nice and definitely gets you in nature. only real down fall was that the trail gets super narrow in places and becomes difficult when passing runners and other dog owners. It is an incline pretty much the whole way so if you dont like up hill hikes I wouldn't recommend it.

1 month ago

Smith park has some rugged trails, seriously steep climbs and a great view . An excellent convenient park for a spirited workout. Great views at the top. Very quiet and peaceful overall.

on Red Trail

1 month ago

It’s a nice trail for training but nothing to see at the top of the hill.

Nothing too exciting, but a mostly easy hike after an easy drive works for me. Any time in the woods is a good time in my book. It's also quite shaded so a good option to still get a hike in on an otherwise hot day.

1 month ago

nice short trail. I take my dog there to swim.

Very short but really three options for hikes, one that’s rather steep but takes you to a breathtaking overlook of the river gorge and countryside. Great if you have an hour or two, before river activities.

We had a great time. We were able to run or jog most of it. Lots of options for different trails as well.

Fairly easy hike. Went there with my dog and it was a good distance and level of difficulty to make her tired. We came across a few families with children who all seemed to be doing alright. There terrain is not flat so keep that in mind. The scenery is beautiful.

Surprisingly short and steep, with a remarkable view of the Harpeth River. imho it's too easily accessible. Would do it again if in the area.

This trail was awesome. Short and sweet, has cool rock formations and a cool little history behind the lake. This honestly felt like moderate difficulty to me, though. The trails aren’t super well marked but it’s still not that difficult to get around.

Great trails and mostly shaded which is great in TN heat! Plan ahead - no bathrooms.

2 months ago

Short and intense. Basically all incline with 2 short level ground spots. Want cardio, don't have all day? This is your spot. Nice scenery all the way through, mostly tree canopy covered for sunburn prone folks. Ends in a beautiful hilltop clearing with covered benches on the perimeter.

great elevation. it is winding. it is narrow so can't walk side by side with a friend. saw some frogs. leads to a circle of wooden benches.

2 months ago

It’s perfect when you have two kids and a dog. Super easy and we even took our umbrella stroller. There was a couple tough spots for the stroller but over all perfect for us.

This short trail is so relaxing and has wonderful views at highest elevation.

3 months ago

Hiked it today and saw a few deer. Trail is green and pretty.

3 months ago

Beautiful views. Great for kids.

3 months ago

Signs got me lost so I had to use the map got lost three times but it was a pretty challenging run with the inclines and loose rocks

Awesome. Hiked it twice this year and plan to again. has stairs with good amount of incline. has an amazing overlook with a great rock to take a picture on. really short so not intense for long.

Great for trail running. Easy hike for kids. Watch out for bikers though. We had a lot of rude bikers just fly past us with no warning. Overall great scenery and peaceful.

I wouldn’t really call it hiking. It’s more of a walk through fields, with a lake. Paths aren’t properly marked and there’s very little visibility (lack of elevation). Also, during the summer the paths have grass that’s tall enough to conceal the snakes, which there are. Better off going to Edwin warner

Beautiful, marked well, great trail for the whole family, dogs allowed (leashed)

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