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Super beautiful - went around 2pm on a weekday; saw a few people at the start of the spur cross trail then no-one until I hit boca grande wash and dragonfly loop. Goes without saying but watch for snakes! Saw a rattler near the start of spur cross trail. Upper dragonfly trail may be my new favourite section in spur cross - you feel like you're on a different planet. Very easy elevation changes but long enough overall for an ok workout. Lots of water for my dog to splash around in down in the loop so she may have a new favourite loop hike too. If you're a creeker and haven't done so already go to town hall and pay your $1 for your annual spur cross pass.

Excellent hike with amazing views. Was very happy we didn’t take the pups, a lot of cactus and very rocky.

4 days ago

Very deceiving as there’s no actual trail. Best way to start is to climb up to the cave on the right and then down in. Was an adventurous hike as it’s definitely moderate to hard at times. Very enjoyable.

best trail in Phoenix

Rocky but worth the climb!

Another successful hike with the crew. ⛰

on Boulder Canyon

10 days ago

Wow is right! Spectacular view at the end, you can continue on if you want a little longer hike. Good hiking shoes an asset. Distance and elevation seem bang on.

16 days ago

This was the first trail I ever hiked. I did it as a teenager on a field trip with my church. Beautiful views of the Vulture Mountains! Don't forget to sign the guest book at the summit. There is a camp ground with facilities at the base of the mountain. Fun place to spend the weekend with friends and family. An Arizona State trust land permit is required to camp at the facilities.

Loved this trail!

23 days ago


29 days ago

Holy crap this hike was awesome! The lottery system keeps crowds down to 20 people per day, which you really appreciate when you arrive.

Took the doggos, super easy. Nice views and you can get a shot overlooking all of Phoenix.

1 month ago

Absolutely fabulous. Now that I have been there, the route is easy. Caution if terrain navigating. 2nd largest slot canyon on NA very close.

1 month ago

A beautiful trail from start to finish. A solid moderate rated trail, I can see where for some it could be ranked difficult. Good hiking shoes with good gripping power is a must. Trail required focus on the path as you walked it, no looking around for me, so frequent stops to take in the amazing views. Path is visibly easy to follow, no markers outside of the trail head. Was light traffic today, ran into maybe a total of 10 other hikers. By the end I had 5.7 miles, so as others noted, it’s longer than the states 4.8 miles. Took me 3hrs 15min, with taking about 15 mins at the turnaround point to take in views. Great hike for views and a workout!! Then treat yourself to food & beverage in Tortilla Flats afterward, it’s a well deserved reward!

1 month ago

This is the most unique place on the planet. You don’t even believe it’s Earth. It’s like staring into a prehistoric era. Unbelievable!!!

1 month ago

People who are worried about getting to trailhead with a non 4x4 vehicle, don’t! I got there with my Toyota Sienna minivan and was fine if I drove slowly.

I lucked out and got a walk in permit the first time trying ON MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!! Got last # that was called out!

I started early (I stayed at the Stateline campground the night before so would have a quick drive) since I can’t handle high heat very well. It was nice and cool. Trail isn’t very well marked so follow the pictures in your booklet that the ranger gives you when you get your permit! I found a couple who got lost not doing that.

Most of hike is just exposed rock and sand. Saw some random wildflowers when I went through. The Wave portion itself (and if you go just a tad further will see similar formations some call the 2nd wave) is incredible.

I got out before noon since, by then, the heat was getting to me. Worth the hike!

1 month ago

Wow! The views from this hike are phenomenal!!! Watch for snakes, I saw 2.

Great trail to explore big boulders, some water pools, insects, green vegetation in the middle of the desert!

Awesome Sunrise Hike Today❣️Amazing Incline Workout-Hard Hike to Summit but so rewarding with great views of Camel Back, Squaw Peak, etc.....bathrooms on site and plenty of parking, no charge!

I would almost give this 5 stars except for the beginning of the trail starting on the Bulldog Saddle side. The trail is of really poor quality with tennis ball to softball sized loose rocks. It's just hard going until you get to the saddle.

From the backside of the saddle to the Pass Mountain side of the trailhead this is an absolutely beautiful hike. I found the backside of this loop really easy to follow right up to the second saddle (travelling counterclockwise). At that point just hug the mountain and work your way to the far side of the canyon where that ridge will take you down with tremendous views of The Flatiron along the way.

If you can time this part of the loop to coincide with sunset you will be treated to some stunning views.

Lovely walk/ trail for families or the less adventurous. I'd pick a crazy backcountry hike over a paved path any day, but I was still able to really enjoy this. There's a big enough variety in plants and scenery to keep it interesting. My mom can hardly walk on flat ground without being in pain, and she was able to do this ok.

A perfect get away from the city. Kid and elderly friendly!

Very pretty trail. I recommend NOT bringing your dog though. Tons of cholla/jumping cactus on part of it, two of my dogs got severely pricked and we had to turn back. Went back with my friend and did the whole trail later...minus the pups! FYI: they were on leashes, the cacti were even on the trail.

Very great trail for all! A lot of rocks. Take lots of water, I can’t say enough! Also pay attention to the dividing trails. Great leg workout. Not much shade on the hike although I did manage to find a few cool spots to sit and eat my orange and sip on some water.

This is my favorite trail in Maricopa County. The views are varied and spectacular. A nice combination of desert and forest-like scenery. At one point you cross the creek in Cave Creek, but it has been dry all summer. Best of all, plenty of shade along the Dragonfly Loop.

Great trail with a nice shadow cast in the mornings on most of the trail. Clean and well kept with the trail being made from Lois rocks most of the way. Great for myself and my family (dog included).

2 months ago

This was an amazing experience...We went on a cold, rainy, somewhat snowy day in March. We are so thankful that we hired a guide out of Kanab who had a vehicle that could get in and out. Rain on clay is almost worse than ice in Minnesota. The weather did not dampen the experience and the weather cleared just as we arrived at the Wave. We are glad that we dressed in weather appropriate layers. We received our lottery ticket in the online drawing 3 months ahead....and there were almost 300 in line the day before. So it really is the luck of the draw.

rock climbing
2 months ago

I did this March 7th 2017. This is a awesome trip with 2 miles of easy trail followed by a very steep path to the saddle, about 800’ of gain in 0.6 miles.

At the saddle their are great views. I started mountaineering at age 20 and the gulley up to the summit has some risks. There are a few very steep short steps up slabs with very little holds. It’s friction climbing and there is exposure that there is enough air below you, that a fall could be fatal.

I would rate the 240’ gulley as class 2 with a few short exposed sections that are class 5.2. There is a great view from the summit and this is a peak i will be doing every year.

If your not comfortable on steep terrain please stop at the saddle. Another issue to be aware of is the gully is perfect for rattlesnakes, where there are crevices and brush. Also i expect in a matter of time a fall down the slabs. Because of this risk it’s best not to be directly below strangers in the gully.

Also they can dislodge rocks that can cause you significant injuries, because of the speed along with their weight. Wait until the gully is clear before ascending it.

I may sound like a overly cautious person, however this is because of four decades of climbing, i have responded to lots of accidents, when i was in mountain rescue.

To summarize, Vulture Peak offers a lot, and will be a yearly trip for me.


Nice easy afternoon hike

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