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I went two days ago with some friends. The hike was great! It was a little muddy, but nothing too bad.

took my cousin and daughter here a couple years back during a pretty nasty storm, excellent climb up, exhilarating summit!

Jan 21st 2019. Road leading up to the trailhead is closed. We had to walk 42minutes before reaching the trailhead. Snow at trailhead. I would recommend spikes.

14 hours ago

I would consider this on the more difficult side of moderate only because of the incline. The views from the top make all the effort getting there worth it.
There were tree trunks and quite a few rocks on the trail but other than that doable. I saw many dogs and young kids so anyone can do this hike.

15 hours ago

Gorgeous! Camped right on the beach, was like a dream.

19 hours ago

Nice gradual hike for 3 miles, with occasional glimpses of the mountains. At this juncture we went left and the trail got quite a bit steeper. (It also gets steeper pretty soon if you go straight/right.) There is a short mineshaft just off the trail right after the turn. just under a half mile up is an old bomber wreckage, which we missed on the way out. We continued up the valley from there and actually put on snowshoes for a while. Beautiful views on the back side if Iron Mountain.

Love this trail. Takes us an hour 45 to go up and down, we run most of the way down. There are logs down over the trail currently just FYI!

Lots of downed trees but very hikeable and busy Sunday morning. Clouds in the valley looked great!

I did this hike w my 11 yo son and it was just enough. The views at the beach are spectacular! Very easy except for the last descent to the beach where one has to use the traction assistance of a rope due to erosion and mud. Added just enough excitement for my son. We found this trail while visiting during the NPS shutdown and glad we did.

on Granite Mountain Trail

2 days ago

Great workout. Hiking through the forest was steep but do-able (be advised if bringing children). My dog had no problems with the varied terrain. At roughly the 2 mile mark, until the top, there is icy snow. Poles and snowshoes recommended, however, hiking boots are sufficient. Had to turn around near the 3 mile mark due to too deep of snow and the trail was unclear. Views were great even with clouds and had some snowfall. Minimal foot traffic on this trail which was nice. Will definitely be going back in a month or two in hopes of making it to the top!

Went around 1030am on a Friday and there wasn’t much of a crowd. The trail is well maintained and you can feel the slight incline going up but it’s not overly challenging. Beautiful views at the top and a good spot to take a break with a snack before heading down. Took a little under two and half hours in total.

One of my all time favorite trails. The view is beautiful and I went on a clear day so you could see for miles and miles. We brought lunch to eat once we got up to the top as well.

2 days ago

Loved this hike, would suggest to start really early to avoid the crowds on your way up.

2 days ago

Did Si last year in Feb, bring your micro spikes as it gets really icy and snow in the last mile. Awesome, well worth view at the top.

Unreal. Easy access, fun hike. Feels like summer in mid January.

Amazing hike. Mid January, feels like summer.

3 days ago

The dog, the boy(11 years old) and I hikes this on Saturday 1/19/19. The trail is very muddy, not impossible but boots you don't mind ruining are a must. The trail itself is very flat, not a lot of hills hence the easy rating. No trail head markings or signage along the way. We missed the "Ghost Town" entirely and ended up walking along the river until we hit a road(about 5 miles). Then we turned around and came back. Lots of nice views of the river and beautiful forest. We saw 4 elk in a small group. A good time was had, but I don't know about the ghost town aspect.

4 days ago

Awesome view. Definitely worth the steep climb and ropes to get to the top.

we did this hike on New Years Eve and again this past Sunday. One of our favorites for sure. NYE there was allot of snow, obviously fresh and super cold. This past weekend, much of the snow was gone and the lake wasnt as frozen. Two very different hikes and very different views along the way with and without the snow. Cant wait to come back in the summer to camp! Easy in and out very little elevation. Just enough to get your heart rate up a bit and then your there. LOTS of dogs off their leashes would be my only negative comment. We brought 3 dogs both times and kept them leashed for caution both times.

6 days ago

Amazing trail! Go early on a weekday and you’ll practically have it to yourself (I left the trailhead at 7:30am and there were only few other cars). Took me ~80’ of powerhiking to summit (excluding haystack) and 40’ to run down. But I also spent plenty of time at the summit, exploring the rocks and scrambling up haystack (do it!). The views were just stunning. Rainier towers over the rest of the Cascades and the olympics were totally clear to the west. Very little snow at the top. I did the whole thing in trail running shoes and didn’t have a problem.

7 days ago

This was my 2nd time coming here. I love it. I hated outmaneuver underneath the fallen logs from the storm not to long ago. If you have bad knees yes this will be awkwardly painful. Other than that at the ledge it was super windy and cold. Took my group of ladies about 3 hours to finish. The sunset was pretty <3

7 days ago

This was my 2nd time coming here. I love it. I hated outmaneuver underneath the fallen logs from the storm not to long ago. If you have bad knees yes this will be awkwardly painful. Other than that at the ledge it was super windy and cold. Took my group of ladies about 3 hours to finish. The sunset was pretty <3

There was some confusion if we should take ext 52 or 47 thanks to Apple maps. We chose to go with ext 47. The gate to the FSR is closed. We parked on the street near the gate. It was Sunday afternoon so there were plenty of places to park. We knew that we would be racing against the sun but are pretty fit, experienced, and prepared. There is ice on the two mile stretch of road you have to hike to get to the trail head. The trail itself is covered in snow and ice. I would not have attempted this trail without micro spikes. With warmer temps I was careful to stay on the trail and not get too close to the edge (could easily slip or snow could give way on the cliff side). Round trip this hike ends up about 8 miles. From the gate and back it took us about 2.5 hours round trip, including our stop at the falls.

Went at 1:15pm. Very crowded in parts of the trail but was able to run some on the way up and down. Beautiful views! Worth every bit of traffic!

Not too strenuous and no views going up. Views at the three ledges aren’t as good as surrounding national parks.

No snow or ice on the path at all. It was a little crowded even though we went up around 9am but the view up there was amazing. When we went down around 1pm the parking lot was packed so I would recommend to go there early.

8 days ago

Arrived at the trailhead at 9am on a Sunday. Roughly half the lot was full. The haystack is very dry and you climbable. Most folks didn’t attempt so I was all alone up there around 11am :)

Trail is well made with stones. discover pass for parking. on sunny day, Seattle and Bellevue and a bunch of popular mountains including Mt Rainier are visible.
I measured hike up to be 4 miles. Hard to find good spot for lunch. Top is mountain is a little risky with too many stones and almost rock climbing.
Overall great experience, better than mailbox peak.

Got to 5134’ up Red Mountain on snow shoes. Need ice axe and crampons to to continue to summit. Very steep grade. Was tricky getting down. Will try again when the snow conditions and weather is good with my partner and the right equipment and probably ropes.

It looks like 1-2 people summited early in the day with crampons and skied down.

I’ve hiked this trail several times throughout the year. The trail is in good condition and easy to follow. There are a few inches of snow at the top but it’s still safe to scramble the shoulder for the view.

Avoid the upper goat path. I is thick enough to be a hazard but to thin to work with just under 1/4”. Fall protection gear is highly recommended. For above the continuation.

Hiked January 8, 2019

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