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Saw a coyote and a large flock of quail! Pretty hike.

10 days ago

Short Steep Hike - lots of fun, but bring 30-40% more water than you think you need (We did this in November when it was 80 and still ran out of water on way back). I wouldn't recommend doing this in the summer unless you start before sunrise.

Follow the markings once the trail becomes less clear, they are painted on the rocks. The general path stays low near gully, on the left side. If you are FAR left on that hill, you are off the path. Have fun and take pictures!

13 days ago

Hike took 4 hours with a half hour stop at the summit. Beautiful views of canyon and strip. We went on a Sunday without much foot traffic once you past the first mile bring plenty of water and a snack

Started at 2:30 and the first uphill part was hot, but then the entire afternoon in the shade. Distinct color changes along the way. Only saw 5 or 6 other people on trail.

21 days ago

This hike was tougher than I expected. The trails was difficult to stick with and I think I added at least an extra mile wandering around. It was an interesting and fun scramble though and the view from the top was much better than expected! Don’t forget the sunscreen and water!

22 days ago

The hike was great. Not a lot to see on the way up but the view from the top is magnificent. Lots of loose footing so watch you step

This hike was hot, but it was beautiful! The white rock area changes as you loop around; reds, white, Joshua trees. I’m not big on desert hiking in general but am so glad I did this one. I would skip La Madre Springs, though. I only went to the spring itself, maybe it’s incredible up higher.
I started at the willow springs picnic area, trail the entire way. The only wildlife I saw were geckos and chipmunks, though did look for bighorn sheep.

Couple of areas where trail markings were not clear but the payoff....WOW! 360 panorama of the Vegas basin and Red Rock valley. Awesome!!! Worth the effort.

One of the nicest views and hikes in the area. Some of the trail isn't well marked, I heard it is now so going back next month to do it again. It's not well shaded so make sure to wear a hat, sunscreen, and water. Parking wasn't abundant so you'll have to wait for a spot or park on the One-Way road around Red Rock Canyon.

This is my favorite hike. Amazing nature, climbing and the colors are beautiful!!!

26 days ago

Started at 6:30am and had the place to myself! Took about 3.5 hours total including a 30 min break at the top. Toughest part of the hike is the middle portion...really gets your heart pumping. On the way down, be careful of loose gravel. Even being cautious, I still almost busted my butt a good 5 or 6 times (didn’t have any problems on the way up). Loved this beautiful and challenging hike!

trail running
26 days ago

Good morning hike before work type of trail.. just bring a bottle of water.

Pretty cool trail used mainly by climbers for accessing routes on Rainbow & Browstone Walls (and descending). A lot of 2nd 3rd and a bit of 4th class scrambling. Cool chimneys and rock tunnels to climb though. Awesome way to spend the day if the rock is still to wet to climb. Didn't see a single other hiker almost the entire way.

Enjoyed the strip view

1 month ago

Keep going all the way to the cabin. Bring lots of water.

Great trail. Make sure you keep going all the way to the top where there are remnants of some sort of camp (structure and fire ring). Really great views along the way. Bring lots of water.

we had great fun, no too difficult, but hard enough and terrific views! absolutely word while!

good views
big workout! A lot of bang 4 the distance!

1 month ago

A beautiful somewhat challenging hike. I hiked it counterclockwise and was happy I did. The trail starts out a little drab but gets nicer as you go. There is a nice view towards the end after the trail takes you up a hill.

This is a great hike with amazing 360* views at the summit. Well worth the time and effort.

My fave hike in Red Rock, I’m there quite often. It starts off easy then can get a littl difficult so make sure to bring plenty of water. If you hike into the canyon you can either relax at the top r go further in. If you do prepare to do some scrambling.

This hike as mapped is just someone exploring and recording the Hike. Beautiful but no marked trail of any kind as you get off regular loop and climb to top, follow ridge line then descend. Difficult, with significant exposure and truly an exploration. Be ready to backtrack, trying alternate routes and bring plenty of liquids and snacks. A hike we anticipated lasting 2 hours turned into a near 6 hour mostly rock scrambling outing. Be careful, not for the faint of heart!

1 month ago

This is a great hike with beautiful views of Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon. This hike is in Red Rock Canyon park so there is a $15 admission fee per car. One this trail there are some steep spots with loose gravel/sediment on it, making it dicy in areas. I would recommend trekking poles. Keep an eye out for blue, orange and white dots/arrows to identify the path. There are Many offshoots that will lead you astray.

2 months ago

Full of tarantula hawks, thistles and cacti. Heard there were rattle snakes. Must be true. Don’t go. Also the cabin is haunted, grudge-style, so a Japanese ghost will eat you.

2 months ago

Fantastic hike! Not the hardest one ever but still moderately challenging with an incredible view of Las Vegas at the top! If your ever in the area, make this your first stop!

this is a difficult trail with some areas of slippery gravel and rock scrambling. There are a lot of trail markings via spray paint, but still easy to wander off trail in certain spots. Although, heading in the right general direction, any path you pick will get you there. The view of the Valley on one side and the park on the other are worth the journey.

PA girl, first time hiking on the west coast and decided to challenge myself to a more difficult rated hike. This trail was amazing! Awesome views! Starts off pretty mellow, but by the midway point there's some scrambling. Get to the top, take it all in. Little shade, take it while you can! Overall, not a super difficult hike. Best hike I've ever accomplished. Hardest part was the descent because at some points, the trail is hard to follow. Markings are faded. Also, small stones/pebbles make it challenging as well. Super easy to slip on the descent. Watch your step!

For those of you who are used to east coast weather and/or humidity, the most challenging part is gauging hydration status. So, just keep drinking! I finished 100oz of water and that still wasn't enough.

Great hike, not as difficult as I thought it would be but still challenging, especially going up hill as we were approaching the summit, since the ground was not as sturdy. Have the proper attire for a dessert environment, long pants and hiking shoes to protect from the dessert plants and bushes. Keep hydrated and enjoy the great view of the canyon and Vegas from a distance.

3 months ago

Challenging and fun.. very little shade, but I knew it would given it is Vegas.. Trail isn’t marked too welll...

The first half was easy. And very enjoyable. The second half the trail pretty much disappeared. Loose rocks and scrambling. The long slope to the top was very boring and dull. it's a very hard walk bushwacking with no trail. After I was done I could have kicked myself and should have done a more scenic hike around the red rocks. But I made it to the top.

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