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Love it! My dog loves the trails.

perfect to take a long walk with the dogs and "get lost".

Was really nice. First one we’ve done. Pulled in and parking lot was full, so we were worried. But, found space to ourselves. Nice to have option of dirt trails and paved. Spent 2.5 hours there finding plenty to do.

Great trail.

This is a beautiful place to hike. I explored all the dirt trails and really enjoyed them. If you are a trail runner, these are perfect trails to run on. They are smooth, wide, and free of roots, rocks, etc. I’m a klutz, so I get tripped up easily. But, I could see myself having a pretty safe trail run out here.

1 month ago

We recently moved to McKinney, and discovered Erwin Park. We're hikers, not bikers, but love the trail. It appears that the way the trail was designed was for walkers to go one direction and bikers the other on the same trail - so walkers can see bikers coming and move off the trail?

This is The Heard Museum. I’ve loved this place since I was a kid. The trails are fun, and nice. I walked all of them yesterday.

They also have Dinosaurs Live set up.

There is an admission fee ($11 for adults), but I would suggest becoming a member if you want to hike it regularly.

They are closed on Mondays.


Considering Texas is ridiculously flat this was pretty good! My dog loved it!

This is one of the trails in Heard Nature Center. It includes a boardwalk over a swampy area that is really pretty and unique for the area, especially in spring. Plenty of turtles and snakes to spot in the water.

Part of the heard museum, have to pay unless you have a membership like the Perot museum membership

Nice walk. I'd say this is more of an easy than a moderate, though.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Well maintained trail system that has a mix of wide open flowy parts and really tightly woven single-track through the trees. Definitely worth a ride or three.

FIRST time here and walked the outer loop trail and back. it wad very windy the day we went sio the trees helped break that up but was still enough breeze to be comfortable.

trail running
3 months ago

Decent trail for running, as long as you watch your footing and slow down at the bends. Went around 7am and had the place to myself.

good for a brisk walk. some hills were good. water areas has trash and debris. kinda got lost.

4 months ago

Really nice trail. Although it’s concrete, it’s lined with big, pretty trees and the trail passes two ponds and two playgrounds.

Great for walkers but not much to look at. This trail is very wheelchair accessible. Most of the trail is in the open and it doesn’t make a loop. The sun reflects off the wide cement path even in October. However they’re making several improvements to connect the trail so I’ll update when that is complete.

If you want to hike or bike further can merge with large park south of Spring Creek. Loved the pathways by the creek. But take a bag to pick up some trash especially if you walk down to the creek—as I often do.

Good for biking. still under some construction.

At $11 per Adult, this place is a museum and certainly not for hiking. Great entertainment for kids... wrong place for those wanting a true outdoor walk.

Nice park with a lot of paved and wooded trails. Park also has a nature & relaxation center and an auditorium. They were building more trails while we were there. Beautiful area in an urban setting.

Nice mix of open areas and wooded cover with small elevation changes. The trail is clear and the overgrown areas have been mowed. There is a good amount of poison ivy off the trail but if you stay on it you should be okay. We went South to start and the trail is closed due to construction. We look forward to going back.

walking, biking, and hiking.. family friendly.

I went at 8am on a Sunday. Lots of walkers but few bikers. The trail was intermediate in difficulty. I am a newb, I found it a bit challenging. But exhilarating.

6 months ago

I went hiking here to check out the trails and campsites. It seems ok for a day hike or camping with small children. Quite a bit of mowed areas (seems like a waste to me). The campsites are pretty far apart compared to most cul de sac campgrounds but right up next to the road with no privacy. The trails are well kept and pretty easy, only a few steep hills. Seems like a great spot for mountain bikes. I probably won't camp here but it's within the city, so I'll be back to stretch my legs on occasion.

So far the best actual hiking trail I've done in northern dallas. Pretty fun and not boring flat.

Very over grown foliage, tall grasses and trees aid in diminishing the trail. Difficult to find path into forest and need a to wear long sleeves and pants to avoid bites and scratches. Spoke with a hiker who was just swarmed by mosquitoes. Grasses are as tall as it gets. Same goes for Fork East entrance.

Very over grown foliage, tall grasses and trees aid in diminishing the trail. Difficult to find path into forest and need a to wear long sleeves and pants to avoid bites and scratches. Same goes for Highland Park entrance.

love this trail. Easy and scenic, great for horseback riding

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