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Overcrowded and hard to park so we parked in the overflow lot on Arbor Vista Dr. There were decent bathrooms but unfortunately no toilet paper to be found. Nice paved wide trails... so the crowds were tolerable. The unpaved trails were very muddy so we didn't attempt any. The bike trails were closed. All in all a nice easy Sunday evening walk but next time I'd go earlier to beat the crowds.

9 days ago

Great trail. Trail is secluded and well maintained. Used our Trails GPS map bc the trail itself has very few markets. Great mix of terrain. I would definitely rank it as more of an easy hike.

14 days ago

Great place. Different terrain creates a pleasant experience. Trail tough to follow on the prairies as they are rerouting it. Lots of water. Seemed remote.

overcrowded but nice walk. Seems more like easy instead of moderate. Beautiful scenery.

A rare park that will soon be surrounded by the suburbs, but is big enough to experience some quiet notwithstanding the occasional cow moo or airplane. Rolling hills provide some elevation changes and the scenery during a hike or ride switches from bottomland forest to grassy plain. Great place to escape to, especially if you live close by.

It is a concrete path the entire hike. It’s easy to follow with slight elevation throughout the trail. Some parts are along residential streets. Good for beginners.

My boyfriend and I have been running these trails for about a year-and-a-half. They offer excellent incline and decline options but I would definitely recommend upgraded trail running shoes for some of the soft trails rated as medium. The topography can't be beat and the streams are amazing. Our dog can't get enough of it! Concrete trails are heavily trafficked but the soft trails are much less so. It is a must-try!

Beautiful trail over all. Great concrete walking trails with some scenic views. The dirt trails can be confusing as there are quite a few small ones that intersect, especially toward the beginning of the trail. The trail that goes around the parameter of the reserve has some erosion and can be difficult to navigate. I would not consider this a moderate trail, but easy. Parking is great and the short mountain bike trail is fun with some slightly technical areas.

I use this trail primary for training purposes since I live very close by. Unfortunately, the trail is becoming extremely worn out with a lot of erosion. It is located in a flood plane so after rain it does flood and brings quite a bit of trash from the lake up to the trail which does not make for a good view. Currently there is a lot of construction due to encroaching housing development. North of Collin Park a housing development cut the trail in half. South of Breckenridge a housing development diverted the trail to the perimeter of the development. At the very North part of the trail a pipe line has been put in and destroyed a portion of the trail as well. Not what I want to see while hiking. Word of warning, the trail becomes very tacky after a rain and will stick to your shoes/boots. Unless we have a hot summer it takes a bit for the trail to dry out. Don't expect beautiful views unless you go off trail toward the lake on a nice day.

mountain biking
1 month ago

1 month ago

Wish it was marked better. It was difficult to follow at times. We did enjoy the elevation, made it a bit more challenging. It was also shaded well most the trail. We will try it again.

This is our second time walking the trails. Our last visit all the natural surface trailed closed due to heavy rains. This time only the bike trails were closed

We walked about 2 miles on the paved surfaces. The trail map says there are 3 miles of paved trails. If you back track and make sure you hit up each side walk to the parking lots you will get that three miles. But its more like 2.5 miles of actual hiking trails.

We walked another 2 miles on the natural surface trails. These were a lot of fun. But I would only take these trails when they are dry. Any moisture on the trail and they get slippery. I slipped and tripped over tree roots several times.

We chose to visit the preserve on a holiday. It was busy. To much traffic on the paved surfaces to have a quiet walk.

If you want a quiet walk, try the natural surface trails. Most of them are marked and few that are not marked. These trails can give you a couple of hours of getting back to nature.

I would consider the paved trails an easy walk or ride and the natural surface trails to be easy to slightly harder.

This is a great place to get back to nature in a sea of concrete as one reviewer said and I have to agree. I highly recommend this trail.

We will be back to explore the natural surface trails and ride the mountain bike trails soon.

A private oasis amongst a sea of concrete!

I love this trail! So glad I found it!

3 months ago

Hello twins. ;)

do not part in East fork park, the trail head is West down skyline. before you get to the park take a left on skyline. there is a day use/ equestrian friendly lot on the right not far down. once you step thru the walking gate... take an immediate left along the fence line... the path that goes straight from the gate dead ends at the lake. horse trail also so it is rough. at about 3 miles in we cut over to skyline and walked back on the road

Nice place. 4 different trails. Wooded to grassland. Went after rain and boots got caked with dirt/mud. Had to stop several times to clean them off. Saw deer tracks. Saw big cottonmouth in swampy area.

excellent trails, both paved and dirt. spent 3 hours exploring

Very light traffic (as in none) bumps it up to 4 stars. The trail is nice but it’s nothing close to extraordinary.

Indian creek was so refreshing and enjoyable after the trek . Good concrete trails and natural trails available to explore .

Really nice and well maintained trails. Next time I come, I definitely will give myself more time to explore.

This trail really does give you quit a workout. There are 4 trails to choose from we did the safari and the lake. The safari was well shaded but the lake only had a few shaded spot but well worth the walk will be one of my new walking spots most definitely.

It’s really good course to enjoy trail. I love this.

I like that it's large and almost untouched by man. It has tons of trees, cliffs, streams and winding trails. I actually got a lost out there for 4 hours with my husband, so make sure you take a trail map. Many of the trails in the deep woods are unmarked. So fun!

Went there yesterday, Sunday evening, with my grandson. Rode his bike around the trail. Can absolutely recommend for women alone. Busy trail, lots of people around and women walking/running alone. Great lane etiquette. I'll definitely be back.

One of the best trails in the area.

5 months ago

Great place for a nice hike in the area!

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