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This trail is badass! Mind you, I went off the beaten path a bit, I got my eye set on a huge Butte that over looked the lake, so I found a way up and my dog followed. Sat enjoyed my lunch and enjoyed the stunning view and great weather for this time of year. :) My only downfall, was as I was sitting beside the one tree on top of this rock, I quickly was greeted by the largest hawk I have ever seen! So hiker beware... it's nesting season and Hawks are very territorial

Great place for families to hike

Loved this hike! We of course took the senic route and explored all the trails in the area. It's beautiful!

This was a great day hike!! Not too much elevation gain. We went 12/7 and made it to the waterfall, no snow on the trail. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is because the trail up to the falls wasn’t well marked. The last 2.5 miles of the road leading up to the trailhead is pretty rough, lots of sharp rocks and narrow passes if the cows decided to join the road.

We didn’t realize that it was hunting season. Remember to wear something bright!

Trail is well marked and in good condition, it’s a road that looks like it’s been recently traveled quit a bit. The road into TH had some decent sized potholes so I would recommend AWD. The hike to the falls is much longer that listed, we mapped 7.4miles roundtrip. The falls are gorgeous!

1 month ago

The official trail itself isn't too hard. The awesome part is all the trails that aren't officially trails. They were all easy depending on what you done before. We climbed to the gap in the coulee, and went all over on trails others had made. I recommend going in autumn after the heat has passed. The caves themselves are neat, but exploring was far more fun.

Went on Saturday afternoon and it was a beautiful sunny day. Very peaceful, not many people. Trumpeter swans, ducks and geese were plenty.
Close to the Winslow pond we encountered a very large porcupine lumbering along.
No ticks visible at this time of year.

2 months ago

Did this first thing in the morning so it was very quiet and secluded. Informative signage explaining how the rain forest worked and why it was there.

Lovely day hiking around here- did this and part of 2 of the other trails (Stubble & the one that goes to the shop) at the start of my day/before doing the auto tour and some of those shorter hikes.

Beautiful hike early in the morning.
The cool air smelled so fresh like the smell of pine from all the tall pine trees.
Colors were amazing and sitting on the rocks near the river and listening to the sound of the small waves and swirls was very relaxing.
Will go again in spring!

fun for an easy afternoon hike

This is a great trail in the Spring or Fall. If you start along the creek it is shady and the incline is gradual. Definately take the south loop to see Rocks of Sharon and views of the Palouse. The east rim offers more sunshine and views of the Spokane Valley and beyond.

Fun little outing! We did this after Steamboat Rock. Interesting rock formations and history. Would be good for family's.

3 months ago

Easy, short. Great to take the family on.

3 months ago

My husband and I did this hike to see the Northrup homestead. Shortly after starting the hike we encountered a fork. The right fork is an old wagon road which is closed to accommodate nesting eagles for several months a year starting in November. The left fork looked to be the easier. The trail is generally exposed although at times we walked through cool forest. There are several stands of aspen on this trail. Perhaps 1/3 mile in, there is a muddy area about 15-20 feet that we slogged through. We could hear Northrup Creek to our left and eventually came to a bridge crossing the creek. Also at this point, we began to see meadows. Shortly after crossing the bridge, the trail was routed to the tail of the rock falls from the cliffs above. This made for unsteady footing but we manage to stay upright for the duration. As we walked along the edge of rock falls, the meadows opened up and were lovely. We arrived at the homestead which was our goal. Having read the Northrup family history, we both wanted to see their homestead and try to understand how they came to this barren part of the state and chose this site between the cliffs created by the Glacial Lake Missoula mega-flood. There is a house that is obviously of a later date than the settling of the homestead, so I'm guessing the original farmhouse is gone. There was what appeared to be a chicken house, an outbuilding that appeared to be a work building, and an outbuilding that was dilapidated. Behind the house, there was a tilting structure that we determined must have been a grain silo. Also behind the house is an old fence with a sad little bird house which was missing its roof. An apple tree still stands next to the house and had one lonely apple left on it. As we looked out over the meadows, we understood why they settled here. The creek was a water source for the meadows which produced fruits, vegetables, and flowers, which they carried to market. The views every step of this hike are simply spectacular! If you want to continue to Northrup Lake, the trail continues past the chicken house and the lake is a little over a mile further. I highly recommend this hike.

4 months ago

beautiful walk/hike

Came here on 09/10 in the afternoon. Lots of people in the parking lot but once on the trail we didn’t run into people too often. Hoh Rainforest was closed (I was devastated) so we came here needing to see some sort of rainforest. I guess I just don’t know what I’m missing but this short hike was amazing. There are giant old growth trees everywhere and the rainforest climate is just fascinating. You actually can feel how everything is just living and breathing. We started to do the larger loop but it sort of left what we were loving about the hike ( turned into just a regular flat trail with not a lot of character) so we turned back and finished the small loop instead.

it's a road but great for preschoolers!

Beautiful part of a bigger loop. Lush rainforest is magical to behold.

Beautiful views! Trails can be a little confusing as they are not marked by signs. We went off the trails a few times and ended up in much more challenging terrain than what I. would consider “easy” as this hike is listed. Very rocky in places. Trails do not seem “kid friendly” to me either, at least not for small ones.

Pros: Close to Spokane, gradual incline, leads to impressive vistas at Rocks of Sharon area, good for trail running Cons: Not very challenging, can be dry and hot in summer,
A friend and I did this route late in the evening in early Sep. 2018. The actual hike itself is pretty easy, and the access road is very well marked and paved. The trail ascends parallel to the creek of its namesake for a ways, then breaks out into some short switchbacks, then you follow a ridge towards the Rocks of Sharon area, which offers some impressive vistas of the land where the forest meets the Palouse of Washington. We managed to watch the sunset from here, then followed the continuation of the loop , using headlamps, through scrub brush back to the trailhead. This would be an ideal trail for trail running, and/or an alternate access to Rocks of Sharon that is closer to Spokane. For someone looking for a spectacular trail with significant ascent, this does not offer that.
3/5 stars

My go-to hike in Spokane. Great trail. Not too far from town. Short enough to do after work in the summers. Great views of both the Palouse and Spokane. Couldn’t ask for more!

Nice trail, beautiful day and very few people (it’s a Tuesday). Saw an Osprey and enjoyed the many side trails.

4 months ago

Chill afternoon hike, TONS of people. Had fun on all the random side trails when we could escape the crowd. There really is a path for almost everyone, and I wouldn’t mind exploring more of the offshoots.

This beautiful, easy trail was a great introduction for my family to the Olympics. We visited in late July and found a dry trail with lush green rain forest in every direction.

Great trail! Fantastic views and well maintained. Bead Lake is beautiful.

Great hike- yes- lots of bees! Will do it again soon!

Great easy trail as a warm up and to learn about all the local nature via posted signs.

5 months ago

Good short hike with the kids on a Friday.

great little easy hike along the river with great chance to see some wildlife

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