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So beautiful. Not a lot of traffic we saw only 1 other person on our way out! Be prepared to cross a river!!

Set forth around 9 am in cold and drizzly weather, only one other vehicle parked at the trailhead. The change of scenery on the trail is by far on of my favorite parts of this hike. It goes from creekside with a few massive hemlocks next to a large rock overhang to a beautiful creekside trail , it then takes you beside coal mines, through boulder fields, waterfalls, mossy sinkholes, with calf burning ascents and descents, even under waterfalls, on top of beautiful overlooks, and finally to Climactic end at Foster Falls. This trail was well designed. Bravo.

Outstanding hike for multiple water features. Went with my 12 year old and we had a blast! The main Falls were breathtaking - but don’t stop there. Keep walking up the hill to Adams Falls, and when you loop around take the river upstream and there is another 60’ Falls about 300 yards upstream. Across the stream is also a curious cave.

We didn’t get to do all of this trail, but we had a LOT of fun with what we could do. We lost the trail pretty fast, but you can basically follow the creek and go whichever way makes sense. So we ended up a little all over the place. It’s much more climbing over rocks than I anticipated, so we got to the point we couldn’t go any further. It was my four year old and I, and I felt like we got to a point we couldn’t continue safely without the help of a third person.

We were able to see the larger falls, but they were pretty far away. Nevertheless, it was super fun.

I would not say this is younger kid friendly, but older kids would probably have a good time.

5 days ago

Really nice hike. 4 waterfalls and a rugged trail. Interesting water features...some with no outlet. Be sure to take the Sheep Cave side trail. Not a beginner hike.

One of our absolute favorites! I’ve hiked it with my kids since they were in hiking backpacks! It can be a little intimidating with kids if your kids aren’t well exposed to diverse trails but we have a “serious” talk before each hike explaining that hikes are fun but not a playground. We must respect the environment and watch each step because it can be dangerous if we don’t give our full attention to what we are doing.

So, this hike is definitely more of a moderate-strenuous trail. The beginning and trail up is easy enough, but the last quarter of a mile is very steep. I recommend walking sticks, but the view at the top is absolutely amazing and worth the trek. I plan on returning next fall to see the leaves at the top.

First time here. Outstanding trail. Beautiful falls. Be careful of falling icicles!

please do not swim or drink the water without filtering. e. coli has been found present in the water so please take that into account. Good winter hike for better visibility

7 days ago

Thursday 01/10/2019

Bald River Trail (also called Trail 88) begins to the left of the parking area which is left of a large waterfall visible by the road. The trail takes you to the top of the falls and continues on from there. It is easy to follow (but minimal signs and no blazes) and there are a few camping areas along the way. When you get to the sign with a map you’ll see two trails, the right takes you to a camping area and the left (heading up) is the trail.

There are a few minor water crossings and one more significant one that we reached about 1mi in. This one we did get a little wet at even while attempting to maneuver around it (SEE PHOTOS w/text labels). We only saw one other person while hiking this trail, everyone else was taking photos of the large waterfall from the road.

THIS TRAIL IS AMAZING and very easy (at least the half of it that we did). There are various water falls, a partial cave, rhododendron tunnels, neat rock formations, campsites, open areas, and steep areas. I would highly recommend this trail and would like to go back in the future. (I am an average or below average hiker who is also pregnant and was carrying a 14mo old.)

I believe most of these reviews are for the very short trail to the top, which is not the entirety of this trail. We hiked half-way in about 2.25mi in and back totaling roughly 4.5mi so my review is based off of that.

super tough hike, but very rewarding

one of my favorite places

Hike along water almost the entire way! Beautiful!!

So so pretty. Definitely a little challenging but doable. Just have to pay attention to what you’re doing. I would be very reluctant to do this trail after some rain. A lot of rocks but well marked. Virgin Falls at the very end is worth it I promise!

First time here on Jan 1. The falls and river after heavy rains, bouldering, and climb to the rim exceeded expectations. Old mining town ruins were an unexpected bonus. Will definitely be back.

Beautiful waterfall!! If you park in the parking lot, it’s the trail head straight across the road. Follow the white blazes and it’ll lead you down to the falls. Be sure to wear shoes that can get wet. If you want an added adventure, just before you get to the main falls, when you see the little bridge, turn left and explore the river.

The look outs near the top of the waterfall were closed because of structural damage but you can still get to the top. Best views are from the observation decks. Really short and easy hike. Don’t let the “strenuous trail” signs fool you. ;)

10 days ago

ran out of time but hiked it for a couple hours. gorgeous. hope to go back and finish.

10 days ago

very pretty falls. short easy hike

great hike but better take note of the firwt sign you see it is strenous but well worth it. i do believe we will camp overnight sometime

This hike was beautiful, I recommend going here, Loved It

This is a great trail especially when the water is up. Watching the kayakers on the way up. Some technical up to the falls. Simply beautiful

It was really nice!! Def good exercise and worth the view!!

11 days ago

Cummins Falls is an amazing hike, with water crossings and an incredible waterfall at the end. Since it has been turned into a state park, it is VERY crowded on weekends! I would recommend a very early start if you’re going on a weekend, or try and do it through the week. In the winter, it’s much more difficult to get to the falls, but it can be done. A Cookeville/ Gainesboro treasure for sure!

We hiked the entire loop today (Jan. 6, 2019) and it was absolutely breathtaking! The arches are stunning in person, and hiking the whole loop feels like you’re traveling through different terrains. We stopped at Jakes Place, about half way through, and had a picnic lunch by the creek. Beware, when we were here it was VERY muddy on the trail, so just something to consider when choosing footwear. I had on Chacos and it was fine, but muddy lol. Also, our gps navigation said we walked a total of 6.3 miles, and it took us 4 hours from the trail head to finish! Highly recommend!!

Love this trail for a good challenge! Be ready for steep inclines and declines!

11 days ago

Its been raining a lot so some of the trail was quite muddy. Bring water proof shoes and you’ll be fine. Awesome trail.

Great views of the lake. Trail was moderate, kids did ok, but not clearly marked since we ended up on the wrong trail heading back to the car, very rough steep hike back!

One of the best in the SE!

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