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It was a good hike, however I would rate it as easy to moderate. The camp ground where I parked was perfect for me, the trail wasn’t marked very well so I ended up exploring a bit more, nice switchbacks, very well maintained trails, and very popular....... many people were hiking it when I was there. Another great thing, the road into the camp ground is paved!

This was a great hike for Mother's Day--relatively easy and a perfect distance for our first hike. :-)

4 days ago

Great trail, well kept, cool amongst the trees, great views of the big lake. Downhill all the way in, uphill all the way out. Pretty quick hike, we were done by mid morning

Great Hike, smoky this time of year, definitely a decent uphill grade almost all the way in. Be sure you take the last 1/4 mile up the riprap to the summit to the old lookout location for the best views. Too bad we haven’t had much moisture the past month, the huckleberry bushes are extensive but the berries never grew enough.

Don’t park here!!! My car was broken into and they took everything. They even ripped off my bike rack and took two bikes that were locked on. Be careful!!!

As everyone has said, the first two miles are hiked along a fairly narrow ridge with some challenging terrain. Afterwards the trail becomes well groomed for easy cruising. The dense

11 days ago

Loved this hike! Fantastic views despite the smokey haze. There is definitely work on the way back; mostly uphill. I was sweating and got a leg workout for sure. Good fun!

More of a walk than a hike, but definitely worth a stop. Very peaceful and serene. The views are lovely.

12 days ago

Beautiful trail! The beginning wanders along the creek and provides shade and cool temps under the forest foliage. Plentiful waterfalls soothe ears and eyes. Later, the hike goes uphill. For those who feel tentative on hills, hiking poles might be helpful. The many interpretative signs tell the story of Ed Pulaski and western wildfires.

on Mickinnick Trail

12 days ago

I would also rate this as difficult because of the steep inclines the first two miles...just as hard coming down. Lots of loose rocks on the trail. When you get to the top it’s kind of anti-climatic, no signage stating you’re at the top, just a couple of benches. However,a very self satisfying hike!

This was actually longer than stated (about 12 at least). Some nice ridge walking in the early part of walk. We were disappointed that there was no noticeable summit. Early August walk included lots of wasps/yellow jackets. Trail was quiet and easy to navigate. We would consider it a moderately difficult trail.

15 days ago

I would call this a difficult trail as the entire trail is "up hill" and the path can be loose rocks quite a bit of it. But it was beautiful and had a great view of the lake.

Great little loop trail with some nice views at the top. Was great for a quick morning hike, definitely would do this trail again.

I've been running this the last couple days with my dogs off leash and there is rarely anyone on it. it's kept clean and I really like it. it's nice to have a little bit of nature in the big city!

15 days ago

Great trail, beautiful view of the lake!

Great trail with an amazing view!

Did both North and South today, 8/4/18. Easy to find. Great trail with some good steep ups and downs. Hornets and yellow jackets were plentiful. No water on the trail, I brought 2L should have brought 3. Took about 5.5 hours total (includes 20-25 minuteish to stop and pick huckleberries) and clocked 11ish miles total.

8/4/18- Trail was easy to follow and well maintained. Beautiful Views!!

16 days ago

A splendid hike with gorgeous views! It starts at the Green Bay Campground and heads northeast for about two hours worth of a hike. Keep in mind it is a climb, however the temperate forest provide a great deal of shade which facilitate a nice light breeze to cool you down.

Worth the time and effort. Our 3 year old knocked it out like a champ. A slow champ, but still a champ. Don’t let the scree at the top keep you from checking the last .25 mile out.

18 days ago

Nice hike two days to do the loop. Easy crossing at river, trail a bit overgrown on the Idaho side. A few trees down but no big deal. Water in good shape at about the 5700 ft level coming up from the river. Also a last camp soon on the right next to the river at about 5500 or so. Dry up on the ridge. Water is pretty much dry at the corner to shed roof divide trail. A few birds, grouse, dried bear scat on trail. Two other groups on route I saw. HOT!!! would like to go back in cooler weather and bluer Skys. Nice trail!!

19 days ago

Hiked in mid July. Temperature was mid to upper 80's. The temperature definitely dropped at the summit, with a great breeze that made it comfortable. This trail is very woodsy. Be warned: it is an uphill climb the entire way. We calculated 2 miles to the first lookout with fire pits and views. You'll want to take a brief rest before climbing to the summit. From there, it's .35 miles to the summit. This last piece has lots of shale and very rocky conditions. But the views from the top are incredible. Definitely a workout, but worth the effort.

Great trail!
If we went again (which we will be), I'd definitely bring more water/CamelBaks because it gets steep and HOT! Worth the climb though with the beautiful little waterfalls and wildlife all around. There's plenty of spots to take a rest every quarter mile or so, but PLEASE pick up after yourself!! I can't believe how much trash we picked up along the way.

20 days ago

3.7 mi on my fitbit with 2100 ft gain. Took me 2 hrs plus. Trail is in excellent condition. Some steep grades but I agree with moderate rating. Views would be superb but for the smoke from fires. Train horns are continuous.

21 days ago

Wonderful trail. Good elevation gain and great views. Went in May last time and the mosquitoes were brutal, but still a fun and challenging trail.

21 days ago

Great little hike to do with the family and your fur babies! Love this trail and the views but the parking lot is tiny. So get there early

This hike is a quick one but don’t let the short distance fool you, it was intense due to the elevation change. Nothing that can’t be tackled with a few water breaks to take in the view though. A pretty great swimming area & a few picnic tables await successful hikers at the trails end. I look forward to doing it again!!

great trail to walk and take pictures

28 days ago

What a perfect Sunday funday hiking Abercrombie Mountain north of Colville! It’s the second highest peak in Eastern Washington (by one little foot in elevation) at 7,310 feet. We saw fresh bear scat, tracks and scratches in a tree but sadly never saw our bear. I haven’t seen a view that spectacular since Scotchman Peak last summer. Highly recommended!

Good hill climb the entire way up

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