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3 days ago

Trail was technically closed but everyone was walking over the rope stopping you. Just one slippery spot going down, on a set of stairs, but all was good, there was a handrail to hold on too.

Due to the Government shutdown, we had to park on 215 and walk a mile on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the trail head. This was a blessing (to be explained later). As explained by others, the trail is paved. The view is amazing. Being January we had the place to ourselves. On the way back we took the trail leading to the Mountain to Sea Trail. This was the blessing. The MST back to 215 was great going through various forest, by a few creeks and is mostly downhill. I highly recommend this route. Total time was approximately 3 hours.

Beautiful views of the water falls. Most of trail covered by trees. Extreme solitude. Multiple options for trail lengths. Rough and slippery terrain.

Beautiful hike. The views at the pasture are amazing and well worth it. Definitely a work out but between all the different elements of beautiful rock with algae formations, creeks/ fairy oasis waterfalls, and the abundance of trees makes you want to keep on going until you get to the top

challenging in all the right parts. beautiful throughout. not too long. great Sunday hike

Beautiful and oh, so crowded because of it. Being able to walk behind the falls made me feel like I was back in Oregon. Right off the road. Sidewalks and some stairs, all the way to the falls, then there is a little gate where you can walk behind the falls.

I did this little trail in December before the snowstorm forced its closure. It’s a nice, easy trail and great place to enjoy the fresh air and just get outside. The boardwalks would make a great scene for a photo shoot in the fall. There were remnants of fall color when I went and I bet it’s stunning in the peak of fall. The falls are small and several people have attempted to climb them and fallen off and died...

Great hike. You will cross streams to wear waterproof shoes

11 days ago

Not strenuous at all, but a nice wide, relatively flat walk along the riverside with smaller falls appearing first and then a beautiful high set of falls at the end of mile. Take your mom.

This was a trail that was totally worth the view at the top. All paved trail that has a steady and tough incline the whole way. The view from the observatory at the top is great. 360° view of the mountains that is very photo worthy. The most challenging part of this trail is parking. It is an absolute nightmare. Narrow two-lane road with cars inventively parked on both sides and a line of cars that goes halfway to Gatlinburg.

A fun hike. A bit muddy but we enjoyed it. Kids did better than myself who slipped a few times. There's a small river to go through...seemed a lot didn't realize this. Wear proper hiking shoes or an extra set.

Waterfall was really nice and tucked away. A bit crowded for a few moments. Overall a cool hike.

This trail definitely requires your full attention and a clear head but once you reach green knob, it is so worth it! You can eat dinner and watch sunset and wake up to sunrise from your sleeping bag with a full color spread across the sky.

I lost the trail less than ten minutes in. I definitely recommend bringing a paper map of the middle prong wilderness with you because as much as all trails saved me, it is always better to use the real thing. I was stressed that my phone would die which luckily it didn’t but in the future I will definitely use a paper map.

The trail starts by running parallel to road 215 with multiple water sources along the way. After about 15 minutes, it should switch back and begin climbing up the mountain going west. The trail switches back a few times with 3-4 stream crossings. You’ll reach a dense pine forest and it is easy to lose the trail here and it is really easy to miss the right turn up the green knob trail. When I hiked this, there was faint red/pink paint on the tree where you need to turn. VERY easy to miss! The trail is flat for a few minutes and then there is a steep incline. Once you get towards the top of this first mountain, there are 4 side trails that are pretty pronounced and the one you need to take goes a little to the left but mostly stays straight and goes through the forest. The trail from this point never gets wider than 6 inches. You’ll go up and over 4-5 mountains before you reach green knob. There are multiple side trails for campsites. If you accidentally take one, just back track and get back on your main trail. It meanders a lot but for the most part it feels fairly obvious if you are used to orienteering.

It was fun to hike this trail! I want to go back and test my orienteering skills.

Good luck! It’s worth it =)

Loved this hike. We started with HQ, which was a much quieter trail with a steady incline. The falls were much more crowded but beautiful. It was a great workout - lots of steep stairs. Watch out for slippery steps and mud, especially if you go after it’s been raining. The whole loop took us under 3 hrs.

16 days ago

Beautiful view!

Love this hike. The waterfalls are some of my favorites in North Carolina. Be careful on the slippery stairs though.

Great, easy hike. Beautiful the whole way. My kids love going there. However there are lots of snakes in the summer


18 days ago

Very nice unobstructed view of Charlotte skyline and surrounding plains. Kinda unique since this mountain stands on its own without others around. Short but somewhat steep hike with a tiny bit of rock climbing to get to the final view. Keep walking right along the ridge from there to get better views. You’ve found the summit when you get to a rusted metal pole sealed in concrete.

If the highway is closed, you can walk from Elk Pasture Gap...a little over 6 miles round trip.

Nice easy hike that follows creek up to falls. Super muddy yesterday 1/1/19 due to all of the rain. Don’t forget your boots

Amazing hike for very little effort! Awesome family hike!!! Highly recommend

Went on a cloudy, rainy and windy day. Most would’ve stayed home but we went anyway - so glad we did. Although the fog and clouds obscured the long views. Being out in adverse conditions imparts the beauty of nature upon one in a unique way. So great to feel the winds whipping and appreciating the power of the earth. Btw - no crowds when bad weather - try it sometime.

Easy hike to the falls. Today the trails were very muddy due to all of the recent rain. The new bridges definitely help with the water crossings.

25 days ago

Beautiful waterfall!!

Great day for a hike even with fog after a rainy morning especially with 17 people!!

Short and easy trail for those who do not want serious hiking. Very muddy December 29 due to lots of rain.

on Skinny Dip Falls

25 days ago

The falls are absolutely beautiful! I am an amateur hiker and did not think this trail was difficult. I went back with some friends who have never hiked before and it was fine for them also.

Wait for a clear day and go early to make sure you get a parking spot.

Quick and easy one, no views because of the fog but the snow and icicles were beautiful.

26 days ago

Oh my gosh words can’t describe how beautiful it was the water was flowing amazing

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