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Well-maintained. The placement of markers on trees should be reviewed.

Loved the 360 view from the top!

We did the full 11 mike loop. Gorgeous and easy to follow the trail. So many mosquitos! TONS. I’ll be back when there are no mosquitos! Hike wasn’t too hard. We hiked it clockwise ...about 5.5hrs with breaks

First half of the hike was awesome, followed the directions from another post to get to the caves which were neat. Views at the top were great, practically a 360 of the city. We followed the loop to return, and must have taken a wrong turn at a fork because we ended up on a trail that parallels 89 for a bit. Walking near the road and in people's backyards were the only negatives to this hike. If we had stayed in the woods would have been lovely. Water/Gatorade/snacks highly recommended! Some shady spots depending on time of day

Beautiful trail taking you through parts of Picture Canyon Preserve. Various scenic areas like the hieroglyphs but somehow bypassed the waterfall. Gives me another reason to come back again. Easy hike with no real notable elevation change. It didn't take long to leave the industrial area.

There were some areas of the trail that were not well marked and at one point found myself walking in a circle because there was no markings but plenty of old jeep trails so it got confusing.

More trails to explore but I will definitely come back to do this one again.

19 days ago

Starts off fairly flat then BAM the climb begins and never ends. Beautiful at the top. Would of been five stars but signing for loop a little confusing. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

We took the advice and went left to start and ended at the waterfall. It was a very pleasant and easy trail with a lot of geocaches along the way. If it wasn’t from the smell from the Purina plant I would have given it more stars. The smell took a long time to dissipate.

A very well maintained trail with beautiful views. There were about a million flying ants at the tower which prevented me from exploring not up top. A little over nine miles and I was tired after I returned to the car. Fun hike

24 days ago

Took my dog here and overall it was a nice hike with plenty to see, we got to about the 7 mike mark after Sycamore Falls and got lost. The trail was clearly marked and I think because of the excess of water (due to rain) we got turned around. Luckily the road was only about 2 miles from us so we found our way back

Very nice views and trail was easy to follow; even in the rain.

It was a good hike, not too strenuous up the mountain. Missed the caves though. There should be a sign showing the trail to the caves.

hiking moderate and at the top great view of Mount Humphreys

1 month ago

I read that several people missed the caves. They are not marked. There is a fork in the trail as you near the peak where you can look over the saddle and see houses on the back side. The fork to the left takes you on the main trail on the loop to the highest point. The trail to the right takes you on a short run along the lower ridge toward the West. That is where the caves are. It is a dead end trail. It is a nice hike. The higher altitude makes it harder to get your wind. It’s a good workout.

Fabulous! Even in the rain!

1 month ago

Good workout ! Didn’t like the cinder gravel though

I actually really liked this trail even though we somehow missed the caves. I felt like the hikes were easy enough to follow but I always use the AllTrails App when I go out. We met a few friendly people along the way but it wasn’t too busy. The climb to the summit was a small challenge but you can feel it in your legs. I also saw a snake slithering across the path although it didn’t look like a rattler. It was a nice break from the hot Phoenix heat.

Nice recovery hike!

Great alternative to Humphreys which was closed at this particular time. Well marked trail. Can do this with sturdy tennis shoes. Very cool manned fire lookout station at the top and helo pad. Great view! Started early. Very sunny on way back down. Great hike!

Terrible markings. We drove very far to see the caves and missed them entirely. I read all the reviews and did lots of research, yet we still went to the top instead of the caves somehow. Also harder than moderate.

Tons of hikers as good alternative to Mt Humphreys that was closed due to fire restrictions. Views from top are great in all directions. Fire tower was manned and he gave great info on whole area. Constant up hill for entire hike.

Great hike. Friendly people on trail. Spotted a 5 + ft bull snake on trail.

Loved it. Trail is in great shape. Perfect grade to get the heart pumping. Wonderful 360 degree vista from the summit. Plus the nicest people for our fellow hikers. Glad we made the trip from Phoenix.

There aren’t many trails that I would jump on doing twice. This trail is one I would. It was beautiful from walking through the pines, hiking through different views of the nearby mountains, and roaming along the beautiful wild flowers. I really enjoyed this hike and was surprised that it wasn’t harder with the elevation that is gained. This one I mapped at 9.5 miles, taking me 4 hours and 20 minutes. I took 150 pictures in that time. I felt the top was nice but the saddle near the cabin was better. It is a bit windy at the top so make sure to have a proper jacket if the weather is cooler. The dirt road (7 miles) to drive to the trail head was well maintained and I had no issue with my low clearance vehicle. You certainly do not need a 4x4 to get to this one.

Gorgeous home through the trees with a nice contrasting view of green trees and brown hills

Nice views on top and caves were on top too. Lots a shortcutting if you want to veer off the path.

2 months ago

The trail is well marked. The assent is moderate, but nothing too difficult. The old caves are pretty neat and is worth the hike. There are also panoramic views of Flagstaff and the San Francisco Peaks. This hike is well worth it and only took a couple of hours.

Nice hike under 2 hours

Steady climb all the way up. Views from the top are beautiful!

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