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Beautiful views, perfect to go after a snowfall! Only saw three other people on the trail!

beautiful hike

Awesome easy trail, took me a little over an hour to complete the loop. Trail is really well marked, running water and there is rock art. Only complaint is there is the constant smell from the Purina factory.

Nice and close to town. Would walk starting left and go clockwise around so the waterfall was at the end of the trail next time.

I've done this trail a few times. it's a good nature walk. I always start the trail heading to the left, so at the end I can see the water fall.

trail running
2 months ago

Jog and walked with a small added loop to get over four miles. The Moody trail is good for running with incline on the back end. Some sand and rocks to endure with not too much traffic.

Nice hike. Spotted wildlife, including a bobcat. Was clear and cool. Going to do it again soon.

2 months ago

Nice hike with a gradual uphill incline with various switchbacks. Numerous small caves to explore at the top.

The long dirt road leading to the trailhead is an adventure on its own. Once you arrive the trail there is a pit toilet and map to get your bearing. There is a creek crossing which was dry in December. Lovely views throughout and the almost 360 views from the lookout are terrific. 3 hours up and 2 hours down. Definitely a nice trail. A few spots of larger loose rocks which I call ankle twisters and then some loose gravel so take some care there.

3 months ago

Did this hike in November and I may have missed the fall colors but the temperature was perfect and the hike was still amazing.

3 months ago

One of the best best hikes I’ve done in the state. The whole trial took me 5.5 hours. I spent a lot of time at the Vista overlook. It’s a very flat hike for most of the time. Very easy overall. I only lost the trail at the very end of trail after KA Hill. But it was easy to find again. Make sure and do the loop clockwise. The trailhead directions on this app were Vital.

3 months ago

very nicely maintained trail with clearly marked entrance from a parking lot. Big 600-foot incline within the first mile, after you decline Back Down The Summit the trail pretty much levels out with slight incline until you complete the loop back at the trailhead but you're trekking through soft black sand which provides quite the workout! Definitely some of the most beautiful views I have seen on any hike in Flagstaff so far! However, I did not see any old caves.

It's easy to miss the waterfall so follow others' directions or you'll end up going back a second time to look for it like we did. The waterfall is not all that spectacular so if you don't find it you didn't miss much.

The actual Tom Moody trail is around 3.8 miles and if you follow it by the sign posts you miss the waterfall... We didn’t actually get to see it due to this so disappointing. The trail itself is nice and easy, but you will get dusty boots as some parts are sandy.

Definitely an easy hike. Once you get deeper on the trail the scenery gets better. Not a fan of being able to see the water plant, but otherwise it was a nice view!

4 months ago

A few sections are tricky. The trail can sometimes be hard to find, and it’s very rocky. Still, the view is absolutely worth it, though you may just want to take the Vista Point trail to quickly reach it.

5 months ago

Beautiful trail, lots of wildlife. As with other reviews, I lost the trail in a few spots in the last 2 miles and had to backtrack. The trail area near the tanks has a number of different offshoots. If you find yourself thinking you have to climb a rock wall, backtrack a little to look for the trail out. I showed 13.6 miles on my fitbit. Although the trail is relatively flat, the last part of the trail is uphill. Remember the sunscreen, as a good part of it is open to intense sun on the rim.

Perfect for a jog. Loved the scenery and right by the Flagstaff mall!

Cool hike with interesting and beautiful views. Gradual but consistent incline the entire way with many switchbacks. The trail is very well maintained. I loved the smell of the mountain air, very refreshing. There were many areas where the trees and plants are burned from the recent Boundary fire as well as past fires, but new plants and wildflowers have grown and bloomed since then, so it is recovering. The upper 1/3 of the trail appears to have been minimally affected by the fires. Was interesting to see the 100 year old cabin near the top. Views from the summit are amazing - can see the Grand Canyon, many other mountains and hills. Hundreds of birds over the course of the trail. There was nobody in the lookout tower on a Sunday afternoon so we couldn't enter. Only saw 7 other people over the entire hike. It was 4.42 miles from the trailhead to the summit, 8.85 miles round trip, according to my GPS.

Nice and easy hike with a couple inclines. Found the waterfall which was a great time to take some pictures. Overall really good.

We took the start of the loop toward the right. The trail is poorly marked in some areas (only little arrows randomly on trees). We thought at one point we my have ended up on the Arizona Trail and it was evening so got us a little worried. Waterfall is beautiful and trail is pretty level.

Marked terribly on the return. Currently trying to find our way back to the car.

Return loop not well signed. First part of trail smells like a sewage treatment plant

I hiked this in April of 2015. It's steep the whole way with a few good views before reaching the top. Much of the trees on surrounding hills were burned from the Schultz fire several years ago (I think 2010). I was not dressed for a hot day, so was fairly miserable in long pants. Other than that, it was a good hike. It doesn't beat the views from Humphreys but it's still quite euphoric to reach the summit and stand on the old helicopter pad, looking out on the green hills and valleys below. Bring plenty of water! And be prepared to sweat.

Beautiful. Trails are not marked well, we ended up all over the place. Turns out Tom Moody loop is actually 2.8 miles of 1.6 like the app says.

8 months ago

Not a terribly hard hike. Good view from multiple locations on the hike.

it was very nice.

Pretty easy trail. Great for walking the dogs and trail jogging. Not much gain in elevation and the trail seems to be shaded nicely. I recommend this trail to families with young kids.

8 months ago

Beautiful hike! We had our 3 kids; 20, 2.5, and 5 months. They all did great. The 2.5 yr. old made it the whole way. It was a soft trail, so he did have a few spills, but it didn't slow him down. Just the right amount of sunshine and shade. Will do again!

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