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Paved trail with lots of other trail head intersections. Great for kids in strollers.

Fantastic hike. Get out early to miss the crowds. By 10:30am the trails are packed, especially byThe Old Man’s Cave area.

Okay trail. I used it for running and got lost which is probably my own fault but the trails were a bit overgrown and very technical. I would recommend this trail for hiking and enjoying nature rather than running. Very beautiful had I taken the time to enjoy it.

Enjoyed the scenery, glad we took the trekking poles. Various terrain, worth the hike.

Simply gorgeous. Especially in the fall and winter.

This trail provides one of the best payoffs in the Hocking region. Rockbridge is fantastic and might be the impressive geological feature in the area and it is well worth the hike.

1 month ago

Great 3mi loop in Grayson Lake State Park. Trail head is by the basketball court near the campground entrance. Thankfully they put up a new trailhead sign! Loop is well marked and well maintained. A nice walking stick is recommended as you'll encounter numerous spider webs across the trail, especially if you're the first one out that day. Follow the orange blaze markers to stay on the trail. The falls are really worth the hike, especially after a good rain. The first "half" of the trail(up to the falls) is a little boring. Some nice wildlife sightings occasionally, but nothing special. After passing the falls though, the trail follows the lake closely and you get some wonderful views of the lake and the rock cliffs surrounding it.

Great hike. Went out on the Gorge Overlook and back in on the Buckeye trail. Just strenuous enough.

Amazingly beautiful for an easy lovely hike. We almost skipped this one- don't, it was so beautiful especially on a 90+ day!

Okay so first of all I was confused on how to get to the trailhead. So you arrive into Grayson lake state park and head towards the campground, right after the golf course on the right a sign that says trails will lead you to trail head. You will have to endure TONS of spiderwebs and ticks if you embark on this trail. You have been warned. It is a loop but easy to miss the detour that makes it a loop. I got lost and the only other person I passed on the trail was also lost. I didn’t see any falls but I’m guessing at different times of the year the “falls” is where I was misled, I eventually found my way. Pretty much make sure you are following the orange markings on the trees. If you have arrived at a dirt road you’ve gone too far. To me it was not worth it because of the ticks and spiderwebs. If it weren’t for those 2 caveats it would have been a nice, easy hike.

Really enjoyed this trail. Lots of spiderwebs tho.

This was a great trail! Very peaceful and beautiful. Definitely continue on after the paved portion ends. My boys and I had the waterfall area at the end to ourselves for a while on a Sunday afternoon. We loved it! Look forward to a return trip!

Great views, very well marked trail, not a hard hike at all but definitely worth the trip.

Second time on this stretch of Perimeter Trail, spotted a Bald Eagle, an owl, couple of ground hogs, squirrels and plenty of birds. Another nice hike.

Plenty of places to stop to cool down and get wet! Fun!!

Beautiful views. Paved trail made it easy to take our little ones. The rock formations are high, and the plant life is amazing. Surprised this isn’t more well known.

We stopped here on our way back to Columbus on a trip. There was good variety in terrain (if you are into that sort of thing) from grass to mud, roots, and rocks. Definitely one of the more rugged and steep trails we had done this weekend but the short distance kept it manageable. Great stop for me and my family! Everyone loved the view of the falls!

Very pretty, well marked. not a fan of walking across the highway but have to get over the lake somehow

Easy trail but you definitely need to continue past the end of the paved trail. The gorge continues to narrow until it comes to a point ending with a waterfall. One of the coolest areas in the entire region.

3 months ago

Another great trail to day hike to see the Spring wildflowers.l go out each Spring.

We did the entire park. It’s not large, but the gorge is cool. Some high, sheer drop offs. Go here to avoid the crowds that Old Man’s cave has.

Great park with a lot of amenities

Very nice trail, one of the better ones I've been on. Great views and a couple nice water features. Trail maintainers have done a great job, you can tell they are actively to working to repair the few washed out bridges and blow downs from the flooding this winter/spring. I started at the trail head at the Visitors Center and went south. Next time I will go north 1st and get the hilly section done with fresh legs. The road walking was a little unnerving, but only lasts a short while. Trail was very well blazed, would be tough to get lost.

good trail cliffs, water falls, little bit of road walking, greats views of the lake. trail is more like 12.7 miles. 4-21-18

4 months ago

Beautiful hiking trail with lots of rock cliffs, waterfalls as well as different birds to watch. I recommend this trail :)

Nice hike wear appreciate footwear, can be muddy. But still loved it.

awesome views! took my dog with me and he loved it as well. cedar falls and old man's cave get really busy but the gorge part of the trail was very quiet. would definitely do again! parking lot was fairly empty around 8:30am but at the end of the hike the place was packed.

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