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mountain biking
8 days ago

Very scenic and beautiful trail. The trail is marked well, with plenty of signs. I start at Mertensia Park, at the entrance, and go to Powder Mill Park. You can also turn onto Lehigh Valley Trail midway and head towards Mendon. After Mendon you can head on the N/S Lehigh Valley Trail to head past Rush. Overall tons of scenery. You will likely see deer and other wildlife on the trail.

13 days ago

Hit a hive a ground bees on green trail off of this trail...very bad...just warning anyone who takes white trail to be careful they swarmed us and stung us

Nice set of trails. Word of warning to watch your foot in if it just recently rained. Trails can be very slick and steep! Very nice walk with the dogs however! Definitely recommended for a nice trek and many trails to weave through! Also watch for dogs off leash apparently!

15 days ago

Somewhat overgrown and very muddy.Probably better earlier in the year and not after the rain we just had.Very buggy but gave a good workout!

on White Trail

20 days ago

I went on the White trail at first and then went on the Red trail so I could have a view of the bay. My mom and I ended up getting lost, but we had a fun time. There was so many bugs.

Great trail with great views and a variable topography. But I’d like to note that in order to see the bridges and achieve the 5.4 miles listed you should not follow the map shown. There is an option at the start of the loop to continue left on the red trail around the eastern reservoir or go right onto the blue trail between the reservoirs. The map shows a detour between the reservoirs that cuts off about 2 miles of trails. Stay left on red for the full experience. The 2 paths will join again at the park area. Also, if you follow the parking area listed here you should stay off the road so as not to get in the way of farm equipment. Spoke to the woman living there and she is fine with vehicles technically across the street but still on her property if you are well off the road. There are other parking options as well, at the park where the trail splits. Anyway, great workout. 5 stars if there was less people and more challenging terrain, but still an awesome hike.

Challenging trail down to the water. Not for the faint of knee. Feels so good when you make it back to the top though. Pretty trail. Second time hiking it but we saw an eagle the first time.

Nice easy walk through the woods. We did an out and back total of 4.5 mi from the Mt. Morris Dam & Recreation area. All “scenic” views were within the first half mile or so. Bring big spray if you’re going further than that as the mosquitoes got pretty bad. Tip: you’ll save the $10 entrance fee if you don’t enter through the Park Rd. side of the park first, stay on this (the south side) of the park and you’ll be good.

Great trail. Started at Mt. Morris. Hiked 6 miles south and then back to dam. Very well marked with great views. All forest and overlooks.

Great hike today! In mid 7o's weather. The trail through the meadow is well defined and marked when needed. The trail down to Canadice lake is well marked - not sure about earlier reviews - I've been hiking this trail for the last 3 years. The trail from the summit to the lake has some relatively new switchbacks making the climb easier but not really easy. All in all a fine trail to hike.

Nice trail and well shaded. Perfect for a hot summer day.

The bugs were awful when I went and I ended up tying my shirt around my head to keep them out of my ears! It is a pretty trail though, and I didn't see anyone else on the weekday I was there. I saw some very cute little frogs the size of my pinky fingernail.

Provides great access to Boughton Park in Bloomfied-- the park has a parking area only for those with permits (residents of West and East Bloomfield and Victor) so the rest of us can hike in using this AllTrails route. A few pointers: as others have noted, drive past The Apple Farm, turn right on Cherry Street and park on the asphalt just before the little farm house. Walk down the road, past the farm house and along the field. You will see a red marked trail to the right but do not take that! Continue to the end of the field and you will see a red marked trail to the left that takes you around the field and up into the woods. Stay red all the way until the red trail runs straight ahead into a blue marked trail (and red turns left). Stay straight onto the blue all the way to the ponds. It's about a mile and a half to the ponds from your car.
As we returned to our car today, we met up with I think a gelded steer (?) on the path- I am not very cattle-savvy. Very friendly but scared of my dog who began barking and the bovine galloped back to the herd.
Anyway, this is about the best hike in the area! Enjoy!

2 months ago

Amazing views and very peaceful

2 months ago

Trail was decent but we had inch worms raining on us while hiking and the lake view wasn’t really that great after the difficult hike.

Decent short trail for NY. I did the trail just after a few days of rain and of course it was quite muddy at the top. If your looking for a nice dry trail...try going West of the Mississippi. Once you get to the actual descent and the trail leading to it, it’s a nice dry hike. Really quiet and empty....never saw a fellow hiker. Great trail for any skill level and family friendly. If you have done trails at stony brook, and your not impressed by crowds, NYS park fees, and dirty diaper trail markers, give these lesser known trails a shot. Enjoy.

I went on an 85 and sunny day and it was great! I walked the orange trail, my lab had a great time and so did I, it is very dog friendly. There are a lot of bugs but bug spray did the job

Great hike. Long and strenuous enough to feel it, but easy enough to enjoy the scenery and the walk itself. I highly recommend it!

3 months ago

Nice trail, decent elevation, muddy in a few spots. Lots of birdsong and some cool, rare wildflowers along the trail too.

this trail is a great one I took my kids with me had a good time it's a challenge gotta prepare yourself but overall great trail

This place might be in my top 5 for local hikes. It was beautiful! It could also be because it was the first nice day we had in a looooong time but it was still pretty even if it was really muddy. The other reviews are accurate - the trail isn't always easy to see. But if you use the app to track your trail it is fine, or if you just keep the pond to one side of you, you will be good. There is another starting point off Stirnie Road we passed - a bigger parking lot so that could be an option. It would also cut the hike down as getting to the pond and back was half the hike. Great area if you want to picnic, too. I highly recommend it.
** The way in AllTrails is closed May 1-31 for Turkey Season - and likely Oct threw Dec for other hunting seasons **

trail running
3 months ago

Great trails for hiking or more advanced trail running. Beautiful scenic views of the bay and lots of elevation change to keep it interesting. The white and green trails are Best marked and easiest to follow. White trail out and back hitting the green loop both directions is about 5k.

Perfect spring day for a hike and this trail didn't disappoint. Hiked with my 3yo and 4yo and they were able to navigate. Glad to see it wasn't muddy!

We attempted to hike Rob's Trail to Canadice Lake today. First, the trail is not marked. Secondly, we followed the very soggy path for about 3/4 miles in but due to the ankle high mud we decided to turn back. Lastly, we drove to the lakeside about 15 minutes away and the lake was perfect. My afterthought about the trail: The meadow had several song birds which gave my wife good photography opportunities.

3 months ago

Trails are in good shape. Certainly easy to find routes off and back to the main trail. Good rugged exploring.

4 months ago

Nice park with a variety of hilly areas. I thought the trails were clearly marked but I also referred back to the trail map on my phone. I liked the blue trail. I don’t think i’d take small children on the white part of the trial near the bay, as the one side of the trail drops off into the the bay. The only bummer was that there were some heavy industrial machines grinding trees on the other side of the bay and it’s was pretty loud (see photo). I think it was just bad luck that i went on a day where they were working.

on White Trail

4 months ago

nice hike. some up and down. good views over the bay.

5 months ago

Couldn’t be happier. Ends right on the water—bring your camp coffee setup for at A+ coffee outside.

Very pretty and easy to follow trail. Great for walking, snowshoeing, dog walking. I don't love it for running because the footpath is extremely narrow in some places and difficult to run. if you do run it, I recommend trail shoes even though the trail is flat and not very rugged, just because you find yourself wanting to run in the grass alongside the footpath.

trail running
5 months ago

First I would like to say that the map here is incomplete. The trail is about 10 miles altogether.

I wouldn't actually call what you do on the main trail "trail running," because it's wide and flat and easy peasy (but "running" wasn't an option in the menu). But it's one of my favorite places for a long, easy, pleasant, pretty run. I usually pick up the trail at Mertensia Park on Mertensia Road in Farmington. I have not found the trail to be poorly marked as another user said it was. When you reach East Victor Road there is an option to follow a more rugged foot trail by going straight (this includes a stream crossing and at the time of this post that section is currently closed due to construction), or you may bypass that by turning right and following East Victor Road and Break Of Day Road to the next trail head. (There is signage that indicates this.)

There are several side trails that you can take once you reach Victor (and west of Victor) if you would like to mix in some more rugged trails and avoid the village streets (the main trail follows streets for a bit in the village).

The portion of the trail west of Victor can be a bit isolated and boring for a while until you get to Fishers. The portion between Main Street Fishers and Railroad Mills Road is extremely pretty, with streams and bridges and a horse farm. The mural in the NYS Thruway underpass is coming along nicely.

All in all a favorite trail of mine.

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