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We thoroughly enjoyed this trail. As my first hike at 64 it seemed difficult to me. We had been doing some town walks of 3 to 4 miles but they seemed like a piece of cake in comparison. Will do this trail again someday

9 days ago

Fun trail, short and sweet!

Great hike with lots to see

A gem!!

The trail is a little “wild” there are quite a few fallen trees and a few overgrown areas, but overall it is a nice easy day hike. The entire trail is shaded and while there is no great sweeping ocean view at the top there are some great little views along the way so be sure to keep a look out for them!

Great hike! Became a little unsure when the trail turned into a road, but the locals or other hikers helped us out with some arrows pointing us in the right direction! The climbing rope was also a big help. Fog prevented us from seeing the coastline, but it was still beautiful up there.

The trail is well maintained and a nice easy walk. The 4 mile drive to the trail, is terrible. No phone service or gps service either.

24 days ago

Lots of fallen trees in the way and overgrown areas


Oh it’s a dusty road but plenty of turn outs for cars to pass.

Fun hike! Pretty cool scramble to the top as well. I saw 2 mountain lion #2’s on trail, which is a little unnerving.

Not the most exciting trail, but an epic view at the top. Great view of the redwoods and ocean together. Doesn’t take long at all to get up too.

Amazing view at the top!

From State Beach parking lot you can go left down the creek trail to State Beach, or through the forest North then down a trail to College Cove. Or stay on the Bluff and continue to Elk Head for Bluff views of the ocean, and seal rock.
Between State Beach and College Cove there’s a rock arch by Pewetole Island that is great for tidepooling and photos.

The view is worth the muddy narrow trail. Although now that the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust is looking to get oversight, the trail will be able to be cleared and widened nicely. Users seem to keep trail and landscape clean of trash. Thank you to those who maintain ropes on the rock.

1 month ago

Beautiful mix of scenery - redwoods, aspen, rock formations. At times the trail is incredibly narrow with foliage on both sides. The end has a rock climb with rope assist, so our dog and one friend had to stop before the real view.

good hike ...despite a few fallen trees here and there.⛰

The east trail had probably two dozen tree falls to cross. Pretty unenjoyable. West trail was a lot better. The summit has no coastal views so if that’s what you’re looking for I’d go with another trail. Minimal coastal views on the switchbacks. Good workout.

fun area , easy walk can go a few feet or a few miles lol

Beautiful view of coastline! Not over crowded either.

Well worth it! Beautiful⛰

I really like this trail. I enjoy riding my bike on it for some exercise.

it's the best.

To many down trees come on Oregon State this is such a great trail but the down trees made it a bummer.

Beautiful Day to be out with Family!!

2 months ago

Beautiful hike through the trees with awesome views of the Ocean

Beautiful hike along the buff overlooking the ocean.

This is a sweet hike uphill. The ground is soft and the forest is impressive with it's current wildflowers and stream. A mile up you choose between the East Trail (2 miles to the summit) and the West Trail (1.5 miles). The East trail has 11 major tree falls blocking the trail. You can get past them all, we did (and we are elders), but it takes some flexibility and care. The West side has one climb over, maybe two. There are other step overs along the way. A great climb that we did with ease in less than 3 hours.

on Hammond Coastal Trail

3 months ago

I grew up here and it is amazingly beautiful!

3 months ago

Feeling homesick and missing this place. This is a fun hike with an amazing view at the end! You have to breathe it all in!

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