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6 hours ago

Great hike - well maintained and generally well marked trail (tho the All Trails app was definitively helpful); gorgeous views along the way, nice diversity of plants trees rocks and bushes. We had a bald eagle soaring above us for a while which was awesome. Took us 2 hrs to the top and maybe 1:40 back. Nice mix of sun and shade for us. You need an Adventure Pass to park which costs $5 and is available just a mile up the road at the Fawnskin Market. Highly recommended hike.

1 day ago

I really liked this hike. Short, but steep! And fun! I wasn't expecting it to be so steep for so long. I couldn't hear any civilization, only birds. I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. Just look beyond the subdivision (which is hidden by hills most of the time) and gaze at the ocean in the distance. It was just challenging enough, serene, and pretty. I went up the north side, and down the south. I met someone who hikes there every day, and he said that was the harder route to go. Both seems comparable, though.

Fun afternoon hike

Great transitional trail from oak woodlands to chaparral. There are some exceptionally old oak which do not fail to impress. Highly recommend this trail when there’s some inclement weather, or just post weather.

trail running
5 days ago

Good for afternoon walk! Feel like you’re in a forest. Hug the landfill buildings until you get to trailhead. In and out within an hour with time to poke around waterfalls.

8 days ago

Hike was fun and enjoyable. Views of large rocky hills go on for miles on all sides. Signage was good. Went on a sunday afternoon so it was decently crowded but not too bad - still quiet. A lot of turns keep you winding around the hills. Watch your step - almost stepped on a rattlesnake out bathing himself :)

8 days ago

There is no waterfall nor does it tells you your at the end of the trail. The trail is a nice hike but disappointing about no falls. Must have taken the wrong turn. Next time.

9 days ago

14OCT2018- 65 to 68 degree(F) Good hike. A lot of view going up and down.. too cloudy when we got at the top barely see any scenic view.

on Castle Rock Trail

11 days ago

Definitely not an easy hike but it is do-able if you take your time. Towards the end you have to do a little ‘rock climbing’ to get to the top of castle rock but the view is well worth it! I found a long hiking stick up there and it helped me be stable while coming back down. I got a little lost coming down like some people said because the trail isn’t marked well but if something looks like a path it should take you back down. Hopefully haha

I loved this hike. The path is great mix of forest and open areas. The first part is with good tree cover and you are passing through a forest, parts of it have a enchanted vibe. Then around mile 2 it opens high bush layout and then changes to open plain with short grass. I saw plenty of birds, rabbits, and squirrels. On this day, I only met other hikers on my way back, just starting for the day. The final prize is awesome. Eagle rock, as you approach it from afar it does look too interesting, but once you circle around the final turn, you understand! Loved it! The hike is little away from things but worth the drive.

Awesome hike

on Echo Lakes Trail

16 days ago

Echo Lake is one of the best easy hikes in Tahoe but past Upper Echo Lake is not my favorite because it has lots of scree which makes it challenging to keep your footing while enjoying the view. Ankle support is a must on Upper Echo Lake section. Views are tops & lakes are plentiful past Upper Echo. Heavily trafficked. Lots of climbing on rock steps. Not much shade so avoid in July.

17 days ago

Great Hike! Walked up and ran back down. Great to see a Ranger on the trail. Great views once you reach the top! definitely coming back!

It’s a good hard trail that’ll keep you in tip top shape. Great panoramic views. Beautiful boulders.

This was a great hike through varied ecosystems including oak forests, cacti/chaparral, and meadows. We went in early October, and had great weather. Our seven year old son enjoyed the hike as well.

There was no traffic noise or airplane noise, just birds and frogs. We saw a coyote and some turkeys, and the hikers we passed spotted a mountain lion.

The way out is a gradual uphill climb, making the trip back faster and easier.

trail running
18 days ago

The good- This IS a great trail to hike and especially trail run due to a relatively moderate incline and flat stretches, and a nice 1/2 mile cool down at the end. The views are wonderful in all directions, with a wonderful spotting scope, with a mountain-identifier pointer, completed in 2017 by an Eagle Scout. The view west as you gain the mid mountain saddle is as good as it gets in central SD county; pause and enjoy because you still have half the vertical elevation ahead of you to reach the top.
The not so good- this hike has become so discovered, as so many trails have in the last decade. The long approach stinks like dog beach in OB Pee and poop from too many people not being vigilant about dog waste. I have and love my trail running dog, but c’mon people!
Verdict- go off hours, and preferably when it’s cloudy; there’s little shade,,, still beautiful and accessible.

Great hike with beautiful views!!!

Excellent 360 view from the top. It heats up quick so best to do this hike in the AM.

Great little trail. The rocks stacked along the trail were great because it does get a little tricky in some places.

23 days ago

Good hike! The beginning it starts off pretty steep but levels out (yet still climbing up) towards the middle. Around this area it opens up a bit, and it’s not marked great for directions, but no to hard to figure out how to get back on trail! Beautiful view at the top of castle rock :)

Go early to beat the crowds and heat. Took about an hour to reach the top. Pretty views, but was hoping for those rolling clouds.

Fun hike to a very interesting rock formation. Will do this again in the spring when everything is greener.

24 days ago

Very pretty path, easy to follow and frequently marked with blue diamonds. Trail had plenty of shade yet was open so you could see clearly. The marked section stops short of grand view point - it ends where the seven oaks and skyline trails intersect. Continue the extra 1/4-mile:m to the view point itself. The trail was relatively busy with hikers and bikers, but you can also drive up there and several of the people we met had actually done so. You need to display an adventure pass while irked at the trail head. We measured the path at just over 7 miles (including the 1/2-mile out and back to grand view) and it took as about 3 hrs, 40 mins

25 days ago

Loved it. Brought my three children and we had an amazing family time, very nice view of the lake. Not crowded at all on Wednesday morning. My 7 year old boy was running and jumping on the way back. A little harder for my 9 year old daughter but still loved it.

25 days ago

Did this hike around 0800 in the morning and was the only person on the trail the entire time. Very cool area and beautiful little waterfall when you get to the old mine camp area.

Easy. Pretty. Dog friendly.

28 days ago

Beautiful trail! It's a slow inclined to the rock so it is much easier going back. The only thing I wish I knew before going is BRING BUG SPRAY. There were so many flies and bugs getting in our eyes while we were near the trees.

Great hike! Beautiful views from the top. It’s pretty much all up hill so be prepared but it’s worth it.

29 days ago

A mostly mellow hike to one of the smaller peaks near Big Bear. Lots of trees. Trail is well maintained. The best panoramic views are actually to the west / north on the final mile or so to the peak. An Adventure Pass is required to park at the trail-head.

Really fun, fairly easy going hike. Just super crowded, otherwise would be a 5 star hike

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