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on Tumalo Mountain Trail

18 hours ago

Went this last weekend. Nice family hike. Recorded 4.5 miles round trip. Some ice on the trail but no snow and very cool iced up trees landscape at the top. Super cold and windy at the top as well. Heavy traffic.

Great new trail

Shorty but a goody. Brand new trail head and trail with beautiful bridges. Get there early for that “mirror” effect the lake is known for and avoid the crowds.

lots of uphill from the Mather side a lot of up and down hill on the Sunnyside side. lots of tree roots in rock from the trail, but otherwise very well maintained. busy with the after-work crowd even in the winter

Definitely an hour well spent, but the views from the top were obstructed by trees. We spent more time admiring the views from the trail than we did at its peak.

Just hiked this on Sunday November 11th 2018, Veterans Day:). I’ll never say a hike is bad, always a beautiful day in the woods and mountains. It was a 12 mile twisty turning drive to get to the trail head. Once there I noticed signs that say the trails are closed and unsafe, access is prohibited! Well we set out anyway because hey... it’s what we do. We did 3 miles out and 3 back. Nothing tremendously notable other than the river. This trail doesn’t seem very heavy used. We were literally the only people on the trail. I’d like to hike the trail in the opposite direction and see what it has to offer scenery wise.
Like I said, a bad hike is still a good hike. For the beginners this would be perfect, flat and long with nice views. Can’t say I got any ticks, maybe the cold kept them from being active.

Very special place. It's one that we've been talking about doing for a long time but I guess it was so close we always put it off. Move it to the top of your list of hikes within an hour of Portland.

Super awesome hike!! Totally kick ass though. Straight uphill and lots of switch backs, but worth it.

Best summit hike on the coast.


New parking and trailhead now open. New route shows on the map. The new trail section looks like a new trail. But the bridges over Camp Creek and other stream are nice and within a couple years it should look great. Really nice to have more adequate parking and not having people walk along 26 to get to the trailhead.

A bit confusing at the beginning. If you use your phone’s GPS (and Google Maps) like I did the red trail line in the app has you starting at the shooting range. Don’t do that. Go up the road another hundred feet and that’s the proper trailhead. The split between west and east side of the loop is another 1/4 mile up after the tiny creek crossing the trail. Giving this 5 stars because I hiked 5 miles in on both a Sat and Sunday and never saw another human. So if solitude is your thing this is perfect. Several nice areas to camp out along the the river every half mile or so. The cement bridge over Fish Creek about 3 miles up is another great spot to camp. Previous post is correct in that the lack of other hikers allows larger game animals to feel more at home. These hills have eyes!

Can’t really talk about the view since I was in a cloud the whole hike but i will say i don’t think this hike is very safe for children due to the rock slides. Overall a Moderate hike not to bad

DONT GO RIGHT NOW! I went with a friend yesterday and within 15 min she got stuck by a yellow jacket followed by 2 more minutes then I was attacked! These suckers a super aggressive as I had to pull mine off my leg. Our injection sites are swollen to the size of a tennis ball and itch like a 100 mosquito bites.

Unfortunately the park is closed and full of bees!!! We tried to follow Kathryn’s advice (from an earlier review) but that road and access point to the falls was closed (private gated road). Beautiful area wish we’d been able to do hike.

18 days ago

My girlfriend and I hiked up from the north side down to the second concrete bridge. Roughly 5 miles. We spent 2 nights camped near the first bridge. We only saw one other human for 3 days. The trail is better kept (at least that far) than I expected it to be. however it is thick brush with poor visibility. Large game is definitely populous there. there are definitely coyote, mt lion, bears and large deer. i dont recomend going out there without a gun. especially if you plan to spend the night.

19 days ago

Nice hike and views on a clear day! Amazing two guys built this in 3 yrs. The hired technical guy was buried in the little cemetery east of the rock, left on hot springs rd for the rest of the story.

Completed August 12-13 2018

23 days ago

Completed 9-23-18

Easy hike.

Great hike, really not hard tho. Took us 2hrs 30mins up, the first 5.5 miles are very easy and almost flat, from there on you hike up the ridge towards the lake, still very doable. The lake is gorgeous, just don't drink/swim, there is 5 elk carcasses in the water and 8 more on the ice.

28 days ago

The trail is open but there are warning signs to be extra cautious due to the Sept fatal cougar attack. Mules carrying the search party made a mess of the once smooth trail with hoof sized holes.

29 days ago

Great to backpack, but it's a little extreme to call this one "moderate" in difficulty.

People talk about a rough road and 4x4s only, when there's no real reason to take the 4x4 road. Start from Shellrock Lake, and it's a dead-easy 6mi of friendly, even trail with minimal (mayyybe 1500 ft) gain. As of fall 2018, there are very few sections with roots/tough footing/blow-downs. Unless you're (mentally) unstable or have a new 4Runner you want to try out, there's no reason whatsoever to shave-off 1.9 dead-easy miles by attempting a Gresham "truck nuts" approach. I drove to Shellrock in a 40 year-old German convertible and it was fine. Your 1999 Honda Civic with the huge muffler, ground effects, and the 4ft fin on the back? It fine. Trust me. I mean, no one likes it and--contrary to popular belief--that bass *will not* get you women, but your sick whip?? It'll do just fine, bra.

So let's rate the difficulty, as these reviews make this wonderfully peaceful, friendly, and mellow trail sound like trying to do Dog, Defiance, and Devil's Rest in the same day with a 60lb pack (and yup, that's called the TripleD: only really bored Mazamas, tweekers, and--for whatever reason--mechanical engineers like doing that.)

So if the PCT from Mexico to Canada is an 11 on the 1-10 scale of backpacking difficulty, and you were bored/silly enough to want backpack Defiance (9), then this is maybe a 3.5. Maybe. Mind you, on this scale walking to PSU from the Pearl with your Jansport full of books is a 1, and Mirror Lake with a tent, a bag, a sixer, and Cheetos (no Tom/Dick/Harry) is a 2.

The Serene Lake backpack is great, easy to drive to, and most any first-time backpacker could make it. If you stopped every 30 mins for rest, you'd be fine if you started before noon: it's only 6mi to the lake. Also, so many little baby lakes and mellow camp spots are peppered throughout this hike. Even if the 8 or so decent lake spots were taken, there are a ton more cool flat spots within a mile of the lake that'd be great if you just ported h20 in your Camelback.

Oh, and take the wonderful "long way out" heading west out of Serene Lake on the return and use the Grouse Point trail to then head back east. It adds another mile or two and maybe an additional 6-700ft of overall gain, but is equally mellow given enough time.

Anyway, loved this backpack. It'd be a go-to for taking first-time backpackers who wanted to do something that was quiet and friendly, but gave you that (priceless) feeling of being more than 10 miles away from a Plaid Pantry.

For a challenge, might be cool as a snowshoe.

5 stars. And I'll include a complete trail map from the Shellrock Lake start point in my profile photos with a title if that's of use to anyone.

some of the most beautiful falls I've seen so far.

30 days ago

Great views reward a straight up trek.

Lots of people were parked at the trail head, but we only ran into two other couples the entire time. The trail is nice, but I’m not sure how anyone has gotten down to the base of Sahalie falls (at least recently). There’s a small sign on a tree pointing down a trail that looks manageable, but once you actually get onto the trail there is a large portion that is almost completely blown out. You would really need to hang onto something and literally slide down to the base. It was not ideal for me nor my dog, so we passed and came back halfway down. You also cannot see the falls from any point because trees block the view. If there was a secret to seeing them, we did not find it. :(

Umbrella falls was easy enough to get to. We started at the trailhead and went up the incline. Overall not too bad if you’re used to a little elevation gain, although some people did use poles. When you see the marker for Sahalie Falls 1 mile ahead take a right up the other trail and you’ll run into the other falls pretty quickly. Very easy trail. I think you may also be able to park closer and just walk down?

Overall, the trail was okay, but a big bummer not being able to see or get to one of the two falls. Also, there are three or four spots where the trail is almost completely blown out. Not impassable, but if you have a small child or a smaller dog be aware they’ll need some assistance. Also water was flowing so beware your shoes if they’re not ready for water or mud.

Great hike! Go on a clear day and you’ll get amazing views from the top. It took me about 1.5 hours to get to the summit. When driving there you’ll see that the directions on All Trails is a little off, but once you get close there are signs that direct you toward the trailhead.

Great hike with the hubby. Seriously glad we found other hikers that showed us to go down hwy 6 to summit trailhead, Signs need work however hike was beautiful and day was amazing!

This scenic trail is easily accessible (once you find parking!) and provides a very scenic hike. Fairly busy, keep dogs on leash, use proper trail etiquette.

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