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Easily a local favorite. Has always been well kept with easy access to other activities.

Beautiful place excellent trails well marked can spend a whole day there if you wanted too. Highly recommend for all level hikers.

nothing about this trail is moderate, easy at best. muddy but flat. highly traveled by mountain bikers who take over the trail.

great, i will walk it agin.

walk this Trail me and my girlfriend pretty challenging Trail would do it again

Huge parking area with port-a-potty, defined trail with blazers. Low impact, some elevation with great view of the Delaware river and Rancocas creek. Great birding with a ton of huge bird nests (Eagles and Osprey) Many meditation benches, lite trash observed. Fishing ops available. Leave footprints!

Beautiful scenery and clearly marked trails. Bikes and walkers get separate trails which is pretty nice!

Easy loop. Mostly level and well maintained trail.

Off path hikes are good in incline, everything eventually leads right back to the main path. Taking paths off the main will lead you to an amazing quarry which you can hike down into. Moderate off path hike.

21 days ago

Another decent trail at Cheesequake. This one features a few inclines and a long stretch of boardwalk along a marshy savanna. Some muddy spots. Highly recommend boots. Fairly empty this time of year.

great family-friendly hike.

did this counter clockwise , did this trail after minsi for mind the gap. I did prefer this trail only because it had more incline

Little bit of everything. Easy access off the AT makes it a great place to spend the night. Crater Lake is a great place to swim and also top off your water supply.

great day hike.

we took the AT to Sunfish Pond and then took the green trail down to the parking lot. There were five creek crossings on the green path that were tricky with our two dogs. The walk up to Sunfish Pond was easy and our dogs did that without any problems. If there hadn't been so much rain recently, the walk down would've been easier.

Did a five mile loop. Was good hike, unfortunately it rained a few days before so was a little muddy but it’s all good.

Went up the Red Dot trail and down the Blue. I have asthma and a chronic cough and am definitely out of shape and haven't hiked in years so the ascent was extremely challenging for me. There are a couple of very difficult spots that are all rock and steep. I almost gave up but I knew the payoff would be so sweet if I made it to the top. I had to stop many times. My poor partner who is very much more fit than I was patient, however, and we made it. I am so glad I stuck with it. The top was amazing and thrilling and beautiful. You can do this! If I can do this, anyone can. Coming down was much much much easier except my toes were jamming into the front of my boots. Beautiful waterfall and stream at the bottom. I felt so accomplished and alive and the end. You must do this!

Love this place, was here at 5am yesterday before the ice melted and it was perfect!

Easy trail. Great for smaller kids and those who may need a fairly flat trail. Parking is a little tricky and it would be nice if the REP maps designated parking areas. The trails are well maintained and the new Wildlife Trail is fun with several hundred feet of boardwalk through the woods.

Great trail for the whole family and dog friendly. Some moderate terrain to keep it interesting. Great scenery!

Like most people, went up Red Dot, down Blue Dot which was perfect. Both are rocky trails and Red was a bit of a challenge for fairly casual hikers like us, but we loved the view at the top. It had rained a lot the day before so much of the trail was muddy and leaf-covered which made some spots slippery, so be sure to wear proper shoes.

Also this was probably the most clearly marked trail I’ve ever been on - red dots everywhere!

Unsure if the leave or poorly marked Trail was the reason, but we may have got a little of trail (aka lost) but it was terrible! Lot of nice views, friendly hikers helped point us in the correct direction. All and all a good day! Only advice is pay attention to the trail markers!!

Did a three mile clockwise loop up the pipeline then back around to the right picking up the white triangle and square routes. Lots of fallen leaves so if you're not careful, or observant, you can get off trail easily. Use the app. Some sloppy areas but nothing too messy. All in all, a great hike!

Took red dot up which is strenuous. I got there at 0800 and it was quiet. Trail is rocky and mostly up hill. Blue dot coming down is still rocky and that leads to a short part of Dunn field Creek trail which had a water fall and stream. Nice views all along. Had my dog also.

Very nice trails, views & fellow hikers.

We went up the blue dot trail and down the red dot trail. Red dot is much harder, and it has the best views.

Only did a small section to start. Beautiful, relatively quiet. looking forward to going back. Will bring my walking poles next time.

Going up 1200 ft in less than 2 miles was definitely challenging, but it does give you sense of accomplishment and very beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

I am pretty scared of heights and found this very doable. Going down the blue dot trail is much easier and not as steep.

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