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Great trail. Make sure you keep going all the way to the top where there are remnants of some sort of camp (structure and fire ring). Really great views along the way. Bring lots of water.

Fantastic find in the middle of the the city.
Just be aware there are coyotes.

Oh Lone Mountain how I used to love you. Lets see where do I start? Its a good workout to walk or jog. Dog owners refuse to pick up their dogs poo even though there’s multiple cans and baggie stations. How about the refusal to leash their dogs so they may break your stride and run up on you. If you’re terrified of pooches or allergic don’t come to this trail. Yep there’s multiple signs asking owners to leash their dogs.

Here’s my favorite part, make sure you double check everything. Had my wallet stolen out of my truck. Good luck.

mountain biking
25 days ago

A great place.

We went just because it was there. Loved it. A bit scrabbly at times. The view of the Strip, Fremont Street and Lake Mead was good. Must be spectacular on an extremely clear day. Take more water than you think you’ll need

A big rock with a running/walking path going around it next to the freeway. no vegetation. not impressed.

park on sunset road & go in straight to the top of the mesa. you won't feel like your in people's back yard. follow trail to the end & turn around & go back. i think it's about 3 mi round trip. nice in the evenings right now.

1 month ago

Awesome trail with amazing views !!!
Easy and accessible for everyone.

Love the trail, I seen a whole diverse crowd go up and down the trail. I and girlfriend had a blast started at 5:30 to catch the sunrise at 6:13am. There seemed to be 3 tiers. The first tier was lovely. Place to rest and meditate also they provide a bench. And then it gets a bit steep. Very manageable. We spent over hours there. Weather starting out was 72 degrees left at 90 degrees. For Vegas that’s beautiful weather. I would recommend this trail to anyone.
anyone with a handicap or going through rehabilitation from surgery it will be a challenge but very manageable.

Poor signage for the trails. Very close to Vegas, 15 minutes max. Beautiful city views, well kept park. However, feels like hiking/intruding in someone's backyard.

Nice easy hike. Good for people who are trail runners. The trail can have high traffic, since it's a popular one.

I live minutes away so I’ve gotten a chance to hike this trail numerous times. I love it. It’s not too close to the city, but not too far either. You get an amazing view of Las Vegas and it’s a fairly easy trail. There’s a trail that faces the city, which is a more inclined trail and will have you out of breathe for a minute. But not anything too bad. The trail on the other side is perfect if you want an easy and fast trail. There is also the actually Lone Mountain Park which is right there. It’s a nice park, not too crowded, has a basketball courts, playgrounds, and a large grass area and walking/biking trail. I absolutely love Lone Mountain.

Súper súper nice walk. For my fiancé and I

Absolutely gorgeous. We got deviated just a bit from the trail a couple of times but it ended up actually being 7.92 miles instead. The climb up thru the canyon took awhile but the views were amazing and loved the pain of the upward climb.

2 months ago

This is a great option for an evening hike now that the weather is warming up. Never too busy, a nice trail that isn't too tough but is variable enough to be interesting. Climbing to the top of the knoll gives a surprisingly good view for such a little hill. Doing the loop and going around the back of the knoll is great, green and cool and with a little bit of water in the stream from the recent rains. Definitely definitely recommend for a nice peaceful hike.

Great trail, basically a walking tour of Red Rock. I've done it clockwise and counterclockwise and don't really have a a preference on which is the "better" way to travel the loop. Clockwise gets the "boring" Jeep trail out of the way and leaves the scenic Calico portion for the end. Counterclockwise gives you a great scenic start and ends with an easier return on the Jeep trail. Can't go wrong either way. Pretty easy to follow, can get a little hard to find the trail when it intersects with the trailheads but nothing too frustrating. Definitely recommend waiting for cooler weather to do this hike.

Beautiful trail but it will kick you butt. Carried surface from sandy to rocky. This is a moderately difficult run run. Make sure you take water. Easy to follow and you won’t get lost.

4 months ago

Short and fun. No shade. Go early and finish in time to run thru park sprinklers.

4 months ago

Intense little trail but offers good views of the city.

Quick little hike in town. Nice to go to once and awhile. Kinda feel like a creep to the houses below lol.

Ended up on the upper trail after wandering around a little bit, had a fun time.

It was ok. I fell :/

Easy but enjoyable hike - quite close to housing so not really anywhere in the wild but fun nonetheless

Nice trail. Good view at the top.

Awesome!!! Thoroughly enjoyed the walk and view!

First time riding in the desert so I can"t give it a 5 ("as good as it gets"),but it was a great ride. Excellent desert scenery, good flow, some degree of technical riding amidst some deceptively difficult climbs.
I crashed and burned early on my second loop,so I had to walk out, but I will be back!

Started from the Cowboy Trail Rides side. Nice leg burn up through Caren Canyon to Muffin Ridge. Great views of the Strip for about a half mile along the ridge to the BDH peak. The descent down leads to multiple trails that connect to Boneshaker and ultimately back down through Fossil Ridge to the parking lot.

Quick and easy trail. There's definitely a climb to the top, but anyone can make it. My corgi had no problem going up.
April 9, 2018.

Kid Friendly

Loved it! A Perfect hike to watch the sunrise or sunset

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