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Tough hike but so very worth it for the views!

Ok so it was great and I saw chipmunks, black squirrels, and A MOOSE! But once I got over 9,000 feet, I couldn’t breathe LOL. I grew up in Florida and lived there all my life, so I’m not used to high elevations and I couldn’t breathe worth a damn once we got to 9,000 feet. But it was cool! Would totally go again. Lots of sliding rocks though, be careful coming back down from hiking!!! It’s easy to twist an ankle or fall.

9 days ago

Good hike if you are looking for a tougher alpine ascent. Trail is a rock garden and steep to red pine lake. We opted to continue on to upper red pine and stay the night as the .5mi further to upper from red pine lake weeds out a lot of other campers. We ended up choosing our own path up and down from upper red pine and choose to navigate the boulder field. It was a more direct route than using the pseudo trail in place and you really can’t miss locating upper red pine. Recommend bringing minimal water for the ascent to save on weight and just filtering more once at the lake for the return trip.

Great loop hike. especially early in the morning and getting to watch the first dawn and sunrise. We felt so good we climbed almost to the top of Devils Castle and then tacked on Mount Baldy to make it a 3 peak hat trick.

14 days ago

Great hike. Two days ago went to White Pine Lake, yesterday to Red Pine Lake and today to the two smaller lakes above Red Pine which maybe are 'upper red pine lake' which was well worth the extra climbing, route finding and boulder hopping just for the views back down to Red Pine Lake... I'll post some of the photos. Trail condition definitely better to White Pine Lake with more switchbacks making it less stressful on knees and easier for less experienced hikers. Red Pine Lake and the area around it more scenic than White Pine and the hike to White Pine a better workout while also on a real 'trail' whereas trail to White Pine is closer to an old jeep trail in many areas... that's fine, just a difference. Plus we saw two moose on Red Pine Trail yesterday and I just missed another two cows today according to a hiker coming down.

I go on a hike every Sunday and this has to have been one of the most memorable. The hike is very strenuous and make sure you have some water. You will get tired but keep going, the end lake is way worth it! Pretty steep towards the end.

Great hike. Moderate climb most of the way and more difficult last mile or so up to Red Pine. Water level was low. Hiked up to the top of the bowl for a great view of Red Pine.

16 days ago

Great trail with some scenic views.
Second 2/3 up can a challenge if not in moderate shape.

16 days ago

Beautiful hike! Decently steep going up but feels great when you reach the lake! Water and surrounding scenery is breath-taking. Favorite hike in the Wasatch!

Started from LCC side, took the ski lift up to parking lot. Trail is in great shape, up to the pass. At the pass, head straight West ( from the sunset peak trail ). Few sketchy spots near the first false summit area. Then a much better trail to the actual summit.

17 days ago

Great trail! I haven’t hiked since I was in my early 30s. The trail is steep in sections but manageable if you are in ok shape. I did the round trip in 3:40 total hiking time. The trail got busy around 11:00am as I was making my way down so go early for some nice peace and quiet.

18 days ago

Got lost several times. I enjoyed the difficult adventure.

beautiful Trail lots of Pines the lake at the end is just absolutely pristine

20 days ago

Beautiful basin. Also nice in the winter on snowshoes

21 days ago

The lower lake is a little lower than normal but it’s definitely still there. There are two smaller lakes above it and an area that looks like it normally holds water but is empty now. That’s where we camped. Very flat and soft.

22 days ago

50lb pack was tough

If you are looking for challenging, this is he hike. A lot of uphill leg burning going in and a lot of downhill kneecap hurting on the way out. Pretty and once at the lake you see very few people. Check out the dam and the dates written in it.

I don’t know why it says this is a 9 mile hike. Did it today and it was 12 miles in total. Definitely a good hike. Took us about 6 hours to complete.

Good length for a day hike. Trail is rocky so wear appropriate footwear. Lake was really low, so probably a good late spring early summer hike to see the full lake. Definitely still worth it. The last mile or so is a grind. Plenty of other people on the trail, Utah hikers are so friendly!

I did this hike in early May and the lake was still frozen and we had to hike through a snow patch for about a mile. That said, I would definitely do this hike again once all the snow is melted. the lake was pretty and the hike was shaded the whole way

very peaceful hike. We backpacked our gear in for camping at the lake. too us 2 hours and 50 minutes with 20 to 30 lbs packs. we left at 5pm. it was perfect. it really shouldn't matter what time you go hiking on this Trail because it is very covered. the last mile is definitely little steeper but nothing extreme. recommended for a longer medium difficulty hike. take extra water.

Went yesterday in beautiful weather. $6 after Alta resort to drive to the top, but worth it. Also worth it to park at the Albion Basin Campground instead of the Catherine's Pass lot. After Cecret Lake, a tiny section of the service road is blocked and under construction, but don't give up, just follow the lift up the hill. It took us 1.5 hours from parking lot to Sugarloaf peak, but with plenty of rest stops. It took us about 1.5 to get down too, but that's because the hill down the peak on the loop is very steep, but still recommended over going back the way you came because it has switch-backs and isn't as rocky as the way up. It also took us longer because at the bottom of the hill we went right instead of staying left closer to the lake, and that put us back a twenty minute detour. All things considered, you could get up there after breakfast and be done for lunch, but I'd recommend snacks. So beautiful!!!

Mostly up hill but has some nice reprieve with switch backs and flatter parts. A mix of shady and exposed. The lake was beautiful and it wasn’t too trafficked. Round trip took me about 5.5 hours including a nice break at the top. Love this hike.

The route up is an access road so it’s rocky, wide, and very exposed to the sun. The lake itself is nice. There are very limited tent sites if you’re planning on staying the night.

Great hike this time of year, be aware THE LAKE HAS NOT BEEN DRAINED. The water levels can get low this time of year especially with dry conditions, but Red Pine and White Pine do have water in them.

1 month ago

I hiked up this morning. Be forewarned - they have drained the lake. It is currently a much smaller, much less attractive lake. I'd skip hiking here until it is refilled. And I don't know when that will be.

Great morning hike done in 2.39 hrs with two long stops at the top of Tuscarora and Wolverine. Trail is very visible and easy to follow for experienced hikers with basic navigation skills.

1 month ago

Amazing trail. Morning is definitely the time to go. It’s gradual at the beginning and gets very steep at the top. There were only a few good flat sites at the top for a tent, though.

Did the hike from cecret lake the morning or 8/5. We went up and down via the service road (to the right of cecret lake), instead of doing the loop, because my map wasn’t loading. The ascent from the top of sugarloaf lift to sugarloaf peak was very steep and pretty difficult, especially going down- lots of loose rock. It sounds like going down the other side towards devil’s castle is probably easier, so I would try that next time.

1 month ago

Gorgeous area. I’ve done it in the summer and winter.

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