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awesome hike and not even the easiest in October (25.10) but I did it in 5 1/2 hours.
In the beginning very beautiful view. later just snow in the air and ice on the ground.

Awesome hike . It was quite wet and muddy , fairly challenging in mid October . We hiked for about 8 hours

The longest ever hike! Loved it! Not sure I’ll do it again!

Great easy hike in the fall, beautiful view of lake from watch rock lean to. It was 9.6 miles from the parking lot and back, but very easy hiking.

Me and my girlfriend enjoyed this hike yesterday. We lucked out with a beautiful day, lending us unhindered 360 degree views of the park. Great view of the great range. Steep in some spots but manageable (girlfriend is 5 months pregnant and didn’t have any issues). Short hike with a big pay off.

Beautiful hike even in the rain. Stayed at the watch rock lean-to on the west side which had amazing views. The last 1.2 miles had the most inclines compared the the east side which had very little (at least to lean-to #2). Many furry friends looking for food at night so make sure all of your food is somewhere safe. It felt like the trail signs marking the mileage was a little off. There was also a canoe, row boat and a raft left at a few sites for anyone to use, I would be careful because I did notice some patches. Can’t wait to do it again sometime.

1 month ago

Decent trail, there's is a view point which makes you think that it's the summit, when the summit is actually in the trees marked by a tiny marker. Took me and my friends a bit to find it.

Hiked up via the brothers on 10/5/18. Parked at the last free spot in the Garden which was super lucky considering we got there at nearly 11. It is definitely peak week for the leaves in the ADKs! Didn't realize how much elevation we gained in the first mile of that hike! Beautiful views of all sides of the park on our way up to and at the First Brother. Would have been a nice hike on its own if you weren't looking to make it all the way to Big Slide. The rest of the hike from here is pretty easy until the last half mile or so. The trail from the Third Brother to Big Slide is a charming shaded birch filled forest that we really enjoyed. As mentioned, the last .3 after the junction is a bit more strenuous, lots of scrambling and a few spots where we had to lift our dog up (she’s got short little legs). Ladders to the top were easier to go up than to come down, since they were steep and slippery. Big Slide offered an amazing view of the Great Range although the summit is very small compared to some other peaks. As we had began late, everyone left the summit to head back once we arrived and we ended up having the whole mountain to ourselves! We went down via what I believe is the Phelps trail to Johns Brook near the lodge and then back to the garden. Lots more people on this side of the trail than the Brothers, which is always comforting if you’re getting off the mountain later in the evening. Took us about five hours total and recorded as 9.4 miles. Definitely would recommend.

Our scout Troop 60 from Victor, NY hiked with Billy & Judy (and Milo) along a muddy and difficult McKenzie trail. Wish the weather had cooperated so we could have enjoyed the view, but had a great hike regardless. Boys did Baker Saturday and McKenzie and Haystack thru herd trail on Sunday. Looking forward to completing the other three and getting a patch.

2 months ago

We did this hike to complete the saranac six and I will not do it again. The hike is pretty and challenging enough to give you a work out but there is no view and it is too long. The only view comes at the false summit and the true summit is 20 minutes farther.

I love this kind of hiking. It took us 1 hour to get tho the turn off for McKenzie. It took us 2 hours to summit from there. You definitely have to pay attention to your footing and it is an uphill workout. The last hour is rock scrambling and climbing. I would absolutely do this hike again to see the views at the top as this was a cloudy day. It took 2 hours to get back to the split. From there we turned R and went to the Haystack herd trail which was .4 miles up on the L. Haystack was a quick easy hike after McKenzie and we were back to our car in 7 hours total time with 2 of the sixers completed. The trail was very wet after a night of rain. I really believe we could have done it faster in better conditions. It is definitely challenging but not as dangerous as other reviews would lead you to believe. I was nervous because of the reviews and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved this hike even with no views and our dog summited too.

The trail is only for advanced hikers because of the steepness and lack of maintenance of this trail. You will need sticks and prepare to be on all fours occasionally. Hugging trees and grabbing roots is necessary on the steep spots. We hiked after a rain and the trail was also slippery. The view at the top is worth the effort for a view of fall colors. There is much erosion of the trail and a very few places have only a very narrow remaining trail. Hug the mountain or a tree in that situation.

Starting from The Garden Trailhead in Keene Valley. We followed the trail toward the Lodge and spent the first night in the Orebred Brook lean-to. We summited Gothics, Armstrong, Upper, and Lower Wolfjaw the next day. Once you climb Gothics it’s pretty much a traverse to the next 3. Camped on the far side that night. The next day we looped around and hiked back out. Gothics was an awesome climb, challenging in spots. These 4 peaks make a great long weekend trip. Can’t wait to get back and explore the other peaks along The Great Range. I will update this review with more detail once I have my other map in front of me.

2 months ago

Did it today with a couple of friends. It is a hard and steep hike , it was very wet and muddy in few places. Unfortunately no view from the top because of clouds ☁️
Did it but not my favorite at all.

We did this on 9/29. We skipped Lower Wolf Jaw, but did Upper Wolf Jaw, Armstrong, Gothics, Pyramid, and Sawteeth. Going up Armstrong from Upper Wolf Jaw is the steepest climb I've done in the ADKs. Some sections were more rock climbing than hiking. The views are amazing, with the views from the Gothics being some of the best in the ADKs. It took us about 10 hrs and is a great hike.

Just got home after hiking it. It was great! We haven't hiked in a long time, and we have a 4-months-old puppy that we want to go with us, but we didn't want her to get discouraged. Beautiful walk (because it was flat all the way), around 8-9 miles round trip, not too crowded, loaded with mushrooms, if you know what to pick. We loved it!!! Lean-tos were occupied by people camping, but we sat by the lake, our older dog loved swimming, our daughter fed the fish, it was beautiful!!! Highly recommended for a family long walk or a camping adventure.

relaxing hike..not to hard..
pretty wood bench and wooden bridge.
maybe more fun
to follow loop around and not summit mnt..
leads to an Alapaka farm( so said a passerby)

our second summit of the day after Haystack, trail is in horrible shape, very wet and barely marked- definitely not a trail to do in the dark or if you're out of shape

Lots and lots of fun rock scrambling to the summit without any real exposure. Was lucky enough to have the entire summit to myself for over an hour. Views of the great range are unbelievable! Short hike with huge payoffs.

Got to the Loj at 7:50 - parking was full, but we did not miss by much. Parked at the end of South Meadows lane, which adds 0.7 mile each way. Trail was quite muddy starting mid-way between Marcy dam and the lake. Took a lot of pictures with my good camera and stopped a number of times, so we were out for about 8.5 hours. Trail along the lake is very slow - a lot of rocks/ladders. There were 2 places where you actually had to put a foot in 2 inches of water - hopefully trail will be repaired soon. Saw some rock climbers on the face of Avalanche Mountain. Nice waterfall down Colden. Beautiful lake - this is a must see.

Hiked Sept 19, 2018. High temp 64 real feel 70, Wind 5mph. Weather was cool and perfect for a hike. Wore fleece jacket at start and while resting at lake, shorts and shirt while hiking. No bugs at all, it was an unusually dry trail all the way. Gradual ascent on rocky trail after Marcy Dam. Ladders and boulders were a challenge for 75 year old legs; took 7 hrs round trip including half hour break. Consumed 1.5 liters of water.

2 months ago

We really enjoyed this hike. It was about a mile from the main parking lot to the trailhead then another 3 miles to reach the lean-to on the east side of the lake. The trail was pretty flat and wide in most areas, and not steep. We hiked to the lean-to and had a great view of the lake. A few people were swimming in the beautiful, cool water. It was a lovely fall day, and we saw quite a few hikers. We didn’t go around the lake, as I believe it would add another 6 miles to the hike, but it would be awesome to camp overnight and add the lake loop trail.

Five star review is for the Brothers and Big Slide. Great great views all the way up. Just amazing. But Yard is not worth doing. One very small view and the Yard Mountain Trail coming down is a mess. Mud, rocks, roots, blowdown. I somehow got off the trail and has to bushwhack my way downhill. The walk back along Johns Brook and past the Lodge was very nice however. 6 High Peaks down! Also there is no way the mileage on the route as shown is correct. Probably more like 14-15 miles.

Hiked to the peak of Noonmark and back out (not the full loop). Amazing 360 views from the top and it took just under 3 hours RT

I loved this climb! The last .3 of Big Slide was the hardest part for me. I highly recommend doing the entire loop trail. The views are amazing. My favorite view was from the first two summits, Brother 1 & 2. I enjoyed the change of terrains and the John Brooke trail. Started at 10 a.m. left at 5:30. I highly recommend this trail to anyone with climbing experience or that likes a challenge.

Too long, not well indicated but amazing view at the top

Very fun loop!! Made it to the top of slide today which was completely cloud covered, so didn’t stay long. The little brothers proved amazing. Took about 4 hrs 20 minuets!!! Johns brook lodge water has chlorine in it....yukkkkk!!

Completed over Labor Day weekend. As my first non-high peak hike in the Adirondacks, I must say I’m sad to have waited so long to complete this trail. After the trail split at Marcy Dam, the hike becomes more rocky and secluded - my wife and I saw very few other hikers even on a busy holiday weekend. The views of the lake between the sheer rock faces are spectacular, as are the scrambles, ladders and bridges along the water. I especially liked hiking through Avalanche Pass prior to reaching the lake with the rock faces and downed trees.

Great hike. People saying this is dangerous are probably not your typical hikers. Don’t let the reviews deter you.

This was not a technically difficult hike as others might suggest. However, I had hiked Gothics via the cables a week ago so everything else seems milder. Certainly gets your heart pumping... Taking a right at the intersection for the loop made for a fun climb with vistas near the top with beautiful views. Took an hour and 10 minutes to ascend. 360° views on the top were spectacular! . Descended the opposite way , longer and through the woods. Missed seeing the vistas but the woods were pretty just the same. Will have to return in the fall!

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