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Fun, quick, and fairly easy hike. Lots of shade but I’d still recommend bringing sunscreen. The cold water from the river makes it cooler as well. Parking is a little bit limited so going earlier in the morning or on a Sunday allows you to avoid the crowds which can limit your pace both up and down the hike. All around a great hike to get your legs burning and help work up to bigger trails like Mount Olympus or Ben Lomond.

Views are gorgeous. The last quarter mile to the falls is an absolute booty burner, but it’s definitely worth it once you get to the top. Fair amount of rocks. I would recommend shoes with decent traction and support.

Always one of my favorite hikes in the area. Just went up today (5/20) path was clear and barely any snow on the trail up to the falls. Usually around this time of year there are large patches of snow to hike over. The falls were a bit small today, I’m hoping as the snow on the upper mountain continues to melt the falls will grow, but with the limited snow fall this year I’m not holding my breath. Regardless of the amount of water this is always a beautiful area and one of my favorite mountains to be on in the summer.

If your looking for a tough climb with a spectacular reward, this is the climb for you. Went to the top and there was still snow but wasn’t to bad. The downhill killed me and had to run 2 miles in boots to get off mountain before storm really started to come down. Would do this one again if I had more time here!

I like backpacking

Still my favorite one! Beautiful view during your entire hike!

This was a great leg workout for sure!

Amazing canyon view. Mission completed.

Gate was open to the trail today, still muddy and wet, but great non the less.

well, I promised myself I wouldn't do it again, but decided that not only I'd do the north peak, but I'd work my way over to the tallest summit of the mountain. It was 3.1 miles to the north peak from the golf course..I then worked my way over to Mt. Mahogany summit of 9,000..I live beneath it and just wanted to stand up there once..worked my way down from there through the brush and trees and deer trails the best I could and finally made it to Timpanogos Cove Park (wife had to pick me up, feet were dead). Total distance 7.5 miles, total elevation gain 5,545 feet...coming down was pretty brutal, blisters, even with poles, but glad the dog and I did it..will download pics this week..

Love this place . The waterfall was definitely the hi-light. :)

Don't do this trail after a leg day! Lots of elevation gain in a short distance so prepare for that. I do this trail every year. The view and the waterfall are gorgeous!

trail running
4 days ago

Quite an elevation gain over a short distance. A tough dig especially the last half mile to the top. Incredible views of the valley and time. A new favorite for sure.

Difficult climb up to the falls but worth the effort. The falls are spectacular and you also get a nice view out amongst the valley. Bring plenty of water and some trail snacks.

my first time hiking here it easy trail to walk and enjoy.

It's a very rocky trail in some places, but very rewarding. the Falls and View of the Valley are gorgeous.

7 days ago

Just called the ranger station as well, was reported it would be closed until the 25th of May.

Very fun hike and easy with my toddler on my back. There are a lot of mountain bikers so watch out! And there are quite a lot of snakes on this trail, non-venomous and venomous (rattlesnakes). I’ve been 3 times in the past week and have seen at least 3 snakes on each visit. Beautiful Mother’s Day today with my little boy and husband seeing all the wildflowers.

Hiked up last Sunday (started about 10am) it was warm but not too bad. Last bit was steep and I had to stop a few times to catch my breath but once you make it past there and you start getting closer to the falls it gets much easier and cooler temperature wise. Definitely worth pushing through the hard part. Plenty to look at once you get there.

Didn't pick the best time of year for this one, went in early March. The snow got deeper and deeper as we got closer to the falls till we were waist deep for a good quarter to half mile. It was incredibly difficult to hike in that much snow but it was beautiful and I imagine it would be a pretty easy hike if there wasn't any snow! Part of the road was closed which added a little distance but not much.

11 days ago

I called the Pleasant Grove Forest Ranger District and found out 008/Silver Lake Road is not open yet. I was advised to call around the 15th and they would have more info. Their number is 801-785-3563.

The lower falls are beautiful. It was worth the 2 miles over 1,500 feet elevation. It was my first hike of the season and it kicked my butt. The entire trail is covered in large rocks which was a pain so that’s why it looses a star.

Very hard for non-hikers!

12 days ago

Does anyone know if the road is open yet?

It’s fairly steep at places with large rocks, but the trip is worth it. Amazing to have this so close to town. Parking lot was full on a Tues late morning when we arrived and still full when we left early afternoon. When you get to reservoir, take trail to the left.

Breathtaking views. The parking lot was at capacity on a Monday morning. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. It’s pretty steep and a few stretches required some boulder climbing. At 50 something, I was glad to have my poles to take some stress off my knees. The Falls are spectacular and there were several groups of hikers soaking up the scenery and stopping for lunch.

Really nice hike. We had so much fun today. The last
.7 miles is the worst part. It is straight uphill and feels never ending. The few of the waterfall is incredible!!

Great trail. Pretty good workout going up to the waterfall which is amazing. Once you get to the waterfall go down a bit to the rocks. You can an amazing view of the canyon and SLC. Great place to relax for a bit. I would definitely do this hike again.

Worth the work

15 days ago

We absolutely loved this trail! The reservoir was peaceful and the hike to the lower falls was challenging. We didn’t have our trekking poles which might have helped, but we made it. Very rocky and steep as you get near the falls so be prepared to work, but the payoff was amazing. Not huge crowds on a weekday late morning, but I suspect that changes on weekends.

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