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breath taking views

This was my first really big hike. I got the permit in February and climbed in July. Couldn't have done it without poles and ankle boots (for the support). I didn't need crampons or anything at this point, but I did glissade down some snow chutes and could have used an ice pick. I used my retracted hiking poles. Be very careful if you glissade - there are some chutes that lead to nowhere or off of a cliff. Definitely wear long sleeve, light weight hiking shirts/pants. I wore a tank and a light sports hoody which I took off. My shoulders burned like crazy even with a ton of sunscreen. The snow, ash, and high altitude are the perfect recipe for a burn. Part 1 was a normal, medium-level hike. Part 2 was a rock scramble that lasted quite a long time. Bring gloves for this. Part 3 was the transition from a rock scramble to volcano ash, and Part 4 was all volcano ash. You actually fall two steps back for every step you take forward. It's like climbing a sand dune but less stable! But when you get to the top, the view is so incredible and there's enough flat land to stop for a snack or meal. Take in the beautiful peaks of other prominent mountains/volcanoes in the distance and marvel at how close the planes and helicopters are flying to you!

2 days ago

We hiked in early March. Still snow packed in some areas but views are beautiful at the top! Was confused by all of the turf laid out at the top until we realized it was for paragliders!

Aptly challenging trail with views worth the sweat at the top.

Loved this route.

Amazing view at the top!

Soooooo out of shape

11 days ago

This was definitely a moderate hike, but only on the way up and you’re treated with a beautiful view at the end. It was a pretty busy Saturday at lunchtime, but regardless of the narrow trail at times, people and animals were patient and respectful. Going down can be a little steep so I recommend hiking shoes with good traction. Dogs also really enjoyed the hike and made a few friends along the way.

Great hike, beautiful weather, beautiful views!!!

18 days ago

A quick straight up hike but totally manageable!

Last mile was was covered with ice and very slippery; we turned around about 1/2 a mile from the point because we didn't have microspikes. Beautiful hike anyways! It started getting busy later in the morning.

19 days ago

My wife and I hiked from Issaquah High School to Poo Poo Point via High School Trail and Poo Poo Point Trail. The last one mile was covered with snow, so we used MicroSpikes. The temperature was between 36 F and 55 F. We saw paraglider taking off from Poo Poo Point.

Beautiful views!

great pit stop while backpacking through the alpine lakes for flyfishing.

This must be one of my favorite, if not "the" favorite hike - it has really just about everything: an adventurous drive to the trail-head (more on that later), a forest to start your hike in, a lush mountain meadow, plenty of snow-fields (mid July) all the way to a rock-scrambling part to the lookout at the end. And the views, oh my, the views. Going up, they are beautiful already but once you make it to the ridge that will get you to the lookout, you're in for a real treat. I just wish we had known that it was possible to stay overnight in the lookout - sunset and sunrise must be absolutely stunning from there.
The hike itself is not easy and the last part would be tough for people with vertigo but otherwise we didn't think it was too difficult. It's easily manageable in an afternoon even if you take plenty of time to soak in the views at the top. We saw a bear and a pica rabbit too.
Oh, and I almost forgot, the drive. I saw cars parked at the trail-head that had pretty low clearance, so it must be possible to get there in just about anything but I was really happy that we took a rental 4WD SUV. The forest road is quite steep in places and littered with potholes large enough to break your axle in, so having a higher clearance vehicle comes in handy.
Overall, if there is just one hike you are going to do in this part of the park, make it this one!

Straight up!

25 days ago

Amazing place for Haiking!!!
Round Trip it takes 3 hours

27 days ago

Get there early or you’ll be hiking with a crowd, especially on a nice day. I got to the trail at 8AM. Bring a sandwich because at the top, you can eat your lunch and watch paragliders take off.

I did this hike in February on a cold sunny day. It was BEAUTIFUL. I recommend wearing hiking boots due to the icy patches on the trail and making sure you bring warm layers to put on when you reach the peak due to the freezing wind.

1 month ago

I hike this trail many times that there is different view for each season.

1 month ago

Perfect moderate hike. Does get progressively steeper and more beautiful as you go along. Don't let the early ease fool you. On a clear day you can see Seattle and the Olympic Mountains. Sitting at the top eating lunch and watching the hang gliders launch was the highlight.

1 month ago

Was a very nice overall hike . Got to see several paraglider quite entertaining.

1 month ago

Excellent hike. But get there early ( I arrived at 9AM and the small lot was already full).

very wet, muddy and slippery. A few dozen feet visibility at the top. Good hike even in the rain

1 month ago

I started this hike form the Sunset Bvld trailhead. Taking the Adventure trail to the high school trail. Overall it was a very pleasant hike, but a bit crowded at times. It was a bit confusing when after reaching a high point near the ‘one view, trail split the trail suddenly turns downhill and goes down a few hundred feet before joining up with much wider trail before reaching the point.

I have heard it is a nice view from the point, but it was too cloudy/foggy to see anything the day I chose.

Went 1/12/18 Road is currently closed

I thought this hike was great far as a work out. there were not a whole lot of people right now on the trail. so u can get your groove on.

Good workout. Beautiful view from the top so don’t give up! Walking sticks help and be sure your shoes fit well or you will have sore toes coming down!

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