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Just do it!!

9 days ago

First trail we took on our trip to Banff. What a way to start! So much for easing into things. The reward at the end was more than worth it. Tea was wonderful. The return trip seemed to be more difficult, but was worth every step.

1 month ago

It was a awesome hike and the view was awesome!!!

Awesome views! Trail was nicely packed down. We had spikes on, but could have easily done it just in hiking boots. We hiked up Prairie View Trail, then once at the top we took the Barrier Lookout Trail to the summit of Yates Mountain to the fire lookout station & heli pad. Well worth it!! Came back down and descended on Jewell Pass.

Snow shoed this trail on monday in January, great deals on hotels during the week. No one was on it and it was fairly easy. It was snowing in town so couldn't get a good view but was still a nice experience and a good work out.

A great winter hike route if you are short on time. I did this in 21/2hrs while stopping to take photos and appreciate the views. Right up to the fire lookout/helipad. Could be a good sunrise/sunset hike. Will do it again perhaps in the Fall and follow Jewell Pass this time to make it alittle longer.

A great hike where the effort is minimal for the rewarding scenery. I did the hike on a Sunday morning and was the only one on the trail. The snow was a bit deeper at the top but snowshoes aren’t necessary, I just wore my summer hiking boots, thick woollies and yak trax slippers. I ran down using my trekking poles and the snow felt marshmallow-ey, fun fun! Only 4 stars because the forest walk was boring.

Did it on 18th Jan 2018, trail covered with snow but packed down due to high traffic, no snowshoe needed but only micro spike and poles.

Windy around the lake and at summit, but warm in the trees. Brought snowshoes in case but didn’t end up needing them, the trail was pretty packed down. Amazing hike, will definitely do again!!

Alrighty then....went up a roughly compacted prairie view trail. We were on snowshoes but others had beaten up the trail with just walking on it. Great hiking through the trees. Was super windy so it was nice to be protected in the trees. Had to kick off the old snowshoes to climb up the trail as it went up behind some steep rock. Came out on top and needed snowshoes as it got deep. There were some signs with arrows at that point, that helped showed us the way as the winds had blown the snow over the trail. Once we went passed the amazing 360 view, there were two arrow signs and that was it. Unfortunately it took us off the trail and was very confusing as to where to go. There needs to be better marking at the top and on the whole prairie view trail until it meets Jewell Pass trail. Thankfully we had AllTrails app that helped us find the loop out. There were no other tracks or markings to find the trail. Another gal was lost and found our tracks in the snow. Was so beautiful coming down through the trees on Jewell Pass trail as the trees were still covered with snow. Definitely needed snowshoes to do this Loop as it got really deep after the top. You should be able to find the trail from our tracks, as long as it doesn’t get blown over again. Awesome hike. Harder to snowshoe in all the foot holes from boots. Was like walking on a fluffy cloud after the top.

Great variety and beautiful winter terrain

3 months ago

A very easy and pleasurable hike. I did it in December and it was enjoyable.

Great winter trail! - if you don't mind walking through lots of trees: only a few areas open up for a view but it is definitely worth the wait!
Completed December 8 in 3 hours, definitely doable with ice cleats - pretty much solid ice up the switchbacks on the east edge!
Excited to come back in the summer!

3 months ago

Took to this trail with very little preparation and as a novice hiker in mid-late November 2017. Beware there was no parking lot nearby so we just ended up parking on the side of the road and leaving a note. The area has received a decent amount of snowfall in the last few days so the surrounding areas of the trail has fresh snow, maybe a foot or more deep in some places. The trail looked to have recently been hiked but we saw no one during our three hours on the trail. We started at about 10. My fiance and I take a lot of pictures so we didn't make it to the top, but we felt that we got close. I highly recommend crampons for hiking during the colder months that the area is still open for the season. There are areas of the trail that were a little slick or loose. Even though we didn't have crampons, we did have water proof boots and that got us through fine. But it would have been safer with the crampons. Even though we were beginners and the conditions were the way they were, the trail felt doable. As long as you have a sense of adventure and are fairly in shape for the conditions, it'll be great. Our breath was taken away during this hike!

3 months ago

Would recommend cleats in the winter. Nice views throughout the hike. Make sure you get on the walking trail and not the biking trail.

A great winter hike. The trail up Prairie View was icy and would’ve been virtually impossible to navigate without ice cleats. The views were stunning and well worth the effort up. The trail down Jewell Pass was more sheltered and covered with packed snow. All said and done we we finished the loop in 4 hours.

3 months ago

Snow covered trail was fun, unique experience. The trail from Mirror to Lake Angels had about 2.5 ft of fresh powder. We didn’t use snow shoes or trekking poles but they would have been helpful..

One of my favourite hikes. Not too long and worth the views.

Went in November. Walk is nice and steep and the view is solid. We took snowshoes but trail wasn’t deep enough or wide enough. Overall solid hike, I️ would bring low profile snowshoes

A tough walk up, but the views at the end are worth the climb!

The best hike I’ve ever done. Even better, it ends with food, and delicious food at that! I’d do this trail a hundred times over.

Amazing trail and not to difficult even in the snow. Although the tea house was closed the surrounding scenery was great.

Well groomed trail most of the way up. Pretty easy to get up to the first lookout. Gets pretty steep to get up to the cabin at the top of Yates. A lot of snow up there two. Totally worth the grind to get the full panoramic view. One of the best views in the area for sure. Tried to loop around to Razors Edge for a larger loop, but there was too much snow on Razors Edge to get it done in time.

There was no TP in the outhouse at the cabin up top. If anyone is going up there in the near future, please bring a couple rolls. I'm sure everyone would be quite appreciative.

I'd highly recommend doing the loop instead of out and back if you have the time. All in all a pretty great hike.

4 months ago

stunning views and easy hike!

All uphill trek is rewarded with a gorgeous view at the lookout point!

A beautiful fall day meant over an hour at the summit. Made it into a loop on the way down. No snow up there today, met some great people, a German couple touring in a motorhome, and descended with two guys who made for some awesome company

I started from high way 1... you hike in the woods all the time until you reach the top of the view site and its amazing... not a really hard hike... not really easy ether.!

I did this hike today by myself and it was really nice! I didn't come across any snow but that could change really soon! I had trekking poles with me and it was nice having them for the last stretch up to the lookout station. There's also a couple picnic tables around the helipad and cabin which was perfect to sit down and eat lunch.

The views were really awesome in every direction from the lookout station, also being able to see YMCA's Camp Chief Hector just below was pretty cool as I spent many summers there when I was younger. (stand by the chain link fence and look below for the horse paddocks and riding arena, and the green roof of Hector Lodge)

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