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Loved this quick little shaded trail! Perfect for the dogs, just a little bit of mud. Really make sure you go clockwise to get the best view. Took us about 2 hours to complete.

I'd also park at the beach and walk up. The parking isn't designated and you don't want to park in someone's yard or something on accident.

For the views, walk past Ualakaa Trail onto the road, and follow it uphill to the state Pu’u Ualakaa State Park. Walk past the parking lot and you will come to a lookout point.

5 hours ago

Very easy going down. The way back up is slightly exhausting though. Make sure to go after a big rain, we went today and the waterfalls were all dried up. There was a small pool of water that some people were swimming in, but this hike is only worth it if the waterfall is flowing. The trail will be very muddy if the waterfall is flowing, if it’s dried dirt you probably picked the wrong day.

6 hours ago

A nice, easy trail. I recommend bug spray.

This is trail information from/to the second waterfall (passing the first waterfall). There are as many as 10 waterfalls I read but we were just interested in the second waterfall. Super muddy. Trail is hard to follow as the markers change colors but we used pink in the beginning and green towards the waterfalls (descending the mountainside). The waterfall was trickling as the weather has been kinda dry this weekend. Slippery and muddy in some areas but definitely a hike for most peoples and some four legged friends. Be careful crossing the freeway!

1 day ago

This was a fun day. We was distracted by the Beautiful graffiti on the right side of the pave road and our conversation. So while looking at the All Trails map redline for the trail head based on our GPS location and looking at the artwork on the route we missed the actual trail entrance by a lot. Where the map indicated us to go into the trail was actually just leading us into the wood line. It looked like many people had been through there before based off the amount of crushed vegetation on the floor. I was stung by a bunch of mosquitoes and ended up turning around once we realized that we were getting too deep into the vegetation with no trail in sight. We proceeded back up towards the road and took a different path and realize that we were still nowhere near the trail head. So we actually got out of the vegetation and got back on the concrete road and started walking back down towards the entrance looking for a different path along the side of the road that could’ve possibly been the Trailhead. We found a couple more paths that also lead nowhere near where the Trailhead was. We went back to the paved road and continued back down towards the entrance at this point determined that we would find the trailhead. We came around a curve in the road and that is when we finally saw the official sign that marked the entrance to the Trail.

Once we actually got on the trail it was definitely a great trail to be on. You get to a intersection where you have the choice to go clockwise or counterclockwise on the trail. You do cross streams on this trail and you do hear water running on the right and the left side of you. There is also a split on the trail taking you higher in elevation while heading counter clockwise that we didn’t attempt to explore and so we chose to go left keeping us moving along the trail. There is also a couple places on the trail where you will have to walk almost on the ground crawling or like really low to the ground squatting because of the low vegetation growing across the path. We also encountered towards the end a huge rock face that we attempted to pull ourselves up On and look at the ledge to see if we can climb up on it. But we wasn’t really prepared for that physically or literally, lol!

There is not a lot of views as others have said along this trail. Your best view is right in the beginning where you have the option to go left or right to complete the trail. There are portions of the trail where the path is a little bit steep and slick in the beginning leading to the loop. So recommend caution going up if you’re not skilled or in the best of shape or in the right shoes to avoid any injuries from slipping. Just below the split of the trail there is a picnic table. There is also a short secondary path that leads up to the split on the trail or down towards the picnic table as you complete the loop. The only person we saw on the trail was a man and his dog. There was not a lot of people that were trafficking in that area from the time we signed in and the time we signed out. All in all we enjoyed our hike. The day was so frustrating from the start that I forgot to even save my recording and write a review of my adventure. So I ended up saving it as private because I went on another hike 2 days later and started recording as if I was continuing a pause from this trail.....

unless you plan on doing the stairway, the trail kind of ends lackluster. Be prepared for lots of mud after a mile and a half. Good hike though. Fresh air.

Many homeless, although I had no issues with my kids.

2 days ago

Great for Beginners and people looking for a nice trail for fellowship.

Lots of mud and shade. Will be back to look for the Plane Wreckage.

A good distance and elevation gain to be considered a hike instead of a walk, but with good shade and relatively well marked trails. It is mostly well maintained, although trees have fallen over in a few places and it's washed out in a few more. Nothing major. Bring bug spray, be respectful when you park since it'll be in front of someone's house most likely, and don't expect crazy views. You'll mostly be in the forest.

5 days ago

I ended up here on accident while doing the Manoa Cliffs. This trail is nice and well maintained. Easy for most skill levels. We ended up using Tantulas to Round Rock and caught some nice scenes.

Hard, but worth every bit of sweat!

6 days ago

I would say this is tougher than the rating but only due to the fact I carried about 30+ extra pounds on my back (baby+carrier). The “waterfall” wasn’t anything really worth the trip today but the view overall is amazing. The hike was up and down challenging and was a good workout overall. I’m sure there’s more of a waterfall when there’s more rain but not on a day like today.

worth it! not anyone there with us when we got there. mostly up hill but super easy

If you take the back trail it is more of a challenge and tales longer, but the views are amazing!

rock climbing
9 days ago

Awesome hike! Respect the neighborhood and park on Kamehameha hwy by the showers at the beach lot, and walk to the trail opening (stay right for this trail when it spilts in the beginning). You can see if the main waterfall is flowing or not from the street. Went with barely anything flowing and still well well worth it. It’s over a mile for sure, watch clocked over 2 if you go all the way. This trail is not heavily trafficked at all and the trail is very easily to lose sight. Requires quite a lot of crossing the rock stream. Prepare to get wet, muddy and rock climb. If your up for the challenge follow the ropes and you’ll be rewarded. Also for dogs if they are not good at rock climbing or you can’t carry them up rock walls, they can’t make it safely up to the very top. Brought my pembroke welsh corgi and she hiked herself up then I tossed her in my k9 sport sack and rucked her to the top.

9 days ago

such a great time. this trail felt much longer on the way in as we diverted off the path and boldered our way through the dried up river bed. once you reach the first fall, climb the ropes and carry on to the final two. don't rush and give yourself plenty of time to get to the end. the ropes will slow you down a bit if others are trying to get up and down. not the most physically demanding hike, but having good balance, coordination and confidence in your strength will get you through this one.

I took my 10, 9, and 5-year olds on this hike and they managed better than I did! It has some great views during the first half, and then gets quite steep as you descend to the pools. Lots of folks were jumping off and doing pull-ups on the ropes that cross the water - it was fun to watch. It was very dry the day we hiked, which meant that the steep parts (hard-packed dirt) were extremely slick. We fell on our butts a few times, just due to skidding out. I will say I saw a few people hiking barefoot, or with Crocs - would not recommend that. It took us almost three hours RT, but that was with some snack breaks, and lots of time at the bottom of the trail to watch the jumpers. It was fairly busy on a Saturday, but not obnoxious -- and definitely not as crowded as Manoa falls. Don't be tricked by the first 0.8 miles -- really easy and fun. Then it gets quite steep... Definitely try it wth kiddos - they will like it a lot (if you continue tossing in the breaks for granola bars and fruit snacks!).

Great hike! A little muddy in certain spots but good steady incline and loop.

Remember bug spray or cover your skin.

12 days ago

It says moderate but I say more like hard. Then again I was carrying my 37lb toddler in a backpack. Very very very steep!!!! Some areas seem to have thin walking paths but should be good. Definitely bring some water and snacks. At the fork go left, much shorter path to the pools

12 days ago

fun and dog friendly.

This hike is definitely worth it if you are in shape to do it. The first .8 miles of the hike are fine - probably deserve an easy rating. The last .6 kick your butt. Steep declines on the way to the falls. I did the hike when dry and it was still challenging. Bring good hiking shoes and a second pair for the water. Small sections of rock scrambling. Well marked trail and lots of trees to hold on to for stability.

Far fewer people here than at Manoa, but you still won't be alone. I probably saw 20-30 people total. There were about ten people at the falls when I was there.

Trailhead is in a Hawaii neighborhood. Park on the street.

Did this hike on New Years Eve. It was awesome! To find the trail, walk up the road to the right of the firehouse. Do not drive or park up there. There were definitely a few tough spots that were slippery so you must be careful because you can seriously get injured. If you lose the trail or are unsure just stay close to the river. You will come to a small waterfall where you’ll have to climb a wet wall with ropes. Again, go slow and be mindful of each step. Shortly after climbing the small waterfall you will reach a magnificent waterfall. It was pretty light water when I was there but still beautiful.

14 days ago

*Before I begin, I lost a GoPro Hero Session 5 in the first waterfall portion in the pool, so if anyone does happen to find it, please contact me, it has some nice memories on it, thanks.* A very nice hike, isn't bad at all. However, it's a very dangerous hike if you go on a day after it just rain, it can get really muddy and slippery. So I recommend sunny days only. It has two waterfalls from the points I got to, both have a pool, but one is safe enough to jump from a cliff to the pool, whereas the other has a real nice view. A heads up, the way back could be tiring for some and a lot of going up, so prepare your legs for that.

Short, easy, with a lot of mosquitoes and homeless people.
Will not go again.

great fun hike, I'd rate this one as moderate however as the distance was fairly short and only slightly tricky towards the end with steeper declines. can get muddy but the reward of the waterfall and the jump was great.

19 days ago

WOW! What a trail! None of these guys were lying, this trail is EXTREMELY MUDDY, but 200% worth it. Gorgeous views, and the falls/pool at the end are a great treat!! You can take a dip, swing off ropes, or jump off the cliff. The hike is physically demanding, but the mud is the primary reason I would rank this trail “hard.” We loved this trail and will recommend to everyone we know who visits Oahu.

My husband and I, and the dog, really enjoyed this hike! It wasn't incredibly muddy and not very difficult.
The entrance is really easy to find. After crossing the road, walk a little ways down the fence until you see a gate. Then just follow the red spray paint!
We didn't see the entrance for the tunnel on our way in. (Its pretty close to the first falls) But we decided to go through it on the way back. Mistake!! We got about halfway through the tunnel and encountered the water. We decided not to turn back and trudged through the disgusting water which was about 12 inches deep in parts. While it is a nice detour/shortcut to avoid the climb, I wouldnt do it again.
I highly recommend going past the first fall and venture to the last waterfall, it's by far the best!!

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