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Really fun hike, some rock scrambling and great views at the end!

Did Ice Box Canyon with my 21 y/o son. I'm 61 y/o. The guide given out at the visitors center rated this as a strenuous hike and AllTrails has it listed as moderate. It is not moderate at all. Very beautiful. After reaching the end and returning down we wandered to the right of the trail and ended up in a ravine. We needed to scale the wall of rocks to return to the trail. I'm very happy that I was able to complete this trail as most of my hiking is in Ohio. My right knee reminded me that this was a tough one.

We really enjoyed this challenging hike today. We turned around about 3/4 of the way to the waterfall at the end due to the increased difficulty of the bouldering. We had seen so much beauty already that we were full and didn’t need to press on. The little pools of water and stream along with endless beautiful rocks of all colors and patterns and the diversity of the plant life made this hike one of our favorites so far.
When you are on the trail, you will come to a big rock triangle in the dirt and there are three ways to go. This is where we went left to the riverbed and then took a right at the riverbed and followed it out and back for the reminder of the hike. This will take you to the pools of water. Be careful coming back. We almost missed the left out of the riverbed to get back onto the main trail.

Lots of scrambling over boulders but most obstacles had a way around them. It was cold and windy wear layers. Beautiful area.

5 days ago

Some bouldering. Hard to follow at times. Beautiful country and spectacular view of Las Vegas at the end.

The mountains besides the trail are so beautiful. I am sorry I didn't hike the whole trail.

9 days ago

There are many sandstones and red rocks with various shapes along the trail. You can see the whole Las Vegas at the top.

I Love this hike.

It’s definitely not 5 miles. To the end of the trail was maybe a mile and a half out if that. The sign even says 2.4 round trip. It’s pretty but March 10th we saw a trickle and a small pond.

11 days ago

Very scenic. Some scrambling over big rocks. At times hard to determine where the trail is but you can’t really get lost. Great view of Vegas at the end. Wear good hiking shoes for gripping the rocks.

very beautiful, and beautiful sight seeing area and it is not hard at all

15 days ago


16 days ago

Wonderful. Very windy day but was well worth the view at the end of the LV strip.

Best hike EVER!! Beautiful view! Worth the hike!

Southern Cali girl here. I recently got back into hiking and have tried to look for a nearby trail anywhere I go. My boyfriend has family in the Vegas area so I was excited to learn of the many wonders surrounding us here. This is one of many trails in the park. It was fun to get lost in the canyon, climb rocks and play with snow. I'm glad we started early because it wasn't crowded and we got to appreciate the creek and ponds practically to ourselves. will return!

Love the scenery. Only problem I had with the trail was there were so many forks and it was hard to make out where the trail actually went and ended. Lots of dead ends. Ended up traveling back and going to two different creek split-offs. Also the map on this app is much longer than what is traveled upon by walked trails. Pick your own adventure, I guess!

25 days ago

great hike and beautiful scenery. make sure to wear good shoes as you do some rock climbing. we went when there was not much traffic so the hike was enjoyable. I would suggest taking this hike early as it could get crowded.

you can go in So many directions. you will find great views and and meet great people along the way.

27 days ago

Beautiful view!

29 days ago

This was a wonderful side trip away from the Vegas Strip. The temperature was perfect for a nice hike in late January. Easy parking and access to the trail. Definitely wear some good, non-slip hiking shoes. Part of the trail is very sandy and the other part you'll do some light rock scrambling. My shoes became slippery from the sand and while walking on the rocks I slipped and landed on my caboose which resulted in a very colorful bruise.

Came to trail run, ended up hiking my way through the brutal midway elevation gain.
You start this hike thinking you can go all day, only to find the slippery, serious elevation through the mid-point. Everyone talks about losing your way and I agree that it can be easy to stray (I found many people struggling their way up while I was heading down). That being said there are plenty of trail markings which are predominantly spray painted white or teal dots along the path. If the trail is obvious, find your way. If not, look for dots. In any case this is a summit so you should always be walking up or down to get to where you're going. Does it suck, yes. Is it worth it, big time. Have fun and be safe!

30 days ago

Be prepared for a little light scrambling. Shoes with grip are a must and having basic scrambling skills would help. I think this trail would have been more fun early in the morning when there are less people. The noise can get a little hectic and it begins to feel like your at an amusement park. Other than that, it was a beautiful trail with great views at the end. There is a loop trail that encircles the calico hills that might be of interest to someone who would like an extended version of this trail.

Terrific hike and great views of Vegas and the Spring Mts from the top. I'm 62, in good, not great, shape and managed it in about 3+1/2 hrs (120 min up, 10 min at top, 70 min down). I got conflicting info on the various pathways going up to the intermediate saddle which is to the left of the peak itself. IMHO it's best to stick to the main path, which heads up a spur to the left of the most visible runoff gully which leads nearly straight up to that saddle. Blue paint marks on stones will guide you starting about 2/3 the way up to the saddle. White paint spots and arrows serve as a guide from the saddle up to the peak, with one split marked EASY vs HARD in white paint. I chose EASY :) Many people will have to scramble up in a few places - nothing major. I found it very enjoyable in February - would be more difficult in July- August.

Fun hike. Lots of scrambling.

1 month ago

This is a great moderate hike for all ages. Its a lot of fun walking and scrambling around a bit over all of the red rocks once you get back into the canyon a bit. At the end it also has a great view of the entire Vegas Valley. Highly recommended all year round.

NOTES: During rainy season is the calico tanks might be filled full of water causing you to go around them instead of through them in order to reach the summit view.

1 month ago

Amazing that all these beautiful trails are so close to Vegas. Stunning views everywhere if you can appreciate the rugged, rocky formations. A very serene yet challenging hike in late November.

1 month ago

Secluded trail, come prepared for steep broken shale on many parts. View on a clear day is the best around Vegas.

Great hiking trail but not enjoyable enough downhill riding for a bike to justify the hours long push uphill.

My wife, me, 6 and 8yo boys made it but the kids were so tired on the way down, we had to go slow and steady and help my 6yo to keep him from falling too many times. This was our first time to Gass Peak. Took us 6hrs (car to peak to car). But only recorded 3:40 of “moving” time. Went in Feb, weather was perfect and a little breezy.

My wife and I, along w/ my brother and his girlfriend, started at 11am on an unseasonably warm February day. Just over 60 degrees at the base of the trailhead. To level set, we are between age 30 and 41, moderate fitness level, w/ one of us having slight Asthma, and typically stick to slightly shorter day hikes w/ less elevation change. Stopping several times (>10) for a few mins each, to rest/drink/talk/enjoy views, on the way up took us about 2hr25min. It got a little chilly nearing the top w/ 15-20mph sustained winds coming from the north/northeast w/ temps a few degrees cooler than at the trailhead. Keep in mind wind conditions can vary greatly during this hike. For us, because the winds were out of the N/NE, we were blocked out from any wind on this trail until the last .6 miles or so, at which point we were fully exposed (25mph+ gusts, good motivation to keep moving) for the remainder to the top, and first .6 miles or so back down. We were prepared, but definitely bring a good 2nd layer if it's windy, or even heavier clothes if it's a cooler & windy winter day.

We took about 1hr45min to get down, but were very slow, and very careful, and stopped 5 times or so. Would recommend hiking shoes w/ all the loose gravel/dirt, though 3 of us did it in tennis/walking/gym shoes.

With a half hour at the top taking pictures and snacking, we were just under 5 hours total. We went through 1.5L of water per person even w/ the moderate temps (would def bring more if warm/hot weather). Agree w/ the previous reviews that it's very easy to temporarily lose the trail, though also easy to get back on track. It'd be very hard to actually get lost, and there are markings (painted) throughout most of it. Heights give me the creeps, and this hike didn't bother me at all in that respect. I'd deduct a half a star if I could for the steep downhill spots w/ loose rocks/dirt, but I have to round up to 5 stars for the zillion dollar views.

Starts off with a light trail walking up to rockier points up to eventually climbing over boulders. I felt so accomplished when I reached the end! You’ll know when you’re there when you reach a dead end that you can’t climb over unless you have gear. Very fun, wear the right shoes !

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