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Hiked on 4/22/18. Started around 930am and took us two hours with a nice stop at the top. The trail had very little snow/ice but a lot of slush which made it slick at times. Spikes not needed. It was moderately trafficked but it felt like mainly with trail runners. Absolutely beautiful views from the top.

6 days ago

Great hike! No issues with the trail when I went Saturday but they put up a fence so you cannot reach the summit anymore. You can still climb up the rock to a ledge to see out, but it’s not as great of a view with the trees out there. Lots of spaces to climb though if you’re interested. I’ll come back again when the fence is down and the cave is open.

Love this trail! Short but challenging, and a beautiful view from the top!

9 days ago

Best when you don’t have hours to spend but still want good hike.

14 days ago

Lots of kids on this trail. Starts a ncarr, not to challenging, lots of uphill at the end, to see the cave have to climb up some rocks.

This was my first trail I went on and it is also in my home town. the trail was crazy but it was worth it when we got to the first lake it was amazing.

Incredible! Love the dispersed camping near the trailhead. Wonderful views at every turn!

Easy quick hike in Boulder.. stairs at the end are really the only challenge. Views are like

20 days ago

Fantastic, scenic hike in fresh, late March snow. Physically pretty demanding on the way up but technically not too difficult on the way down. Did the loop clockwise.

Incredible view at the end. Great hike.

22 days ago

Great short hike! Easy rise to the bottom of the final climb (it’s a climb for sure). Beautiful view from the top! The cave is closed for the season, but still worth the hike/climb. Under 2 hours out and back.

23 days ago

Moderately trafficked and just barely muddy this Saturday afternoon. Slow and steady start with a good elevation increase at the end. There is a rock wall before the gated off caves so you will need to use hands to climb. Saw some dads struggling to help their children up/down the wall. Saw a few adults of all ages that wouldn’t climb the wall (fraidy cats). The best views are at the top so don’t chicken out. All in all, quick and easy hike. Wouldn’t do it again for exercise, but would bring friends here for sweet views of the flat lands.

23 days ago

Peaceful, beautiful hike in the woods. The first 4/5 of the hike is easy then at the end you have some stairs to get to the top which gives it its moderate rating. The views are beautiful and the trail was very quiet when I went.

Hiked on 3/25/18. Made it up and down without micro spikes but there were some slick moments, especially on the decent. Always a good Boulder go-to but you will see a ton of folks on this one.

29 days ago

Fun trail.

Hiked Green Mountain today as our first hike of the season and really enjoyed it. It was dry and snow free for the most part but the closer we got to the summit the more packed snow and icy spots we encountered. We hiked up Gregory Canyon and didn’t use our spikes at all but on the way down I was really glad to have them. As usual we saw a lot of people in sneakers that made it up and down as well so you can do without I guess. All in all great hike but a bit too crowded for my taste but that’s what you get when you hike in Boulder.

I loved this trail but the climb at the end was a CLIMB. For someone who likes to stay on my feet and not use hands I didn’t do the last part. Sorta upset I didn’t get to see the cave but the hike otherwise was awesome!

We enjoyed our hike today but there was a lot of ice and snow on the trail. Crampons would have been very helpful.

This is my go to trail! You get a great view at the top and there’s a metal plate that shows you all the mountain ranges to the west at the top! It starts off easy but gradually gets harder.

Trail was very nice. Some ice but you can get around it, also Mud. Towards the end there are rock stairs, so there is a bit of a climb. The summit was very nice, not amazing. Small area once you reach the top so if it's a busy trail day, it will definetely be crowded. I only gave it 3 stars because the summit view was not that impressive, the trail itself was very pretty.

1 month ago

Awesome hike! Great views, great workout !

Easy hike with rewarding views. The trail was a bit icy in some spots but overall it was in good condition.

Great hike, would have given it five stars if there were not so many road crossings and so close to the road.

Icy in parts, but beautiful overall!

Icey but beautiful!

1 month ago

Slightly icy in the beginning and towards the top today. Temperature was very warm 50F+ with the sun beaming down I had only a long sleeve on the whole time. Coming down the other side there was a ton of packed snow and ice. Would have been quite a bit more difficult without crampons. Try and get there pretty early as it can get pretty packed at the top later in the day.


3/2/18- I was really impressed with this trail. I normally shy away from trails so close to the city, because there’s just too many people. But today was surprisingly mellow. Great views of the city, then on the other side you have great views of the mountains (will post pics). A few things:
1) We had to go up Gregory and down Flagstaff (reverse direction from map) because I couldn’t find the flagstaff trailhead. The trailhead is actually on the main road, across from the stop sign. Turn into the little parking area, then walk back down to the entrance stop sign. You’ll see the trailhead there. Gregory’s trailhead is by the roundabout (opposite end).
2) That said! The most icy stretch is on the Gregory Canyon trail. This worked for us because I prefer to go up the ice patches then down on solid ground. So if that is you, go clockwise on the trail!! Very brief stretches of ice, and some parts are fairly steep. But I made it fine with regular hiking boots. Flagstaff was dry, just be prepared for mud.

Hiked up about two weeks ago, fun hike. It was pretty icy attempting to climb up to the cave but still doable. Once you get to the top the cave is fenced but you can look inside.

On a clear day the views at the top are stunning! Took about 4 hours RT with a 30 min break at the top, so it makes for a perfect day hike from Denver. Overall a steady uphill climb but frequent places to stop and take a break. Trail is clearly marked as well. The loop back down is incredibly icy and shaded, so spikes/traction are a plus.

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