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A bit difficult to find, but overall a decent hike. The beginning (clockwise) follows the hill by dirt trail, then leads to asphalt for about a mile once you reach the station. You then go past a small ranch and then along the creek trail. You cross a bridge and then ascend the mountain of steps and switchbacks. You finally finish back where you started. Took about 2:15.00.

I like it medium hard

Would give this a 3.5 if I could. The view and scenery were just okay and you followed a path that was close to the road, which I am never a fan of. If you’re looking for a workout, this hike is 5 stars. You start off hard and don’t stop as you move along from the poop out to the punk. Serious incline the whole way. Following the other trails down is highly recommended as I feel like it would be too steep to descend. The trail entrance to poop out is a little difficult to find, but is right at the corner of where you turn into the park and the main road.

Easy hike, mostly flat with little climbing involved. My Fitbit measured it to be 11.3 miles in total. You’ll definitely get wet when crossing the River a few times, so bring water shoes or a change of shoes/socks. Water was up to my ankles in early Jan. Took us about 5 hours in total.

We took the poop out trail up and mystic canyon down. The first mile is petty intense but doable.

This is an excellent trail if you want variety and beauty. We took Mystic and went right. We took the more gentle trail instead of taking Punk Out. We went all the way to GMR and went back down via Monroe. In all we hiked 14.5 awesome miles and enjoyed the whole trip!

it was one heck of an adventure.
from beginning to end, crossing the stream and climbing over rocks. definitely not for beginners as I heard a lot of people complain lol and short of breath.

I am visiting from the east coast and decided to give this hike a try. Pretty solid overall and the many stream crossings kept it interesting. I completed it in just under 4 hours with a short break at the bridge for pics. It is difficult to follow the trail at times but rather easy to get back on point. The trail notes in AllTrails were very helpful.

My garmin had it at 10.24 miles.

One oddity is the number of homeless that seem to make the trail home. There appears to be a rather large camp close to the beginning and then I saw a couple more along the way, including upon my return own actually had a fire going. It just seems like there is lots that could go wrong and I am not sure why the rangers allow it.

4 stars for a great hike but the homeless and lack of trail markers keep it from a 5 for me.


Time your trip well if you plan to go to the pools

Quite the walk to get to beach

Amazing never ending hike. I started at 1. If I would of started earlier I would of kept going.

Such an awesome climb to the Baldy summit today. The views were incredible. Crampons AND Poles are a MUST and that is the minimum. I would’ve felt safer with an ice axe. The temperature was freezing and my hydration pack froze while I was climbing the backbone. Kind of annoying, but that’s why I came hydrated.
I took the fire road route up to the Baldy Notch which lead to the Devils Backbone and up to the summit. I got lost on the way down when the fog set in HEAVILY. I ended up taking a wrong turn and ended up on Register Ridge which was SKETCHY (I loved that).
Come prepared, have patients, and be safe.

“Mountains are not Stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion”
-Anatoli Boukreev

IG: @TheSoCalHiker94

Probably better in summer. Cold and windy near the ski lift. Bar was closed. Took about 30 minutes hiking down to thaw my face and hands. Pretty views and steady incline. Watch for ice

Loved it take enough water in the summer, hat and food!

22 days ago

This is a exhilarating hike!
Park in the ranger station parking lot and grab a fee envelope from the entrance stand directly across from the station... place your $ inside and begin your adventure. Follow the asphalt road about 0.20 mi. and take Trail Scout Reservation for the Ben Overturff Trail to your right. After about one mile of dirt road you will arrive at the trailhead (on your left).
Over the next 2 miles will gain 1000 ft. elevation using switchbacks and short bridges as you experience tree covered meadows and gently rolling streams of the canyon... and I paused often to enjoy the morning breeze of this glorious outdoor exploit.
Up next you will see a Deer Park Cabin/Restroom sign. If you choose the Deer Park Cabin option, (after about 100 yds.) you can learn a little bit about Ben Overturff. If you choose the Restroom option, this will lead you over to the Monrovia Canyon Truck Trail, reconnect with the original asphalt road, and guide you back down to the ranger station. All in all, a great day. Happy hiking!

Make sure to bring water

This is a great hike to challenge yourself! It has a great scenery and a bar with food near the lift. I took my walking sticks because coming down is hard and rocks and dirt slide. I really enjoyed this hike! Bring lots of water and it’s cold at the top so be prepared!

Beautiful trail with ever changing landscape. Only 4 stars because all the homeless people camped out is a little unnerving for people hiking alone. While we had no issue, it was the first time I’d experienced a trail with people living on it.

26 days ago

It was a nice trail for a workout and enjoying the scenery. My backbone and waist wasn’t good condition. I felt pain even walking. However, hiking in this trail worked on me well. I’ve been there over one month, almost every day for treatment purpose. It’s enough steep for setting body pose. Anyway be healthy ~ and be happy everyone.

I absolutely loved this hike!
Beware of the advice and notes on this trail however, it is probably inaccurate. It rained a little bit a week or two ago (we aren't in the throws of our biggest rains yet), and the river and trail has moved by sheer force of nature. It is evident that this trail changes, constantly.
This is good and bad, it's a new adventure; but it also means to be prepared for something new.
The river was full and we had to cross the river in places where in now hugs the cliffs, and the water was so deep that I think in only one place were we able to stay dry.... prepare to have wet socks at least when the rainy season starts.
The grade is easy, so it's a moderate hike despite the distance. There are a lot of yucca around and on the trail, so also prepare to get poked, a mild ouch.

this hike kicked our butt we measured it with Strava at 11.2 miles round trip had to cross the river six to eight times each Direction there's five or six spots that are pretty treacherous if you don't pay attention and the cactuses or yuccas are sprouting and we got stabbed about six times so be careful and you're going to get wet there's just no way around it cuz the water is up so in my opinion you're better off walking across the river then trying to balance yourself on the rocks overall a very challenging hike it took us six hours and 45 minutes but we took our time I don't recommend it for beginners but if you're in shape give it a go

One of the best hikes. This hike actually is not really hard as people say. I took my three older sons with me (13,10, 10) and they completed it with no issues. Mind you they have been backpacking since age 2.

We had a great time! Snow at that time was perfect.

Great hike, lots of incline and decline. We didn’t follow the map to the main road but we cut through the mountains making it only 3 miles but a workout the whole time

We tried to go today but our GPS took us to a different route. I’m glad that we have a cross trek, because we were unaware that it was a dirt road (crabs flat). I wished it was mentioned on the hike. We will try to go an other time. We still had a great time and enjoyed the view.

This could be a challenging hike depending on which route you choose when you reach the Punked Out Trail sign roughly 1.5 miles into the hike starting at the Big Dalton Rd. Trailhead. At that junction, the trail on the left is a series of switchbacks with pretty gentle slope to the saddle. . The trail on the right goes straight to the top of the saddle—half the distance, but oh man it is tough! Part of it is not hiking but climbing, really! Take this with caution and if you are confident in your stamina and know a bit of climbing techniques. Of course, let’s not forget the first mile of the trail either. Steep, it is (but at least it is a hike and not a climb!!)

All together, quite a scenic hike, a good workout, and not too crowded. Hope you enjoy it.

I loved this hike! You park at the sheriffs station before the kiosk and you pay for parking by getting an envelope at the kiosk and paying $6 on weekends and $5 on weekdays. Hike up the paved way and one the left side you start the trail up toward the Trusk Boy scout camp. Stay to the right of the trail all the way up! It’s a loop either way. There is a small Short cut and it continues through the loop. There is a water source for the dogs and this is a very dog friendly trail. Please keep your dogs on a leash! The trail is 70% covered And has a great incline! The trail gets fairly small coming back down you may need poles. Very beautiful hike that teaches you history about the area.

Today I accessed the trailhead from Big Dalton Canyon Rd. and followed it up just past the Punk Out junction... my first attempt at this hard trail.

1 month ago

This trail is a good workout! Make sure to pack water in the summer.

1 month ago

So, the reviews had me a bit worried when I first hiked this trail (12/11/18). It is a reasonable hike and something that hikers with intermediate stamina can complete, albeit somewhat depending on which route one takes (intermediate or hard).. The first mile is quite steep, and then levels off. At about 1.5 miles, at the Punked Out trail sign, there is a junction--the right-side path goes straight to the top, or to where the map marks as the turnaround point of this trail (0.6 mile), and the path on the left goes to the same place (1.6 miles). The shorter path, as you would guess, is a lot steeper. So, take your pick and determine the difficulty of the trail. Once on top, go another 0.2-0.3 miles and look for a not-so-easy-to-notice path on the left for a short climb to the true top. Overall, this is an enjoyable hike, especially if you like to hike in green mountains with the snow-capped ones in the background. As far as parking goes, the two possible start/stop points are about a half mile away--park on the Glendora Mountain Rd. to start where the map suggests, or park about 0.5 mile down the road on Big Dalton Canyon Rd. and start at the Mystic Canyon Trail.

The owner said that access to the springs via his property is permanently closed. This may change subject to his whims, but steer clear unless you want a serious chewing out. Owner referenced the number of people that come unprepared and the "daily" rescues. The road in and out was dicey after the recent rains. Who knows if it's actually closed or if he just decided to close it for the day, either way, the owner was very rude.

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