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So, the description is misleading. This hike isn’t actually long at all. You can drive your car up most of the way to a parking area (would suggest a SUV, our corolla had a hard time). With that said, the short hike to the falls was beautiful, being high in the mountains meant it wasn’t too hot, and the falls itself was a little crowded. Overall worth a stop when exploring the area!

Went by Lower and Upper Twins to George Lake today (8/1). Trail in great shape and easy to navigate. No bugs, mosquitos or other irratants. How lucky can you get.

3 days ago

Beautiful view from the trail. This trail is rated moderate. I hate to see what hard is. Take lots of water and enjoy the scenery. We are beginners so It was hard for us but we were able to conquer it. I would recommend this.

4 days ago

This was not much of hike. It would be great for runners and their dogs.
Worth mentioning again, lots of dog poo on the trail!
Most of the trail was campers, screaming kids and intrusive music. Lots of people watching though some of it was more like wild kingdom.
I wont return.
I'll go walk on the side of the freeway for better views.

Not as advertised. Very difficult hike, especially in the summer months because of the rare shade found for the greater parts of the hike. The elevation change is also closer to 2,300 feet and round trip it is almost 10 miles. The falls are gorgeous at the end but with the poor air quality in the park and the fires in the nearby areas, it was difficult catching a full breath the whole time. Would not recommend for inexperienced hikers.

nice walk, half of it is pathed. Dog friendly.

6 days ago

Please beware that the first quarter mile of trail is literally choked with poison ivy. About 300 yards in the trail becomes a tunnel of P.O. one could probably punch through to make it beyond to P.O. to the drier slope above but I had to curtail my hike.
Note: to complete the Prewitt Loop trail starting from the southern TH, one would have to bushwhack through this tough section

Beautiful easy trail. If you have kids, it’s best to drive up the dirt road and start where the parking lot is. Dirt road is a little rough if you don’t have a SUV or truck. But beautiful waterfall at the end. My kids enjoyed it even my 4 year old.

9 days ago

Great hike and fairly cool on an early August day when it was broiling at lower elevations. No bugs on the mountain and not too bad along the creek - but enough that repellent would have made it more enjoyable. Mostly we had the trail to ourselves. The number of old-growth trees is astounding.

This is a tough little hike with spectacular views. Most hikes will give you glimpses of the views along the way but this baby saves all her beauty until the very end and it is grand.

I think it some type of steps and / or handrails could be constructed to facilitate a safer decent to the waterfalls pools. Other than that, it is an easy surface to negotiate on the trail and a scenic hike also!

11 days ago

Awesome hike! Trail was a bit of a challenge. Ran into a large doe with two fawns about halfway in. Had to make room because momma wasn’t having it. None the less awesome views and the water was amazing definitely recommend!

11 days ago

Upper twin lake is a great backpacking spot.

Quiet during weekdays. Lower pool is easily accessible from the trail. Some scramble to the top of the falls.

11 days ago

After our plans to reach the Mineral King area today fell through, we decided to do a hike in the foothills instead.
Mid-June, the temperature was easily in the 90s and there isn't much shadow along the way, so be sure to carry a lot of water and wear sunscreen and a hat if you're doing this in summer. Long pants also come highly recommended, as the trail is narrow and there is a lot of undergrowth.
The hike itself is not terribly exciting for most part - you don't get much in the way of views and, especially in the summer heat, it can become a bit of a slog. The waterfalls are quite pretty though.
Overall, I would say that there are better hikes to do in Sequoia, but if you want to experience the climate of the foothills, this is not a bad hike to do.

12 days ago

Fun hike. Like others have said it’s easy to lose the actual trail because of boulders, but as long as the creek is on your right, just keep going. Some bouldering if you want to keep the creek in sight. Didn’t go all the way back because of time and smoke from the Ferguson fire but still a good hike. Took a little dip in a larger pool and little fish swam around me. Lots of people at the beginning but less as we continued on. 8/3/18

Short and simple, with a very rewarding waterfall

Good family hike with a nice view at the end.

16 days ago

Probably the most beautiful, serene so far since moving here in Jan. 2018!! Absolutely NO REGRETS! So many beautiful blooms in the meadows, crystal clear water, just perfect! even the cows along the trail and the log bridge.

16 days ago

Cant wait for cooler weather to do this one again. Got a lil freaked out by the rattlesnake sighting. but the views are wonderful!

It is 5.5 miles one way, 11 miles total. Took my 9 year old son and we made it to the lake in 2:40 and out in 2:20. Lots of people.

Dirt road entry is pretty rough but the walk is very nice.

Beautiful. Definitely a little bit difficult to stay on the trails, but there were plenty of places to stop and rest.

18 days ago

Beautiful trail with so many natural swimming holes and small waterfalls. The trail starts off well-defined but as we continued, we lost the trail multiple times. We had to clamber over massive granite slabs to try to pick up the trail again. Between using All Trails and keeping the water in sight, we always managed to find it again. But our hike ended up being 5.1 miles due to losing the trail multiple times. Wear appropriate footwear!! This is not a flip flop trail. Breathtaking views, lots of water, and no mosquitoes made for a great hike. 7/28/18

Beautiful Lakes at the end of a wonderful trail.

19 days ago

Easy walk. Loved the beautiful falls!

19 days ago

Can’t wait to go again and bring our swimsuits. Natural pools are beautiful. No mosquitos spotted. Warm weather in the sun, but consistent breeze and shade cover for much of the hike is present. BUT the trail to the pools seems to stop abruptly in several areas. As long as the river stays to your right you should be able to come upon the trail eventually if you get off of it. The start of the trail is in the back of China Peak. Drive in and head straight back. When you come upon 2 trash cans and a wooden pool you know you’re at the trail head! 7/26/18

took my hunny it was very pretty

Great beginners hike. It’s an out and back so it’s easy to follow. Parking lot can get a little full during peak times but people aren’t hanging out there all day long so the cars filter in and out frequently. Overall, great little hike for families and groups with small kids.

trail running
23 days ago

Wonderful hike today with four boys aged 5-13. Did three miles of bluff and ridge trails. Gorgeous scenery. Do not follow directions here. Go all the way down Windsor Ave. they have parking there. Or park of highway 1 and walk in through the Santa Rosa Creek trail (it’s only .2 miles to the views of the ocean). Great spot.

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