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We parked near the trail head. Sun and snow made beautiful pictures. Creek runs on the side of the trail. We turned around half way, because couldn’t cross the river. Main waterfall is very pretty, however more people. While hiking to Waterfall was not a sole on a Sunday. Going downhill on way back.

Gorgeous views! Well worth the hike.

Nice little trail with lots of shade... it’s a little hard to stay on trail at the top as you are just walking through a cow pasture. The grass was freshly growing, so it covered the trail... Took us 1 1/2 hours.

Great hike even for my 11 year old dog and family that don’t hike on a regular basis. Absolutely gorgeous. We began around 10:00am on a Sunday which was perfect before the crowd and heat.

This will be our new regular family day hike.

awesome hike with beautiful views and a great work out. It starts out with switchbacks and the last mile or so really works your gluteus maximus.

Beautiful! Loved the cave. I wish people would respect nature and not vandalize it. There is some graffiti on the rocks and in the cave but it was still beautiful being above the ocean on cliffs looking out.

This is a great trail from Fall until hit starts hitting the 90s. It's even better after a light snow. Full trail starts at Cedar Valley but if you want a shorter hike then there is another trailhead further up HW41 that is about the halfway point to red rock falls at the end of this trail.

14 days ago

I hiked Vernal Falls with my mom and daughter! Lots of steps and a steep climb but so pretty at the top!! ❤️❤️

14 days ago

The trail was covered in snow and the last .3 miles were closed but the views were gorgeous nonetheless. We got about a foot and a half of snow the night before which made for and Easy to moderate climb. Looking forward to going back in the summer!

Enjoying hike

so pretty, especially with the light snow we got covering the ground!

18 days ago


Definitely would rank this as a moderate hike, the inclined parts are very steady and nothing too steep, making for an excellent day hike! The falls at the end are even more beautiful than the pictures, highly recommended!

Just gorgeous, great vistas on this trail.

This was an easy hike, almost a walk. Enjoyed the mix of forest and bluffs. The forest section is quiet and peaceful, not heavily trafficked. The bluff section has more foot traffic but the coastal views are amazing, especially on a clear day. There are numerous custom styled benches along the bluffs where you can sit for a bit and just enjoy the views.

23 days ago

We took my 3yr old and a 6yr old friend.
I was fine starting out but if you have issues with heights be prepared for a few tough descents. I froze several times trying to get over metal grates. The kids had a great time, we made it to the water for a picnic and a little rope free boulder climbing. The views were great, the breaks were many. Bring plenty of water, or something to purify with.
Start early and enjoy the peacefulness, if you’re out on Saturday be prepared for taking turns walking down the metal grates.

Loved this trail! The views were amazing. Lots of inclines, definitley got my heart pumping.

Brr! A little snow on the trail. Stunning frozen falls.

Awesome hike during the winter!! light snow almost the whole time made for great pictures!! cold but worth it tread carefully with muddy trails and slippery rocks. Waterfall was amazing! huge reward at the end :)

Easy enough for my 3 & 5 year old, but my husband and I also really enjoyed it. Can’t beat the constant view of the beautiful ocean! My boys loved searching for Pirates treasure :) Just outside the cave to the left you can go down the rocks a bit and you will see a ring in the side of the mountain. We were told this is where the Pirates used to hook their ships. That made it even more fun for my kiddos!

Was a very nice hike. Didn’t feel as long as it is. We did have to deal with some snow flurries early on but worth it!

My first hike this year. Easy to get to. Easy to follow. I’m out of shape but I was still able to complete it. Beautiful views at the top. Always worth it. :)

Interesting hike , not sure why it says that you can bring dogs, you cannot. It is inside a National Park and it’s even signed not allowing dogs. That didn’t appear to stop the people we saw with dogs .
More importantly there is a new Brewery in Three Rivers that is the bomb! Great place to stop afterwards and get a drink and some food .

Good Hike. For a 1500 ft elevation gain , this trail had a gentle grade than most other comparable trails with similar elevation gains.

The trail is mostly shaded - about 75% and the falls at the end of the trail is delightful. Tons of water and very pretty. Lots of small and large cascades and falls - be prepared to spend some time here .

There are a lot of thorny plants along the way , so be mindful. Worth the effort on a winter day .

Great trail and cool temps helped make it very enjoyable. I would not recommend for the casual hiker. Trail is very narrow at times and rocky. Trek poles were very helpful. Falls were beautiful. Lots of great views along the way.

29 days ago

Great overall hike, connected to other trails for extra miles. Another great winter day on the central coast ;>)...

1 month ago

Great campsites near the lake.

The description of the loop is deceiving. There is no signage in the parking lot says you need to hike at least 4 miles before the loop trailhead. The trail that starts at the parking lot is part of the Coast to Coast Trail. The trail is actually the size of a small road..well maintained. Moderate walk, with the exception of the hill as you go towards the parking lot. Did not seem so steep on the way in!

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