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5 days ago

Lots of slippery boulders to climb over, be careful and you will have a lot of fun.

Started Clockwise....ended up all over the place as not marked well at all.....but what a beautiful adventurous hike it was!

Quick easy hike. Beautiful views and the cave is a nice area to relax before heading back.

This is a great hike, but be prepared to hike the majority in water...went 2 octobers ago, and the weather was fairly warm but that water was freezing. spent some of the hike waist deep, but still worth it. only saw 2 other people the entire time. there is no GPS or cell service, so make sure you aren't alone. wear good hiking shoes so you have grip while shoes are wet.

Rough terrain but would say this is a moderate hike. Last final push up to the cave was the most difficult. Cave does smell. But the views... awesome!

Terrain isn't great but its definitely worth it. Beautiful view from the top.

Easy, can trail off to the Broadway cave or continue on Jacobs crosscut.

Easy for about 2 miles, once you get to the base of the mountain id say it’s a moderate trail to the cave. Easy to lose the trail so watch for the cairns. Cave is awesome, great views. Super loose rocks on the way down, be careful. My 6 year old did this no problem but she’s a big hiker.

This hike was fairly easy and fun! I took a dip in the falls. And it was amazing!

23 days ago

The clockwise travel of the trail uses the Peralta Trail. Finding the Barks Canyon trail is a bit of a challenge but once you find it, there are cairns on regular intervals to guide you. It is not a well traveled trail but has beautiful views of Weavers Needle and the surrounding mountains.
The trail seems to take you away from the All Trails recommended path in several areas so not sure if it was rerouted. Definitely recommend this trail.

So this hike was fairly easy. As soon as you start to head up the side of the mountain to the cave you can easily lose the trail. This app helped me keep on the trail. The cave is pretty awesome, didn’t get to go in (no flashlight) . It has an amazing view definitely worth it! It didn’t take me long at all. I would say an hour and a half up to the cave. Coming down it’s pretty strap, lots of loose rocks so be careful.

Easy hike until the last ascent up to the cave but nothing extremely difficult. The trail markings aren’t the best as you get closer to the cave but as long as you move towards the cave, you’ll be fine. Great views and the cave is a nice spot to relax for a bit even though it sort of smells (probably bats).

Great hike but definitely not for beginners. The first part of the trail is easy up to the petroglyphs. We found the faint trail to the right (after some searching) and the trail gets harder as you ascend. Pay attention to the rock cairns and chalk markings to stay on the trail. A lot of loose rocks near the top but the views are worth the trek. The hike took about 4 hours start to finish which included time at the top to enjoy the view and rest.

Great hike!! The view was amazing !

Take away the INSANE foot traffic, the views are spectacular!

This trial was a nice little 5 mile hike. we veered to the right and hiked to the cave. it was awesome! lots of Bats but it was daylight so you could hear them but they didn't bother you. The cave was a good hike up about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile but gained an elevation of 700+ feet.

1 month ago

Hiked this solo on 11/10/18. Took about 2.5 hours up and 2 hours down. Definitely recommend downloading the map before you go as it can be easy to lose the trail. There were cairns set up almost the whole way that were extremely helpful and as long as you keep an eye out for them you'll be fine. I only saw 2 other groups once I split off from the Wave Cave trail.

The 6 mile drive once you turn off of route 60 is pretty much a dirt road. 4WD would be ideal but not necessary. My 2013 Hyundai Accent made it just fine but had to go pretty slow as it was real bumpy. Took about 20 mins. No water/bathrooms at trailhead. Good hike!

Not my ideal type of hike, I went counter clockwise. The views were magnificent, trail was perfect. I prefer a hike up like the Peralta. At 2.5 miles I just turned around. Other than that it was absolutely beautiful, barely anyone on the trail only saw 5 people in a span of 3 hours.

In many ways the Miner's Needle is more impressive than the Weaver's Needle and you get much closer on the main trail.

nature trips
1 month ago

The view was amazing! The hike was short but intense

1 month ago

I loved the bridge and all the amazing views there! There was a waterfall coming down from the top of the arch when I was there, and I chose to go all the way under the bridge and out and up on the other side instead of going back up the way I came. Watch the slippery rocks!

1 month ago

This is quite fun if you like hopping from one rock to the next, but it’s not the best trail if you are just looking for an easy stroll. I liked it! A bit hard to navigate and there are several paths you can take...but it’s hard to get lost with a GPS.

1 month ago

LOVED this trail. Lots of scrambling, bouldering, and rock hopping. We paused many times to observe the beautiful rock formations, caves, tree varieties, fall colours and explore each area. My wife had our 7mo daughter on her back and managed to navigate fairly easily. It has challenging sections that follows the rocky creek bed but is very doable. The massive cave with falling water at the end was spectacular- pictures do not do it justice- it’s epic.

1 month ago

Such a beautiful place to visit, family friendly. Went in early November and it was the perfect time to visit, trees were changing color and the weather was perfect. Heavily trafficked, go as soon as it opens

Mild rock climbing to the most beautiful payout

Totally worth it! Easy to drive to, not far off the highway, little parking but had the trail all to ourselves. No shade on the trail until you get to the cave and experience that little temperature drop. The first 1.5 miles is really mild. It isn’t until the last .5 miles getting to the cave that it gets more challenging. There are a lot of loose rocks on this trail. It can be tricky at times to keep with the trail so I do recommend using the app and looking out for cairns. The cave does smell but the views are spectacular. I brought a flashlight so I could check out the back of the cave. The hike took an hour and a half or so then spent a good 20 minutes just enjoying the cave and the views.

Solid hike, at times hard to stay on the trail because it’s not marked but definitely a workout for the quads and calves :D

hard to follow. good trail finding skills a must. well worth it!

So much fun! It was a challenging hike. Mostly the cairns weren't too difficult to follow. It does get steep with loose rock toward the top of the ridge. With rain a few times this last week a few places on the way with deep enough water to dunk your head into.

Beautiful trail! Great views the entire way. Tons of flowing water views! Saw tarantula and snakes. Hardly anyone on the trail. Started at 6:30am and took a few hours to do the entire loop. I took lots of breaks for pics though so not sure how long this trail should really take. Great trail the entire time.

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