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14 days ago

Short little hike up to an impressive cave.

Did a short loop off of the South Forest Road. The area offers a lot of opportunities for hikes both long and short. I recommend checking out the park map for hikes.

Very easy trail, beautiful year round, but can be crowded with people on the weekends.

quick trail but can easily spend hours here after a good rain looking at the waterfalls and rock formations

1 month ago

Easy trail past sheltered bluff.

When I was a child, I had the blessing of seeing this waterfall running, it is SO worth trying to see. that being said, I've hiked this trail probably 10 times and only got lucky once. one of the most breathtaking falls I've seen.

Huge reward for minimal effort. Wow! Great spot.

Easy trail, flat, and short. Beautiful year round, but the falls are only active after a rain. Otherwise it’s just a trickle of water falling.

My kids loved playing on the rocks at the cave. “My Favorite Hike we have ever done!” -my child
Hiked easily with a 3yr old, 7yr old and 13yr old

this is a beautiful fall. very easy to access.

trail running
2 months ago

Loved it!! Saw a turtle!!

Beautiful rock formations. Want to return in the spring when the water fall is running

had a blast it was a must see on my River to River thru hike. glad I did

The view is Amazing!

There's a very good chance that the creek won't be running, as it only flows after a period of prolonged rain. However, I walk the trail on a pretty regular basis, and find it to be a pretty charming walk through a really beautiful forest regardless. One definite perk is that throughout the hike you can see cliffs rising through the trees on either side of the trail; these cliffs become more prominent as the gorge narrows. When the water is flowing, there is a really unique waterfall that tumbles into a deep cleft in the cliff to the right of the trail.

As with the other trails in the area, the Hawk’s Cave Trail features some really impressive rock formations and massive cliffs. Fun place to explore. I would suggest hiking it clockwise from the trailhead, as this will save the cliffs for the latter half of the trail. The cliffs will seem really imposing when you approach them from this direction.

The trail was very easy with a moderately trafficked gravel pathway. We went in the afternoon as that morning there was heavy rainfall. We noted that the creek leading up to the waterfall was dried up and once at the waterfall found that it was dried up as well. There is a split path that allows you to climb to the top of the waterfall to explore the rocky area. There were fellow hikers at the waterfall when we arrived and we were informed that the waterfall only runs in the spring time despite recent rains. We did bring both of our Siberian huskies and found it was easy to navigate.

This is a short hike, but a must see at Ferne Clyffe. The shelter bluff is very impressive.

4 months ago

Small inclines to beautiful overhang. Nice little loop.

4 months ago

beautiful trail

Fun trail but has little in the way of signs. We took a wrong turn and ended up on another trail. The whole area was beautiful!

Great, easy little loop with a great overhang cave. so beautiful! local told us to keep an eye out for snakes but we didn't see any.

4 months ago

Nice short trail perfect for the evening before sunset. It's fully exposed, but well maintained even after the fire. Beautiful views of the Getty & into Santa Monica. Hike around rush hour to enjoy a laugh at the shmucks sitting in traffic!

easy trail but bring your bug spray :)

One of my favorite hiking/refresh places for my soul.

Grrrrr, Arrrrh, Urrrrr!

6 months ago

I enjoyed my hike, it was simple and not difficult on my knees. It has great views of LA, The Getty Center and you can get a glimpse of homes in Bel Air. The hike is clear but you can see the plant life regrowing from last years fires. Oh and this location is great for sunset!!!! I'm going back to see it soon.

Easy hike. Waterfall is beautiful when leaves are green. be careful and don't climb on the waterfall it is very slippery.

This is a great little trail that leads to a beautiful waterfall. I went a day after heavy rains and it seemed to be the right time to go.There are 2 ways to start this trail, there is a moderate trail head by the campsites and an easy trailhead by the picnic areas. Both leading to the same place. If you start from the Picnic areas it is graveled/ dirt path to the waterfall, pretty flat, but there are numerous trails that go up into the rocks and waterfalls along the way. the main trail I do not believe is 2 miles, but I did a little exploring on the extra paths which made it longer. Very doggo friendly,my doggo loved it. through out the park and other trails I went on, not many trail heads,but more then likely you will always find a good path that will lead the way.

on Hawk's Cave Trail

6 months ago

More of a moderate Trail for us. Had several inclines and declines. Well kept Trail through forest and along rock bluffs to cave. Would definitely take again.

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