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1 day ago

First time out to Big Frog wilderness. Definitely a wilderness area! Some of the trail overgrown and not many water sources. Some nice primitive camp sites along the trail (usually around trail intersections). I set up camp at a nice grassy spot at the intersection of Rough Creek. Very pretty forest but disappointed there were no great views along the way. I was teased hiking along the ridge line but no clearings to look out. Rather disappointing summit as well. I saw a bear cub twice though and a few hawks. No blazes so be sure to have a map and watch your intersections.

1 day ago

After summiting Big Frog from the Big Frog trail, I tried to loop back around connecting to Wolf Ridge via Hemptop. Took me 10 minutes of walking around in circles at the summit to try to find the trail. I finally found it (I think) VERY overgrown in the direction the sign pointed. Was wearing shorts and irritated the heck out of my legs. There are no blazes that I saw, only a lone cairn or two. Fought my way down the "trail" for about an hour and then lost the trail in an open area with a bunch of fallen trees. Searched for 30 min with no luck. Had to backtrack through all the brush again. Would like to come from the other direction and see where it comes out. Make sure you're comfortable navigating yourself in the wilderness!

14 days ago

This is a lovely trail but only a few spots on east side of loop with relatively easy access to the water. On this day, nice breeze on east side, but none on west side. Day after, dog can barely move. Good boy!!!

Great trail. Once you reach lodge at the top, be sure to take the short .2 mile spur to the Cliff Overlook!

Very nice Hike, the waterfalls were beautiful and rolling really well. the trail was shaded even with the heat it's not that bad.

Fantastic hike! Even with thunder, lightning and hail!!

trail running
3 months ago

This is my favorite running trail! Runs along the edge of Carter’s Lake and is a lovely trail. I’ve seen deer multiple times and 1 bear.

3 months ago

Great easy trail. Well travelled so no issues following. We are not the fastest but got it done in around 90 mins. Great views of Carters Lake for much of the way.

3 months ago

Beautiful views. Trails aren’t the most clearly marked but there are only a few ways you can go. Came across a 5 ft black snake in the path (no clue what kind) but it slithered out of the way no problem. Would love to return some day.

Very beautiful! quite the hike

3 months ago

The lake is gorgeous and you see it almost for 90% of the hike!!!

Since we have had so much rain for the passed month or so the falls were gorgeous!! Nice hike for the whole family. I baby wear so the last little leg being uphill got to me. lol. We all had fun.

Love this trail. Walk it with my dogs a lot. Great views of Carter’s Lake with slopes and some „up“ walking. Very relaxing because Army Core of Ingenieur doesn’t allow private Homes /Docks, so not so crowded.
However my Fitbit tells me it’s rather 4 Miles.

The road getting to the trail was a little rough. You drive over two creeks. The trail is beautiful. The waterfalls are clean and flowing strong.

The views were spectacular and the climb wasn’t as bad as I thought. I lucked out with perfect weather (65 and sunny)! Pretty slow burn with some short steep sections nearing the top. About 4 up and 3 down. Watch those knees on the decent! 100% worth it

6 months ago

Hiked this on 1/27 in the rain and it is now my favorite trail! It is just the right distance and grade for a nice continuous hike for me. I would recommend this to anyone to try this trail. Wait....I might want to keep this a secret!!!! Enjoy this trail!

I love this Trail it starts out with a Babbling Brook for the first mile or so then it gets sort of steep and the views get beautiful lots of switchbacks several beautiful small waterfalls and one absolutely incredible waterfall at the end changes by the season hike to Mount LeConte was challenging with steady inclines and climb very beautiful the scenery changes frequently we went through the burning Forest still smells a little like smoke we crossed over lots of icy patches made for a very adventurous hike we finally got to the top had a lovely picnic overlooking the Smoky Mountains ended with the sun on our faces and a smiling our heart The Descent was challenging yet silly as we slid down on our bottoms through the icy Trail finally when the darkness came the moon came up and lit the way for the last 2 hours of our hike a magical experience legs are very sore hips a little sore but all worth it in the end I would highly recommended trail for avid hikers to beginners give yourself plenty of time to enjoy relax and breathe in all that fresh air and beauty. pre medicate hahaha...

This fall is actually broken up by an upper and lower Licklog Falls. The upper are hard to get a good photo op of as there is no way to get close to them but they are a sight to enjoy. The lower falls are a short ways up but there is a steep trek down to them. I saw a review that stated not for children but we had three 11 year olds and one 8 year old who had no issues.

Easy but beautiful trail. Took my older dog and he loved it too :)

Amazing place to visit. to get to the base of the last falls is no joke!!! the trail is not really marked follow creek down stream from the campground.

My boyfriend and I did the short trail up to Rainbow Falls yesterday and it was beautiful! We got there at the perfect time as there was close to nobody going up the trail at the same time as us! (We went up at about 8:30) we saw multiple deer and an entire flock of turkeys on our way up. It was an incredible hike!

you will experience one of the best site's in the smilies, extremely beautiful hike, either side, you have to climb the Mountain to see the view.

10 months ago

Not a bad hike overall. We went in September so there was still much greenery and not a lot of views. The rhododendron tunnel was the highlight of our trip. We backpacked overnight and found a nice little campsite tucked away at about the halfway point. Probably wouldn’t go again for lack of scenery, but we enjoyed the time that we did have there.

Good starting hike

10 months ago

Ride the trail in both directions. Nice flowing trail and in great condition (well maintained)..

11 months ago

We could not find the trail. We asked the campers and no one knew. Would be nice to have a trail head marked. We went down several trails all the were the wrong trail. we would love to go back if I could just find it. Does anyone have any info for me?

The best hike I've ever done. Even during a touristy time of the year, the trail was extremely quiet. I didn't see many people at all during my hike after the falls. The falls make for a nice resting point. At the top of the mountain, there is a lodge along the Appalachian Trail. What a cool place to stay if you're doing the AT. There is also a mess hall with some food. The treat to me was the path up to an overlook. I was the only person at the overlook for about an hour and a half. So peaceful and spiritual looking out over the Blue Ridge Mountains. The best part is that the only way to this peak is to hike it (unlike Clingman's Dome or Mt. Mitchell which are both accessible by car). The only downside to the trail is that there weren't many lookouts on the way up, but I hike fast for the workout so that didn't really bother me. Getting to the top and enjoying that view was the goal and holy cow was it amazing. I will go back to Mount LeConte many times. There are a few other ways up. I think I'll try the Alum Caves trail next. The only reason I'd label this trail as "hard" is because of the distance. The terrain is moderate.

Beautiful easy trail

not well marked at all, lined with private drives. one such residence let their 3 Huskies run loose, which met us at the end of their drive and stood and barked, the path led past them.i had to scream at them to get them to back off. I had my 4 year old and 8 mo with me, and I wasn't chancing a dog bite, so we turned around and left without seeing anything. very disappointing. I suggest carrying a really big stick

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