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Little gem in town.

It's a pretty walk!

3 days ago

Excellent views during the hike. The hike itself was confusing, we kept going back and forth with the map instructions matching with the sign posts. i gave a 4* cause the restrooms were locked! Overall, we enjoyed but I would definitely advise hikers to plan the route.

We walked this trail on Monday. It was a clean trail with nice scenery, but darkness crept up on us and we ended up getting lost, so we had to go back the way we came. There are a lot of different marked trails so don’t be afraid to go off the trail marked by GPS. It’s definitely getting more and more muddy so be careful!

It was a beautiful fall walk through the woods! We explored through a couple unofficial trails, met some nice dogs, and generally enjoyed the fall colors! The main trail was well maintained and there wasn’t any trash around, so altogether good walking up, down and trough the hills.

29 days ago

Got to the TH at about 0930, a beautiful 50 degrees, clear blue skies. Trail is in excellent condition. Only saw 6 other people on the trail today. Beautiful hike, will be back in the spring!

Awesome hike, and well marked, with great signage

1 month ago

Great for running

Great for mushroom hunting.

beautiful surprise great for weddings

1 month ago

We almost didn't go on this hike based in all the reports about tweakers- but if you know the area, it is what it is.

That said, we didn't see any tweakers on our entire hike... There was however broken glass Everywhere throughout the trails (do not take little kids or dogs!!). There are also multiple spots where kids have drawn (fake) satanic symbols on trees and saw a couple trees burned (with these symbols). Again- you could tell it was just teenagers, but still, not all the pleasant nature views you want.

There was a young woman and her dog leaving as we arrived that warned us about a drunk guy by the river spouting stuff off that made her uncomfortable & leave, but we never crossed his path thankfully.

Overall it was a decent hike- but don't go alone & I doubt I will do it again.

Nice, easy hike with great views and wildlife. My dog loves it and it’s always a good trip.

A well maintained and clean walking trail. Multiple picnic tables and benches along the way. Great for families of all ages.

Rode with friend yesterday. Nice peaceful.

road biking
1 month ago

Biking with family nice trails

trail running
1 month ago

Spectacular views. Easy run. Not crowded early in the morning and Lots of wildlife. I definitely recommend.

Such beautiful scenery!! Absolutely love this walk. The looped walk has small hills that leads into a couple big hills (depending which way you go, you could be going up or down these hills). If you’re going up the hills, there’s a park up at the top and they have a water fountain and dog water area. Also, a few places to take some amazing photos. Right off the loop walk, there is also a bridge where you can put a lock on. And a body of water that is so pretty, where my kids love to look for crabs.

the main trail is well taken care of.
(side note )
### not as safe as you might think.###
if you take the side trail road near the entrance it veers off , some really cool trails spoiled by homeless people camped out.
garbage, and more refuse people didnt bother to pick up . also some graffiti about one race painted on a tree lying in the lake bed.

I was hoping to see a few spring flowers, but I guess it's too early. Trail is mostly flat. The loop back is rather steep. I'd recommend a walking stick.

Beautiful views, but aggressive wasps on the peak. Every other aspect of the hike was great though.

2 months ago

We were fogged in and didn't get much of a view, but when the fog cleared a bit it was beautiful. Would love to go there again on a clear day.

Lots of fun to take the kids on. Part of the trail was closed due to construction. But, we still got to hang out by the creek and have a fun easy going morning. Not to busy on the trail, only saw a few people along the way.

2 months ago

Great trail along the creek. Some pretty good inclined but manageable. Didn’t have time to do the whole thing but will hike again.

This is a busy paved community trail that is perfect for jogging or strolling. No hiking gear is needed.

2 months ago

Nice little trail following the river! Scetchy parking lot, but that is just part of Tacoma! Once you get passed that it is a fun adventure! Could have been a quiet relaxing walk enjoying the soothing sound of the river, except that I had 6 and 8 year old boys narrating their adventure! It was sad to see so much trash about, but otherwise well maintained walk ways.

I was going to try the trail with my dog despite the tweakers in the parking lot but the trail is closed until sept 15th! Maybe next summer I’ll try again.

Nice trail .

fun trail to walk in the summer and fall

2 months ago

Nice hike. Beautiful views on a clear day. Not crowded. Only downside is that you can see the road far below. I’d do it again.

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