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Really enjoyed this hike. Probably my favorite one I have done. But like others have said, it is at least 11 miles long. And since I am relatively clumsy, I decided to walk through the river instead of trying to cross on the rocks or downed branches/logs and walked in wet shoes and socks for most of those 11 miles. Still worth it and highly recommend it.

off road driving
5 hours ago

Love it. Plan for 7 hours to the Bridge and back to parking. >11 miles not 8.9 as stated on All Trails.

This is one of those hikes that could range from good too amazing. It all depends on how adventurous, agile, and athletic you are.

The hike is relatively easy to access. The private property factor didn't really hamper us at all. Here is our detailed journey...

If you don't go in the summer (like us) the camp is basically abandoned and you can probably park there. But just to be safe, we parked at the church just down the road from Torrey Pines Drive, then hiked back to Torrey pines drive (about 0.5 miles).

Next, follow Torrey Pines Drive all the way through the camp (you will pass a lake on your left). Keep going until the hill dips down and you will see a metal gate blocking off a paved road. Follow THAT paved road until it turns to a dirt trail. Keep on hiking up, eventually you will see a sign for HIDDEN FALLS.

Like another reviewer mentioned, it looks like its pointing you back, but its actually pointing at a super sharp switchback that goes straight up the mountainside to your right. The trail is visible, but almost looks like it could not be a trail lol. Just know at this point you are going straight up.

Hike up this steep hillside for a while and eventually you will see a rope going down in to the canyon. We thought the rope was too earlier and kept going. When the trail eventually ended we descended into the canyon through our own path. I don't recommend this. It was difficult...

Take the rope down. There is an obvious trail that leads to another rope nearby. Take the 2nd rope down into the canyon and you will be at "the falls".

Now, if you have some extra adventure in you, you can keep hiking up the falls. There are some beautiful and unique spots on the way up. It's not easy because its slippery and there are a ton of hidden loose rocks, but if you keep trekking up there is a gorgeous, massive tree on the hillside and some other really cool spots. Well worth it and my favorite part of the hike, personally. We went REALLY far up though.

In short, the main falls area (where the ropes take you) was okay, nothing too special. But, if you venture further up the canyon it makes it well worth it to see the unique trees and environment in general.

great hike, every hiker in SoCal should do this at least once, however, it is very heavily travelled. if you enjoy some seclusion on your hikes this is not it

Done this one several times. Though it's best in late winter and spring because the water flow is stronger, it also makes for a greatsummer hie because it is 80 percent shaded and mostly easy climbing, when there is climbing. There is a section in he middle that gets a little steep, with some cliff exposure, but it is short. If you or your children are afraid of heights, you may want to avoid this one.

it's decent. very heavily trafficked. it's a challenge for a new hiker definitely!

Poop out Trail, got it’s name for a reason. The hiking incline is a hard one, I might say. It’s view is amazing once you reach the top. It’s a satisfying workout. I highly recommend you wearing hiking shoes.

Easy hike with a beautiful view of Santa Barbara at the end.

pretty intimidating incline off the bat. google says to make a right. don't make a right and park on dirt on left. there is a wood that says Dalton and Poop out. if u go to the tipy top u get a 360 view. kicks ur butt.

Not too difficult, but it is all rocks so make sure you wear good shoes!

5 days ago

Starts off very steep then it's all downhill on the way back on Mystic trail. Poop out trail lives up to its name, as you will be pooped out. It will give you the workout you need for lower body and legs strength. It will also help develop endurance uphill. When you reach the top, it's all worth the amazing views.

Beautiful hike, many river crossings and scenic sights. Bring lots of water and keep track of your steps because it’s easy to get lost since there’s almost not a single sign

6 days ago

very good exercise trail.

Beautiful hike, many river crossings and scenic sights. Bring lots of water and keep track of your steps because it’s easy to get lost since there’s almost not a single sign

Beautiful hike, many river crossings and scenic sights. Bring lots of water and keep track of your steps because it’s easy to get lost since there’s almost not a single sign

I underestimated this hike a bit. It is definitely harder than I thought. But depending on the trail you take it could be easier. Landslides have removed part of the old trail so you have to travel on the dried up river bed which is fine. A lot of shade. Towards the end there was a clearing for sun but it is overall shady. Lots of river crossings. Bring some good boots or waterproof shoes. Some extra socks would be good too. Lots of fun! Very beautiful. Chances to see mountain goats which I saw none. Bungee jumping at the end. Expensive! $120. Wear some good pants. Wasn’t a lot of people there. There are some camp sites there as well. Next to a shooting range too.

8 days ago

Poop Out to Punk Out and down to Mystic. Wow. This is my favorite hike to get a 2hr workout. You get 1500ft elevation gain in the first 1 1/2 miles so expect to get worked. Once you get to the top it's a long 3 1/4 miles trekking downhill. I'm thinking of starting at Mystic then to Punk Out and that will give me a longer time climbing up. Check out Potato Mtn for a nice 4.2 mi 1100 elevation gain 80min workout.

8 days ago

11/11/18 Short trail to Dripping Cave is currently closed. Saw lots of deer, coyotes, and different birds.

Easy hike with plenty of people on a November Sunday late afternoon. Dry creekbed.

9 days ago

The trail humorously lives up to its name. For all that work it's not as gorgeous as I'd hoped, but I was looking for more of a work out and didn't care too much about the vistas, which were still solid in the big scheme of things.

Really pretty short hike. I also climbed up the large rock close to the midpoint for some added interest and elevation gain. Very easy to do several of these short Valley of Fire hikes in a day.

A nice little jaunt that earns you a great ocean view at the end! It seemed more difficult than moderate and good hiking shoes are a must.

on Rainbow Vista Trail

12 days ago

Easy walk even in the sand. Went all the way to the end to the Fire Canyon overlook. Lots to see and enjoy!

Great for a short hike not to hard, but little water coming down the falls.

Definitely more than a moderate. Wouldn't say it's an expert though. Went with shoes but some locals said not to use em. I'd say they would've made it harder in spots. Definitely not suitable for kids or dogs. Also be careful, there's a nude beach right down the beach from the end of the trail.

I did the bowl of fire trail in its entirety and then some. It took 7.5 hours. The trail was filled with all that a sportsman can handle. Note: you have to be in great shape to do this trail. The trail starts moderately easy but then it gets challenging. Have gloves handy. There are hills, mountains; the open desert, valleys and amazing sandstone rock formations. What a view! Important: please note that the trail disappears once you go down to the valley. You will need your GPS on. Alert: turn on your GPS from home and leave it on. You will lose reception well before you get to your hike location and then you will not be able to navigate your way. Have a power bank for your phone. EXTRA EXTRA!!! I was nearly attacked by a big bird. Not fun. I came face to face with a coiled rattle snake which was about 4 feet and I was within 8 feet from it. It was about to attack but I ran a few feet to create distance and it also disappeared. They shake the end of their tails when you're close so you'll always know if they're around. Please don't let that scare you. Enjoy the trail. Have fun. Take water with you and above all, be safe.

This hike should be rated easy. It’s pretty much a strain hike with a little here and there incline. An excellent hike to take a dog. Lots of water through out the whole hike. It’s just long but not hard. However the drive to get there is a different story. It’s about 5 miles through winding rounds that you have to share with a lot of bicyclists. It’s only a two lane road. Which feels like forever when your trying to leave.

another good one while visiting this park. all short hikes

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