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6 hours ago

Beautiful, one of my favourite lakes in the basin. Steep climb up but fantastic views

17 hours ago

Amy, I strongly urge you to contact Animal Control, which is the correct agency to handle the issue of the pit bull on this trail. Pit bulls are not inherently or naturally vicious, they have to be mistreated in order to become vicious. Often they are intentionally mistreated so that they can be used in inhumane dog fights, other times they are mistreated and used to deter detection of other illegal activities that people might be engaged in. Additionally, this poses a HUGE public safety risk. Your friend got bit and apparently not too badly, but a smaller human being could have their throat ripped out and every year people die from pit bull maulings. Please take action now!

1 day ago

Pretty good. Great for beginners, personally think it should be rated as moderate. Odds are a good amount of people tend to not even give it a chance due to the hard rating.

7 days ago

Four of us did this as a backpacking overnight this weekend, and for 3 of us it was our first time backpacking. We made it to the 2nd lake in 4 1/2 hours with packs and lots of breaks (we are in average shape.. only some of us hike regularly).
This trail was challenging and rewarding for a first time hiking with 20+ lb bags (we only hiked to the 2nd lake to camp and explored a few more lakes the next day). The trail is a very steady incline with some big stone steps here and there, but with trekking poles it was doable, even at altitude (I would describe it as "challenging" but far from "brutal"). What was somewhat brutal was camping in below 15 degrees ( my thermometer read closer to 10 than 15 at one point in the evening). Sleeping in the cold was not fun, but the sun really warmed us up in the morning.
On Saturday morning there was smoke from a forest fire which made the visibility poor, which was a bit discouraging, but we decided to go for it anyway. To the guy who said to us "Have fun breathing in smoke all night"... just so you know the wind came through and blew out all of the smoke that afternoon. We had perfectly clear weather that night and the next day.

Accidentally took this. Thinking it was s different way back from crystal mountain. Not too crazy about fire road hikes...but nice views at the top.

Easy hike. Beautiful views. We made the mistake of thinking the fire road at the end would take us back close to our car...ended up adding 2 miles to the hike. Liked the hike.

9 days ago

Warning: if you’re out of shape. Beginner hiker. Please be prepared. Allow yourself and your group plenty of time to reach the lakes before it starts getting dark. This trail is hard for beginners like myself. I started off the trail at 630am. It took my group almost 5 and a half hours to get to the first lake. The second lake is just a short distance away. Maybe 10-15mins after the first lake. The views are amazing! Well worth the pain coming up and going down. It took 3 and a half hours to get back to the parking lot from the second lake.

Beautiful view!

Incredible hike and views!! Highly recommend. Be sure to take note of your turns and trailheads, as there are a lot of offshoot trails and it could be easy to take the wrong path on the way back!

This hike is very beautiful. It was an uphill climb the whole way up. We took lots of breaks especially in the last .88 of the trail, because it was VERY steep. I’d suggest once you get near the peak to just find a nice open Ming in the trees as the peak is covered in trees and doesn’t have much of a view so it’s not really necessary to go to the very end of the trail. Also make sure to not get lost on the other trails. It got pretty cold going towards the top and very windy. The way down was very hard on my legs and knees but we used some branches as hiking sticks which helped a lot! Overall beautiful and nice hike

Easy trail, going up hill at a moderate rate, beautiful fall weather, the leaves are turning brown, gold, and reddish. A beautiful view of the mountains. Light traffic. Took the doggies and they loved it as well.

Nice but no discernable end point

Easy trail. Very pretty views. Lots o benches for resting if needed.

on Crystal Lake Trail

18 days ago

19 days ago

I am a seasoned hiker for sure, having hiked much longer and harder trails than this one, down into the Grand Canyon, up to Wheeler Peak, as well as Grinnell Glacier and other tough hikes, so this hike wasn't very hard on me as far as switchbacks were concerned. But what got me was that the trail wasn't in good of shape as I would have liked it to be, up towards the 3/4 mile point. The trail is very narrow there and right by a very steep drop off. If you weren't careful and made a wrong move or slipped on the loose sandy terrain, you could potentially fall to your death right there. Way too narrow for my taste. Not for people afraid of heights.

Some good views. Ends at a barbed wire fence and a “keep out-no trespassing” sign before the actual top. Thanks for the reminder of where we live. I’d hate to get carried away in all that majesty.

21 days ago

Did all seven Lakes in one day, kind along but definitely worth it. The 1st mile or so it’s kind of cool but after you make that first thousand foot climb and hit the first lake the scenery is amazing. My favorite is fourth lake as it just kind of comes up on you thru a shirt spur off the main trail. Temple Crag is obviously the sight to see. Will def come back and head the Glacier Lake trail.

Easy trail with great scenic areas.

nature trips
22 days ago

peaceful, beautiful views

23 days ago

Unreal view of temple crag at second lake. Best backpacking trip to date

Beautiful hike

We planned to hike up to Crystal Lake but saw a sign up to the crest so we had to do it. It was well worth it. You can see many lakes in the area from the top. When you get toward the top you will see a trail to the left and onward to the top. A couple told us to keep going up to the crest and it loops at the top. You can see the back of half dome at the top. Beautiful hike!

Starts in the desert and progressively climbs into the mountains. There's some stunning views early on but the real rewards come when you start hitting the lakes. Lake 2 in particular is absolutely incredible. Temple Crag is one of the most breathtaking sights I've ever seen.

Found GoPro on this trail today, Saturday October, 27. Contact me if it yours.
Trail is great, i would rate it Moderate comparing to Kearsarge pass for example. You probably have another week to catch the fall colors. Winter is coming...

scenic driving
24 days ago

After taking the first Lehman Cave tour of the day (a wonderful 90 minutes), I navigated the 12-mile drive to the end of the road where the Wheeler Peak campground and Bristlecone/Alpine Lakes/Wheeler Peak trailheads are located at approximately 10,000 feet. Be sure to stop at both Mather and Peak Overlooks on the way up for spectacular views of Wheeler and Jeff Davis Peaks. There are also several other places to pull over that showcase the amazing scenery of the park and surrounding area. I was fortunate to visit in late September, just as many of the aspen trees were turning an amazing golden color...particularly in the vicinity of the beautiful Alpine Lakes Trail.

Awesome hike to a beautiful lake. A must do hike- we continued up to the crest overlooking so many lakes.

Great hike with panoramic views and fall colors.

We did this day hike 2 weeks ago and I have to say it’s one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. We did the loop passing by Lakes 1-4 and Black lake. Didn’t get to Lakes 5-7 and Palisades glacier since that’s another day hike. Started the hike at 9am, arrived at Lake 1 at 1pm, had a 30 minute lunch break at Lake 2 and moved on to Lakes 3, 4 and Black Lake. Had a bit of altitude sickness (lightheaded and headaches) as we descended from Lake 4. It was dark by the time we arrived at the trailhead by 7pm, so glad that I downloaded the maps since it helped a lot tracking our progress as we headed back to the trailhead in the dark. You do have to take your time with this hike since there’s spectacular scenery everywhere, especially Lakes 1 and 2, Temple Crag, Big Pine Creek, aspen groves along the way and lots of deer sightings along the way. Doing the loop on our way back also gave as another glimpse of Lakes 1 and 2 from the trail on the canyons above. I will definitely do this trail again in a heartbeat to see the rest of the lakes and the glacier!

28 days ago

Great hike with spectacular views of several lakes! The crystal lake by itself has amazing reflections!

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