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16 hours ago

this was hard. the over 2000 steps really gets to you. the trail is well kep, clean and with plenty of signs. i was left gasping on a few ocasions. there are many water ponds and small falls along the creek. all beautiful. i only completed it one way this time, will try back and forth the next time.

Always a good choice, although most people think so, as they're always tons of people around. Easy hike, just a little rocky at some points.

Our favorite trail in Austin. No sounds of traffic, creeks, trees, beautiful. Lots of stairs though and therefore pretty tough. Take some water and food with you!

Love this one! It was a super easy trail, and there’s a creek flowing beside you with lots of dogs to run into along the way!!

Great hike for you and your four legged friend. A lot of dogs around off leash - so just make sure that your recall game is strong.

Great hike in November. Natural setting, and had perfect weather. Week of Thanksgiving so quite a few people out on trail, but not too crowded to enjoy. All the stairs provide some good exercise. Good place to do some warming up in Austin if prepping for a more serious hike.

Tough hike. Lots of stairs up . Local resident gave us a great tip when we arrived at the top of Canyon Trail. He suggested we walk back down the highway to the little fern trail instead of coming back down the trail in the same direction. Saved us more exhausting stairs and little fern is nice trail.

This was much more challenging than I expected, but a great hike and an even better workout. The trail constantly takes hikers up and down inclines. Bring more water than you think you'll need. Most of the trail is shaded, but in the summer, it's still hot and there are plenty of stretches where you'll be exposed to direct sunlight. The views are decent, but the roller coaster-like terrain is what makes this one unique.

this is definitely not what I would consider a good running trail. very Rocky with numerous Creek crossings that slow your stride. Also this is rampant with dogs and very crowded- dogs were well behaved but it made it harder to run. I also found the trail not well marked past the creek- once you are away from the creek however it was very pretty and peaceful. most people stay by the creek so the crowed thinned. nice trail for a walk

Google sadly gave directions through a private, gated, locked driveway. The hike is short, maybe 1/2 a mile. Waterfall is about 4', would be fun in summer, assuming there's still water following.

Great workout

Great for short strenuous workout hike and training. Several elevations changes. Nature stairs.

Excellent access, especially from Pemberton Place neighborhood.

26 days ago

Beautiful weather and perfect creek flow led to a great hiking experience at the Turkey Creek Trail. Lots of creek crossings and off-leash dogs but was part of the fun. Once you get to the beginning of the loop, be mindful to stay left despite what looks like the trail leading up a hill.

Great track, pretty quiet and lots of fun little spots to explore.

Lots of steps. Narrow path so lots of stopping to let people pass

This was a really fun trail! Great for taking your dog hiking. Follows along a really cute creek that you crossover several times. a little muddy this time of year, but still a good time.

1 month ago

Go away! Best 'hard' hike in Austin. If you include panther hollow trail (Big View entrance) it is 3 mi each direction. 1700+ altitude change with 2736+ stairsteps through a shaded ravine following a creek along lower area. Do your share by carrying out a bit more trash than you came with a smile.

1 month ago

My absolute favorite hike to take my dogs on. Even when it's busy you don't interact with that many people beyond passing them. I always wear water friendly shoes because you will more than likely get your feet wet crossing the creek.

Water is still pretty high so plan on getting your feet wet as you go over the many creek crossings! Fun walk!

The trail is very well kept and marked. We went on a Saturday so it was very crowded. Lots of dogs and most were not on leashes. The trail is pretty narrow the whole way so we spent a lot of time stepping off the trail to allow runners to go by. The creeks were high due to the rain but the trail had chain to help you walk across the rocks without slipping. Definitely a hard trail with lots of steps. Great workout and beautiful scenery

1 month ago

Great trail for a good workout. Some good elevation changes, beautiful area, and not too crowded (so far).
Folks with dogs need to not only pick up after them but carry the waste to the disposal locations ... of course this is true throughout Austin area.

Fun hike!

Fun hike!

1 month ago

Kristen and I came here on a Sunday morning after much rain. Creek was way up and beautiful and powerful. Great limestone flat areas and mini canyons with 8 ft deep water. Lots of dogs enjoying it.
Trail on both sides of creek was wet and narrow and confusing with so many offshoots.
The actual biull creek trail head is at beginning of parking lot. Thisntrail goes up a hill and gets away from flooding and confusion of creek side trails.
Lots of pretty yellow flowers.

enjoy the trail

2 months ago

This was my 3rd ever real trail to do. It was a blast but heed warning if your not a stairs person LOL. Took me 2:09 to finish, my group was proud I did finish!

Skill level: novice fat guy, hahaha

Great trail. I ran 4 miles and it was pretty tough. Be ready to put in some work if you are trail running

This is one of my favorite trails in Austin. It's mostly shady and criss-crosses a creek multiple times. I usually only see a few people on the trail.

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