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12 hours ago

Long 19.4 mile day that would have been better if there was no biting flies. You couldn’t stop to rest without being swarmed.

7 days ago

Hiked 7/8/18. Very crowded up to Ramona Falls, but then cleared out with only a few seen. Went through an amazing series of meadows full of avalanche lillies. Most of the hike was in the woods with little visibility of landscape but last mile it breaks open into meadows and views of St Helen’s, Adams, Rainier, and of course Hood’s peak another 4000 or feet up. The trail just sort of petered out at the top, hidden still in some snow fields, so we didn’t track all the way to the end of AllTrails’ map line. Legs were smoked by the end of our 19.3 mile trek, and I would allow full day with lots of water. I give it four stars because or the sheer amount of work required through woods before finally getting payoff at the end.

What an epic hike! The views are unreal as long as you don’t mind a constant incline

8 days ago

Well worth the climb! Beautiful sweeping vista views of the foothills of Mt. Hood, as well as the Cascades to the North! Sunsets are magnificent from this viewpoint! Little tough on the legs, but that keeps the majority of the crowds away.

The majority of this hike is in the forest but you’ll reach a clearing about 8.5 miles in with amazing views of Mt. Hood. As you continue along the trail you’ll also enjoy views of Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Adams. The payoff is well worth the long distance. Start early to beat the crowds headed to Ramona Falls.

It’s a great hike ,not busy at all ,top is awesome offering abundant views .
With Verizon was able to text and send pictures of my day there from summit.

14 days ago

Little or no snow on trail as of the first week of July 2018. Beautiful and well designed trail throughout. The portion below Ramona falls is a highway with dozens of day hikers even on week days. Once on the ridge trail it’s more peaceful. Decent water sources all the way to the alpine. Ample bivy options around 7500 ft (beyond the “end of trail”) with grand views in every directions. Be aware of the exposure to weather being on the west slope of the mountain.

heartbreak all the way! that was a good challenge. took my 16 year old son on the hike. it's a good hike although you are in the woods for a large portion of the hike with minimal views. once you get past heartbreak the views are great.

15 days ago

For those who haven’t done, please just go. It’s so worth the climb. It’s steady up hill for 5 miles after romana falls but the views and scenery at the top is perfect. This one hike gives you everything, waterfalls and rivers, a climb through the many micro climates of the forest and views that don’t disappoint. You will literally be on he side half way up Mt. Hood. Went in June, still a few snowy spots and he wild flowers haven’t bloomed. Bring warm cloths if you plan to stay. Went from clear and sunny to sideways rain in 2 hours... then back to sun. There are 5 spots to camp up top so be aware on weekends it will be busy

Best hike of he year for me! Happy trails;)

Went up June 23rd, trail was obscured in spots due to snow fields and trail not maintained. bring gps, or use Alltrails because trail can be lost easily in some places. all around great hike, was very impressed with the views. Enjoy!

Difficult, recommend poles! The terrain was super unique, so fun climbing the boulders. But this hike is quite challenging. Recommends a full day and plenty of snacks and water

Yes the trail goes up. My son (12) and I did this yesterday in hopes of staying at the look out for the night. My pack was to heavy in part because I packed water not sure if there was a source up there. There is and a very good source. SO NO NEED TO PACK IN WATER other than what you need on the trail. The look out was kinda like a woodshed or attic ... w everything broken and beyond worn out. It was occupied when we arrived so we eventually decided to head back down , it was fogged in at summit anyway.

Nice forest views / limited vistas / many many trees down on hunchback section, tiring and challenging climbing over the log field.

Don't lose your keys at the Rock of the Ages, it's a LONG way back up! Though, doing it twice in one day was exciting! Worth the work, but don't get lost, or hurt.

The fire didn’t get to this one and the trail Is in real good shape. Except for a slight wash out almost as soon as you begin on the connector the route is great.

If you're looking for a real challenge, this is it. The only access is from Bonneville Trailhead, making it a roughly 15-16 mile hike roundtrip. The last 1-2 miles nearest the summit are sketchy, including loose rock talus slopes and STEEP inclines--but make it to the top & you can call yourself a champion!! Amazing, diverse wildflowers near the summit when I went in late May.

Nice misty day no snow beautiful forest lots of trees down for fun obstacles, will do it again!

I just return from the summit of Mt. Hood, is great mountain to climb but do not be deceived the last half a mile to summit is very technical....you make on mistake it may be the last.
If you want to summit leave at 1:00 am.
be safe.

That trail from the Power line trail is “Closed” and is private property according to letters on posts near gate.

I've done this hike numerous times. Currently, the trail is closed. This hike is the most difficult in the Gorge, especially if you go past Warren Lake to the summit of Mt. Defiance. The first 400 vertical feet of the trail are a little exposed. There are some narrow spots and a partial washout of the trail that is dangerous. This section is very slippery in spots due to loose gravel in the summer. You should not do this first section without trekking poles for stability. After you get past the first section the trail enters a wooded area and intersects with a cutoff trail that heads west to the Mt. Defiance trail. Turn left here. The trail continues through the woods on several switchbacks until you come to a viewpoint adjacent to a power line tower at about 1,200'. At this point you have climbed to the base of the ridge that will take you all of the way to Warren Lake at 3,900' or, if you choose, all the way to the summit at 4,900'. Not long after you leave the viewpoint area you are again in a wooded area that begins to ascend the ridge. Very soon you encounter very steep conditions with numerous short switchbacks. The next 1,000' is the steepest part of the trail and it quickly gets your attention. At 2,400' you reach a short flat section with a viewpoint looking down at the Columbia River toward the west. The trail immediately begins a slightly less steep ascent through first a grassy somewhat open area and then through a rocky section that can be icy in the winter months. At 2,700' you reach a large fallen log in a level spot that is perfect for a break, richly deserved! The trail then descends slightly and crosses a lava field and immediately starts another ascent. The trail ascends steeply without any switchbacks until you finally reach a series of switchbacks at 3,000'. Following the last switchback the trail climbs very steeply for about 100' and then crosses a much larger lava field. Past the lava field you continue to climb through an open area of small trees that are only 5-10 years old. The trail switchbacks steeply back into the forest and then heads straight, although it continues to be moderately steep. After about 1/2 mile the trail actually levels out! You soon come to a viewpoint where you have a great view of Mt. Defiance. The trail actually descends at this point for most of the additional half mile to Warren Lake. Before you arrive at the lake you will reach a junction. Be sure to turn right here, NOT LEFT! In a quarter mile you will arrive at Warren Lake. There are a couple campsites at the lake and logs to sit on. If you continue past the campsites you will begin a steep, rocky ascent to the summit of Mt. Defiance, which is ANOTHER nearly 1,000' vertical feet! At the summit the view is spectacular to the West, North and East, including Adams, Ranier and Hood. Give yourself 7-10 hours to the summit and take lots of water and your trekking poles.

This was definitely a hard hike but worth it. We did this one knowing we probably wouldn’t have a good view at the top but with over a foot of snow, it was still super fun to trek around the top! The 40mph winds were pretty sketch at times so we couldn’t take the scenic way.

A few things to note:
- Like others mentioned, we approached this trail head from the power line access down the road from the hot springs. Go the power line access until you hit a cross road - turn right and go down the hill. Once you see the hot springs buildings you should see the trailhead on the left.
- It’s not marked very well so we ended up being on the PCT most the time but you get to table mountain either way.
- Heartbreak is rough... but worth it! Especially with the snow right now! Just beautiful!
- We has two huge elk attempt to approach us on the trail which was frightening, no bears though!

Definitely a difficult one. The hike to the mountain is pretty boring, but one of the quietest walks through a forest I've yet to experience, so that had it's on value in that. Very moderate hike until you reach the trail up to Table Mountain, then it gets steep very fast. Worth it though. I didn't have a great view of the Gorge that day but still enjoyed my experience at the top amongst the clouds.

10 months ago

Really fun hike, but will put your legs to work on the second half. Incredible view at the top.

10 months ago

awesome place

Basically I got in about 3 or so miles, and the trail disappeared. I risked trying to find the remaining trail, and almost got lost so I turned around.

Sucks because this could have been a good hike. I advise bringing a map and gps. All this app does is record your location, it won't upload once you lost service.

Happy Hiking !

Only went up to the arch but it was a difficult climb. A mile straight of hands and feet. Way down was worse

11 months ago

Really awesome hike. The river crossing ~1.3 miles in has a few logs across it and was fairly easy to get over. Most of the trail is in the trees without much of a view, but once you get to the clearing at the top it is well worth it. The first clearing is a great view of the glacier, and Mt. Jefferson. There are also some nice areas to camp around here, and a full meadow of wildflowers. If you push on a bit further, you'll round the ridge to an amazing view of St. Helens, Rainier, and Adams all in a row. We set up our campsite here and hiked a bit further up the trail without our packs, which was a fun scramble and another amazing panoramic view. Overall a very fun hike. Moving time was about 3.5 up and 2.5 down, and the milage was pretty accurate to what this map says - maybe about a mile off round trip. If you're planning to camp, there is a nice stream between Ramona falls and the end of the trail that you should fill up at, because its the last water stop. During our hike there were a lot of flies - bug spray helped a bit, but some of the snack breaks we had to put on light jackets to keep them off. At the top it wasn't nearly as bad.

I would highly recommend staying at the top and watching the sunset. Its incredible.

11 months ago

Hiked on 7/17/17. Worth every mile for the views. From the parking lot you take the Ramona Falls trail. Besides the fun (anxiety inducing) river crossing, the initial trail isn't great... very dry and dusty but worth it because the falls are beautiful. We got to the falls around 11:30 am on a Monday, and there were a few other hikers. Only one person continued you up the Timberbline Trail with us. This part of the trail is beautiful. Huge trees, comfortable pine needle trails and green everywhere. After .7 miles you come to a wider area of the trail where the timberline trail splits with Yocum Ridge. The sign is covered in sap so you can't read it, but you take the trail on the right... the one that goes up! Then it's 4.7 to the top. You stay mostly on the tree covered trail, but do pass through 3 small boulder fields and multiple alpine meadows filled with wildflowers. Several downed trees add interest. The trail is otherwise well maintained and clearly marked.

The views for the last 1.5 are incredible and just get better and better. We continued up through a steep meadow once the trail ended less than 1/10 of a mile to have lunch on a boulder. We could clearly see 3 snow capped beauties (Helens, Ranier and Adams).

There were 3 incredible campsites at the top. Wish we'd backpacked because we really wanted more time with the view.

great trail. note, must be done clockwise. first time I tried it, I freaked out a little along a knife edge by devil's backbone and came back down past rock of ages. bad call. the scramble going up is 10x worse coming down. this trail has literally a little bit of everything: scramble, early on views, old growth forest, switchbacks down a mountain side, River crossings, and water falls. the only thing it's short on is views. also, it is a bit longer than advertised- I clocked 10.6 miles on my gps. also, entrance to the rock of ages trail is a bit tricky- easily missed. there's also a branch that goes to the right above the falls. once you get to rock of ages, there are a few branch trails here and there but they always rejoin.

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