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the puppy and I love roaming around Mt. Apatite, blue trail, red trail, we can walk them for hours. the new bike trail is beautiful too

Went for a hike 12/26/2018. Very little snow, but a lot of places with ice on the path. Not much of a view anywhere along the blue trail. Still fun to hike in the woods.

walked blue and red trails a week ago. beautiful quarry areas. trail signs are good in some spots and not well marked in others so you have to pay attention. all in all it was a nice stroll on a beautiful winter day.

tougher than moderate in my book. was very wet with leaves made it more challenging.

Beautiful hike. Great views in the way up. the summit was surrounded by tree unfortunantly. But very worth the hike for all the views!

Amazing panoramic views of the bay.

Great hike! Short, sweet, easy and great views. Tried to loop over to Maiden's Cliff and that was hard to find, but gorgeous hiking all through the park.

This was a fun hike, and great for dogs! We hiked this in about three hours today. Lots of leaves... and a smidge slippery... the trail is recently updated with nice clear markers! One of my favorites !

Loved the trail. Perfect for a short walk if you only have an hour or two. We took the Bob Chase trail up and then the loop back. Next time will also take the South Face trail but we were short on time. Nice, gradual ascent easy on the knees and nice views in several spots of the mountains and lakes. We will be back!

fantastic hike! would definitely agree with the moderate rating but i feel like it could be done by a beginner if you just take your time and breaks. steady incline most of the trail but there are a few overlooks along the way that offer amazing views and are perfect to have a snack and take it all in! there was a porcupine on the trail so we kept our dog leashed as a precaution. breathtaking views from the top. happy trails!

nice trail lots of rocks. nice view...

ok, I'm biased because today was just an all around beautiful day, but this place was great. First hike of the season, and I'm not in shape, so it was rough cus it's steep. Lots of rock stairs. But there are a few amazing view spots along the way to keep you moving. The top was just everything! I highly suggest this hike and I will def be doing it again:) enjoy!!

Good hike and relatively easy! Watch out for rocks and tree roots. Many different paths to go on so pay attention to where you are going. Some are marked some aren’t.

Plenty of challenge for us 60-something’s. Phenomenal views from the ledges to Moose & Woods Ponds. Trail is well marked, well-maintained, & rates a solid “Moderate.”

Did this with my daughter and her little friend, both are 8. It is a pretty steady ascent, but not to the point where it is super challenging at any point. A couple of very little scrambles here and there but not at all difficult. Great views, and a good workout, without feeling like you overdid it. Will come back with my wife and do it again.

3 months ago

A little to steep for me. Came down this trail after going up Ledges trail. Then walked back to the car about 1.5 miles. It was a great day to hike.

I loved that this was not so steep going up. Just challenging enough for a great workout. Up this trail down Bald Peak trail. The view was so pretty. Really windy at the top. Will be back.

short, easy, good for the dog and walking distance from my house

I would consider this hike easy/moderate. Trails are well maintained, and well marked.

4 months ago

Took this trail up to the summit, steady and steep elevation the first mile but the view is absolutely worth it. The trail was wet and slippery in some of the more challenging places so we opted to come down via the Ledges trail and hiked about a mile and a half down the road back to the Bald Peak Trail parking lot. Would probably do this trail again after exploring all the other trails on the mountain.

The ocean lookout view is incredible. Pretty tiring walk for a new hiker, but still very rewarding. The actual summit doesn't have much of a view, but it's extremely quiet and very serene. There are so many areas to go from the top, so many different trails and paths.

Great hike, lots of fun. Camden is an awesome place

4 months ago

Very fun hike, the first mile and a half suck and make you curse as it is a steep climb up. It eventually gets better and is worth the view from the summit, would recommend!

would definitely do it again but it is 5.5 miles start to finish not 4.7 and it is on the heavier side of moderate and barely trafficked. things to keep in mind before you head on out, and keep your eyes out for the blue blazes, it is easy to wander off.

Nice short hike

Seem good

four of us, kids 9 & 10 and a tibetian terrier did the hike in a few hours. a good trail, nice views, moderate traffic, but everyone friendly

Great short hike with a nice view at the top. The elevation gain was gradual which made it just challenging enough, but not too hard. Definitely worth your time, but be aware the parking lot is a little small so there's a chance you may not find a spot.

The view is worth the challenge. We'll maintained trail, thank you to the volunteers who were working so hard when we were there.

Really great hike for day trippers. The end was moderate-difficult but nice views from the leak.

4 months ago

Have hiked this mountain several times!!! Love the new Sherwood Libby Trail on the Limington side of the mountain, its in the woods and you go by several rock walls. This is a a newer trail and it's very easy to follow, marked really good. Not a great view at the top but overall a nice hike.

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